A Left 4 Dead Prototype Was Accidentally Released In A Counter-Strike Update

If you’re a big fan of Valve’s work, chances are you’ll know that one of its most popular and beloved titles, Left 4 Dead, started out as nothing but a mod for Counter-Strike. Original developers Turtle Rock created a mod called ‘Zombie City’ for the shooter, which is possibly the earliest prototype of Left 4 Dead that we currently know of. Earlier today, Valve seems to have accidentally left it in a recent update for Counter-Strike 1.6.



In order to make Counter-Strike 1.6 compatible with the new changes made to Half-Life for its 25th anniversary, Valve released a new update which appears to have accidentally included the code for a Left 4 Dead prototype. Doing what they do best, fans of Counter-Strike have managed to extract the code and are now dubbing it “Terror-Strike”. Using Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the Zombie City prototype map that leaked earlier this year, fans have even managed to make the entire thing playable.


Counter-Strike Fans Are Remaking The Original Game

Counter-Strike began as a mod, so it’s only fitting that modders would be the ones to remake it all these years later.

A fan under the username “The One Epicplayer” has been named as the individual who did the hard graft, and a video of some gameplay was uploaded to Twitter by user Gabe Follower. You can find the video embedded above, which appears to show off an extremely early version of the No Mercy level. It’s so early, that everything is completely untextured, with every single building consisting of a big block with a hole in it for enemies to come out of.

You’re also not going to see any actual zombies in this video either, as the actual enemies are just Counter-Strike soldier models running around with just their knives out. You can hear the occasional groan of a zombie, and when the player plants a bomb, there’s a horrifying howl that anyone who’s played Left 4 Dead will recognize. Like any good run of Left 4 Dead, the video ends with the player getting killed after being overrun and then cornered in a stairwell. Ah, fond memories.

With all the buzz surrounding Half-Life and Counter-Strike recently, you’d be forgiven for assuming this was just another fun little drop from Valve to celebrate some of its titles, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The code drop for this prototype appears to be completely accidental, and the fact that Valve has already removed it from Counter-Strike 1.6 suggests someone made a bit of a whoopsie this time around.

Still, it’s great to see a piece of gaming history that can now be preserved if fans so wish, as well as a rare glimpse into Valve’s early development process. Now we just need a third Left 4 Dead game, but we all know Valve is allergic to the number 3.


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