How To Beat Nakabachi In Persona 5 Tactica

Astute players will have noticed that Persona 5 Tactica is replaying all of Persona 5’s greatest hits: first a terrible fiancée, then a bad dad, and now it’s time to take down an abusive teacher in the form of Vice-Principal Nakabachi. After collecting the four keys and viewing Toshiro’s memories of high school, the gang head to the music room to confront Nakabachi, and he transforms into a large robot, leading to a short boss fight compared to the previous two.




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While Nakabachi himself isn’t that hard to beat, getting to him is, as it requires you to traverse the map all while being careful not to use your Persona and trigger a penalty in certain areas.

Preparing For The Fight

Artwork of Nakabachi from Persona 5 Tactica, where he's gripping several writhing students in his fist

Eagle-eyed players will notice immediately that, unlike previous boss fights, this one has extra win conditions. To gain extra rewards for beating this fight, you have to beat it in 14 turns and make sure no one gets KO’d.

Nakabachi himself is a re-skin of the Launcher-type enemies, meaning he will throw rocks and any units nearby him your way, though he doesn’t have their weakness of being instantly killed by being knocked off a ledge.

The final hazard to be aware of in this fight is the speakers, as these will damage you if you use your Persona (or Arts in Erina’s case) and cover a wide swath of the area. While following the guide, be wary of your positioning so you don’t take unnecessary damage.

Since the goal is to get to Nakabachi quickly and then take him out, it’s good to have units that can move far in this fight. Erina’s Flag of Freedom will also come in handy if you need cover yourself or to knock enemies out of it. Ann and Yusuke’s Voltage skills can also be used to get an extra turn to move around.

Getting To Nakabachi

A screenshot showing the starting area of Nakabachi's boss fight in Persona 5 Tactica

The first thing you have to do is get past the Shielder-type enemy. Have one of your units attack the Teleporter-type and get sent behind it, then have your other units wait under cover.

Position yourself so that the Shielder can knock one of your units off the ledge and save you some time later, then end your turn.

Your next turn, shoot the Shielder from behind and trigger a Triangle Attack – you should be able to take it and the Teleporter out at the same time.

Whenever you have a Triangle Attack ready, try your best to include the speakers, as this will destroy them much quicker than if you just attacked them.

Leave your unit on the ground under cover near the raised platform in front of Nakabachi, leave your second unit on the red platform with no button, then send your third unit straight to the ladder.

Once you go down the ladder, take the path towards the button and raise the platform. This will allow the unit you left in the starting era to go down and join your unit on the ground level, and they can take the elevator up to Nakabachi.

Fighting Nakabachi

A screenshot of Persona 5 Tactica showing Haru about to attack Nakabachi with Yusuke prepared to follow up.

While you bring your third unit over to Nakabachi the long way, you’ll want to try and get up behind him with the other two and knock him off the platform. It may not instantly kill him, but it will do quite a bit of damage.

Make sure you end your turns away from him, though, as he can throw you and force you to backtrack.

Finally, make sure you keep an eye on the enemies near you so you don’t get caught off guard.

Using the other enemies, trigger a few Triangle Attacks to deal massive damage to Nakabachi, and he should go down relatively quickly.


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