Best Amber/Sapphire Starter Deck Cards In Disney Lorcana


  • Snow White is a valuable addition to the starter deck, as her ability to remove damage can save your powerful cards.
  • Judy Hopps is a useful card with the ability to banish an item, disrupting your opponent’s strategy.
  • Gaston’s ability to search through your deck allows you to find the cards you need faster, giving you an advantage in the game.



With so many card combinations available in Disney Lorcana, it’s important to know which ones are the most beneficial for your strategy. With six different Inks to choose from, Amber and Sapphire make for a fearsome deck.The starter decks offer a great place to start for beginners and experienced players alike.

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Those familiar with the game will be able to grab a fully operational deck with guaranteed cards while beginners can test out the game without worrying about compiling their own decks from scratch. However, not all cards are created equal. Here are the best cards from the Amber/Sapphire starter deck and how you can use them.

10 Snow White, Lost In The Forest


Disney Lorcana Snow White Lost In The Forest

Snow White is a sweet addition to the starter deck, allowing you to remove up to two damage from chosen character upon playing her. This ability is incredibly useful because it can save your favorite or most powerful cards from sure destruction on your next turn.

With a cost of two, she can easily be introduced to the board when needed. With an attack of two and a defense of three, Snow White can stand her ground and help you get your footing in the beginning of the game.

9 Judy Hopps, Optimistic Officer


judy hopps optimistic officer lorcana-1

Judy is a great card to use in the starter deck. Her cost of three makes her easy to play early in the game. She quests for two lore, so you can get an early start in your ambition to win.

Another benefit to Judy Hopps is that her ability, Don’t Call Me Cute, allows you to banish a chosen item when you play the character. Your opponent will lose an item and get to draw a card. This is a great way to mess with your opponent’s strategy so that you can gain the upper hand.

8 Cruella De Vil, Fashionable Cruiser


Disney Lorcana Cruella De Vil Fashionable Cruiser

Cruella is a wonderful addition to the starter deck, as she allows you to attack Evasive characters on your turn with her. With a cost of two, she can be played early on to gain the advantage. With an attack of three and a defense of two, she’s easy to use to help eliminate smaller characters.

While the ability Now Get Going is useful, Cruella is also inkable, so she can be used to build your inkwell so that you can play additional or stronger cards.

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7 Grand Duke, Advisor To The King


Disney Lorcana Grand Duke Advisor To The King

The Grand Duke is perfect for the Amber/Sapphire deck due to his ability: Yes, Your Majesty. This ability grants Prince, Princess, King, and Queen characters a boost in attack. While not an immense boost, it’s a great addition to the deck.

With how many characters meet the requirement, a bit of extra strength can make all the difference. With only a cost of two, he can be played early in the game to set up for a long-term strategy or a quick rush to claim victory.

6 Four Dozen Eggs


four dozen eggs (1)

As a song, Four Dozen Eggs is an egg-cellent addition to the starter deck. You can exert a character with a cost of four or more to sing the song for free, saving precious ink for other cards and actions. The benefit to the song is that all of your characters gain Resist plus two, meaning that all damage dealt to them is reduced by two.

As you play, you’ll likely have to challenge your opponent to prevent them from winning. Reducing the damage dealt to your characters means that you can challenge them without worry, and that you can quest knowing your characters will survive until the next turn (most likely).

5 Launch


Disney Lorcana Launch Action

Actions are useful cards, especially when they can deal damage to other characters. When played, Launch will banish a chosen item of yours and deal five damage to a character of your choice. This is an excellent way to eliminate opposing characters that have low defense.

Some characters have benefits to being banished, so you can technically use Launch on your own characters to reap those benefits.

With a cost of three, Launch can be used fairly early in the game to get rid of difficult opponents or lower their defense enough for your other characters to finish them off.

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4 Hiram Flaversham, Toymaker


hiram flaversham lorcana

Hiram has a cost of four, but his ability is where he shines. Artificer allows you to banish one of your items to draw two cards whenever you play this character and whenever he quests. While he doesn’t have a strong attack, his defense is high, making him ideal to quest and banish items.

With several items already in the starter deck, Hiram Flaversham gives you another use for items in the form of card draw. You can search through your deck by sacrificing your items, especially if they aren’t helping you in the moment.

3 Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse


gaston intellectual powerhouse by matthew robert davies

Gaston is not one to be overlooked, even as a Floodborn. His initial cost of six can be off-putting, but with Shift you only need to spend four ink to play him on top of another Gaston card. When he is played, you can use his ability to turn the tide in your favor.

When played, Gaston’s ability, Developed Brain, allows you to look at the top three cards in your deck. You can put any one of them into your hand and return the rest to the bottom of the deck in any order. Getting to search through your deck will help you find what you need much faster.

2 The Queen, Commanding Presence


the queen, commanding presence lorcana

The Queen is a great card to play, especially if you want to remove cards from the board. Not only can you use Shift to play her early, you can also use her ability to make challenges much easier. The ability, Who Is The Fairest?, adds plus four attack to a chosen character that turn while subtracting four attack from a chosen opposing character.

Her initial cost of five can easily be reduced with Shift, and she can be boosted with cards like the Grand Duke to have even more attack. When using her in combination with the other cards in the starter deck, she is a force to be reckoned with.

1 Christopher Robin, Adventurer


Disney Lorcana Christopher Robin Adventurer

As you play through each turn, you’re likely to have more than two characters on the board in addition to Christopher Robin. With his ability, We’ll Always Be Together, every time Christopher Robin is readied while you have two or more other characters in play, you’ll gain two lore.

Christopher Robin can quest for two lore, leading to a maximum of four lore per turn if he quests each time. You can quickly gain lore and withstand opposing characters challenges to get one step closer to winning.

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