Every Character And Their Voice Actor In The RE4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake earned some well-deserved nominations in the 2023 Game Awards season, but one category where it’s not in the running is Best Performance. While it’s a bit of an unfortunate snub, it doesn’t change the fact that this talented new cast reinvigorated these characters and exceeded the original performances.



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From all the main villains and bosses to the beloved main protagonists and side characters, every character feels classic yet with a bit of a new spin. If you’re interested in meeting the incredible new voices behind Resident Evil 4’s campy cast, here are all the main voice actors.

11 Leon S. Kennedy – Nick Apostolides

Reprising his role as now agent Leon S. Kennedy and not a Raccoon City police officer from Resident Evil 2 Remake is actor Nick Apostolides. Resident Evil 4 is Leon at his most iconic himbo self, and Apostolides brings some of the original charisma while being a bit more serious about his mission to rescue the president’s daughter.

Nick is most memorable for playing Leon Kennedy, even voicing the character again in the Netflix CG miniseries Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and the Iceborne crossover in Monster Hunter World. He’s also appeared in the Life is Strange series, voicing character Frank Bowers in Before the Storm and Charles Eriksen in Life is Strange 2.

10 Ashley Graham – Genevieve Buechner

Ashley Graham remains at the center of the story in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and she and Leon are back as a dynamic duo. Her character design and performance are much more compelling this time around. And it’s delivered by Genevieve Buechner.

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Ashley Graham is Genevieve Buechner’s first voice-acting role, so you’ll most likely recognize her from television and film. She’s starred in hit TV series like UnREAL, The 100, Supernatural, The 4400, and Caprica. Some of her film credits include Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow, The Hollow Child, For the Love of Chocolate, and Christmas at the Golden Dragon.

9 Luis Serra Navarro – André Peña

Luis Serra Navarro, formerly of Umbrella and a secret double agent working with Ada Wong while helping Leon Kennedy as a companion, returns with the same charm and humor as the original design. Voicing this flamboyant Spaniard in Resident Evil 4 is André Peña.

Peña hasn’t starred in any major films or television shows yet, and Resident Evil 4 is his voice-acting debut, but his performance as Luis could’ve fooled anyone. Aside from Luis Serra, his credits include the short films Shame, Mob Kingdom, The Specials, and Not Here, But Now.

8 Ada Wong – Lily Gao

Unlike Leon, Ada Wong’s voice actress is not reprised by Jolene Andersen from Resident Evil 2 Remake. Ada is actually reprised by Lily Gao, who previously portrayed Ada Wong in 2021’s live-action Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City film. And you get to see even more of her performance in RE4 when you play as Ada in the Separate Ways DLC.

In addition to lending her talents for the iconic role of Ada Wong in the Resident Evil series, Lily Gao has starred in many popular series like The Expanse as Nancy Gao, Chapelwaite as Maya Boone, and Letterkenny as Ellen and Sally. You can also catch her in Kin, Dream Scenario, and Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in Rockwell, Christmas with the Knightlys, Catering Christmas, and The Love Club.

7 Jack Krauser – Mike Kovac

Leon’s former ally, who’s now a villain, the red-beret and tactical gear-clad Jack Krauser, returns as menacing and traitorous as before. Voicing this antagonist challenging you to a knife fight is Mike Kovac, who wrote, produced, and starred in the 2017 mockumentary film Fake Blood, ironically about violence and gore in media.

Mike Kovac guest-starred in shows such as Batwoman, Kung Fu, Supernatural, Valley of the Boom, and Tin Star. In Batwoman, he was Werewolf-Guy, and in Tin Star, he played the character McMoney. He’s also voiced Fresh Infected in the fourth installment of Capcom’s other zombie series, Dead Rising 4.

6 Ramon Salazar – Marcio Moreno

Looking much more chilling and much less childlike in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Las Plagas-infected castellan boss Ramon Salazar. He’s ditched the tricorn hat but still has the Verdugos as his right hand, and he’s voiced by Marcio Moreno.

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While Moreno has many minor guest roles in TV shows such as Superman & Lois, Charmed, and The Magicians, you might know him more from horror cinema and television. Marcio Moreno has recently been in Satanic Hispanics as Nahual Lobo, La Quinceañera as Nacho, and Shudder’s V/H/S/85 as Eddie.

5 Bitores Mendez – Jon Bryant

The tall bearded village priest Bitores Mendez, formerly known as “the Big Cheese” and who now wears a hat, is back to toss and kick Leon around once more. And voicing this intimidating early-game boss is none other than musician and singer-songwriter Jon Bryant.

Jon Bryant is better known for his soft and melodic voice throughout his songs on albums like Twenty Something and Cult Classic, so Bitores in Resident Evil 4 is a shocking change in tone. While this might be his first video game project, he’s also voiced the Silver Surfer in the 2018 Marvel short titled Marvel: Sentinel of the Spaceways and played Jesse in the Hallmark film Making Waves.

4 Osmund Saddler – Christopher Jane

The main antagonist responsible for Ashely’s capture, the leader of the Los Iluminados cult, and the final boss of Resident Evil 4, Osmund Saddler, has a much more grotesque character design. And his new voice actor is Christopher Jane.

Before stepping into the shoes of this staff-wielding Plagas-obsessed fanatic, Christopher Jane appeared in New Tales from the Borderlands in additional voice roles. And much like his fellow co-star André Peña, Jane has been mainly in short films like Last Fighters, Amelia, A Gentlemen’s Agreement, Evergreen, and Double Booked.

3 Ingrid Hunnigan – Raylene Harewood

Leon’s handler in the field communicating via video call and who’s been with him in the games and movies beyond Resident Evil 4, Ingrid Hunnigan, is here portrayed by actress Raylene Harewood. While a new actress may be filling the role, Harewood does a stellar job of capturing Hunnigan’s character that you can’t almost tell.

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Like a lot of the cast members of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Raylene Harewood has guest-starred in episodes of CW shows Charmed, Supernatural, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and is in the Hallmark films Cross Country Christmas and Cranberry Christmas and the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores. She also voiced Sara Ryder Preset 8 in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

2 The Merchant – Michael Adamthwaite

If there’s a character that can topple Leon as being the fan-favorite in the game, it’s this hooded merchant who loves to show you his wares. He’s also probably the most iconic and mysterious merchant in gaming, who’s a lot more talkative in the remake. Voicing him is veteran actor Michael Adamthwaite.

Adamthwaite has also been a part of the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam video game series in the second and third installments as Kyoji Kasshu. However, he’s more well-known for his roles as Narfi in Supernatural, Jay across all the Ninjago series, King Magni in the 2016 Warcraft adaptation, and Caesar’s gorilla ally Luca in 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes.

1 Albert Wesker – Craig Burnatowski

Albert Wesker is the one behind the curtain pulling Ada’s strings to secure a sample of the Las Plagas parasite, and he becomes more of the main character on Ada’s journey during the Separate Ways DLC. Stepping into the shoes of one of gaming’s best horror villains is Craig Burnatowski.

Burnatowski’s video game credits include a lot of Ubisoft games. While having only minor voice roles in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Watch Dogs 2, he was the voice of Glod in AC Valhalla’s Dawn of Ragnarök DLC and James Dragov in The Division 2.

He was also in the television series What We Do in the Shadows, The Expanse, and See and voiced Trigon in the final season of Titans.

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