How To Solve Every Puzzle In Illusory Maze In Honkai: Star Rail

During the Version 1.5 update, Honkai: Star Rail saw the release of the Fyxestroll Garden area along with A Foxian Tale of the Haunted Trailblaze Continuance mission. In this mission, you meet up with Guinaifen and help her search the haunted mysteries in the new area so that she can get some content.




Honkai: Star Rail – All Pathfinder Puzzle Solutions

A bunch of Pathfinder puzzles can be found in the Fyxestroll Garden area of Honkai: Star Rail, and here’s how to solve each one of them.

However, while going through the garden, you’ll quickly be stopped by Huohuo, Hanya, and Xueyi. As you continue this quest, you’ll eventually land in the Illusory Maze where you have to solve a bunch of puzzles related to doors, vases, and mirrors while you look for your companion.

Complete Door Puzzle Guide

When you first enter the Illusory Maze, you’ll find a room with a rock structure in the middle. At first, you’ll see two doors open in this room. No matter which door you enter, you’ll eventually land in the same room again, but the third door will be opened this time. After this, you’ll keep encountering such rooms with three doors.

In each room, there’s only one correct door, and if you choose the wrong one, you’ll land back in the same room. However, the correct door can easily be recognized by looking at the lamps on each door. Two doors have both lamps lit up while the third one either has a missing lamp or a broken one.

Once you go through two correct doors, the third one will also have a talisman stuck on both sides.

You simply have to go through the correct doors three times and you’ll get past the maze to reach the next part of the puzzle. For further help, here’s the order of the doors you need to go through based on the point you enter the room: left – front – left.

Complete Vase Puzzle Guide

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Looking At Talisman

Once you pass the door puzzles, you’ll meet a Heliobus called Cirrus who’ll possess the Trailblazer and claim that it wants to help you escape the maze. After this dialogue, you can follow the floating talisman in the area until you land on a note where you find the solution to the first vase puzzle at the bottom.

The note states that you have to leave the cyan-colored (cerulean) vases unharmed and destroy the red-colored (vermillion) vases. You can find these vases in a room nearby. Follow the note’s direction and knock on the door marked with a yellow marker to move forward and meet Huohuo.

After talking to Huohuo and Tail, you’ll find another note that mentions the solution to the second and upgraded vase puzzle. There will be two rooms in the area, one on either side of the main door. One room will contain a bunch of juicy treasures while the other one will contain the same vases you saw before.

This time around, you have to break the cyan vases and keep the red vases intact. Moreover, you have to go to the chest room and only open the Basic Treasure in the middle while ignoring the rest. The order of these actions doesn’t matter, and you can simply knock on the doors once you’ve done both correctly.

It can be difficult to ignore all the chests in the room, so it’s completely fine if you want to have a go at opening all of them.

The puzzle can easily reset when you knock on the door. However, you don’t get anything from these chests.

How To Choose The Correct Mirrors

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Looking At Mirror In Illusory Maze

Finally, after finishing both the maze puzzles, you’ll have to go through a mirror to get to the final set of puzzles in Illusory Maze. Here, you’ll find three mirrors in each room, and you’ll have to select the correct mirror three times to leave the maze. This part is quite straightforward since the game gives you all the hints you need.

Whenever you interact with the correct mirror in the first two parts, Huohuo will mention when you interact with the correct Xueyi. You can simply go through the mirror whenever you hear her say that. However, in the third part, none of the three mirrors will be correct, but you’ll have to interact with all of them.

This will open up a separate path leading you to the correct mirror and outside to Xueyi.


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