How To Catch Bailu In Twins Quest In Honkai: Star Rail

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The Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail is known for its long-life species and intimidating beings. One of these beings known as Heliobi were introduced during the Version 1.5 update. These creatures escaped the Alchemy Commission during the main story and are now causing havoc all over the Luofu.




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Twins is one of the many quests that you’ll do to try and capture all these notorious Heliobi, and you’ll be against Lady Bailu herself in this one. If you want to continue the story and capture the Heliobus possessing Bailu, you’ll have to corner her in the illusion.

How To Catch Bailu

When you start the Twins quest in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll first meet a couple of Bailu’s followers in the Aurum Alley area and they’ll pinpoint her location for you. Upon locating Bailu, you can use the bell to enter the Heliobus’ illusion, but the main part of the quest starts when you confront the two.

After a few dialogues, Bailu will start running away at quite a high speed, and you’ll have to catch up behind her. As you chase the speedy character, you’ll eventually run into a door that has some yellow switches on its side. If you want to catch Bailu, you’ll first have to close this door.

Don’t worry, Bailu will stop in her tracks once she gets far enough after you stop chasing her.

Close the door and start the chase again to trigger the next part of the illusion.

How To Drive Bailu To The Matrix

As you realize that you can’t catch Bailu in this mirage, the group will decide that a better approach is required. When the dialogue ends, you’ll be asked to close all the correct doors to drive Bailu directly into the matrix. Once you can move, go toward the yellow marker and close the first door you see on your right.

Now, get close to Bailu so that she starts running and close the first door that she runs through with a switch beside it. Finally, go all the way around and make Bailu run again. You simply have to follow her from here and she’ll run into the matrix, ending this illusion and sealing the Heliobus.

You can then go through a few dialogues and seal the Heliobus in Fyxestroll Garden to finish this quest.


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