How To Beat Culex In Super Mario RPG

There are a lot of things you can do after completing Super Mario RPG and beating Smithy. You can set new records on Minigames, try to get all the weapons and armor pieces, explore more of the map, finish side-quests, and more. But there’s a challenge that shines above the rest, and it’s the one that makes you face Culex.



Need To Find Culex?

Super Mario RPG: How To Find The Secret Culex Boss

Once you’ve beaten Super Mario RPG, there’s one big challenge for you to overcome – Culex. Here’s how to find him.

Culex is a mysterious character who appears behind a mysterious black door in Monstro Town. While finding him is not complicated, his battle is very challenging and demands you to be good at parrying and resource management. Nonetheless, there are some tricks you can apply to beat him.

Tips Before Facing Culex

Super Mario RPG Mario Challenging Culex To A Battle

You can’t take this battle lightly; first, you’ll need to prepare.

Levelling Up

Super Mario RPG Geno Levelling Up

You can get all your party members up to Level 30, and it’s necessary to do so for this battle, as it’s more of an endurance test. There are many ways to level up fast in this game, but the easiest one at this point is by going to the Factory, getting back to the Weapon World, and defeating loads of Speardovich’s clones.

Go to Seaside Town and buy an EXP. Booster from the Frog Coin Emporium. Equip it on Mario, but don’t forget to take it off when you are ready to face Culex.

While levelling up, don’t forget to use the Level Up Bonuses to increase all your party’s Magic stats. This is vital, as Culex and his magical shards usually use unblockable Special Moves. You can resist those blows with a few extra points on your party’s Magic Stat.

Do Some Shopping


All that level grinding probably left you with some extra coins in your pockets. That’s great, as you’ll use this money to buy some resources, such as Pick Me Ups and Max Mushrooms. The only place where you can buy the Max Mushrooms is from the Toad in the Factory, while you can buy Pick Me Ups basically anywhere.

That’s it. You don’t need the most powerful weapons and armor to defeat Culex; you can do it all by being smart with your moves during the battle.

Preferred Party

Super Mario RPG The Party Facing Culex

For this battle, you might want to leave Peach on the bench. Sorry, princess, but you are a really valuable asset, and risking you getting morphed into a mushroom or a scarecrow is not a good thing.

Instead, go with your three best attackers. Mario, Bowser, and Geno are great. You can change Geno for Mallow if you like to use Special Moves, but it’s up to you.

Culex has no weaknesses, so creating a strategy where you constantly land specific Special Moves on him is pointless. In fact, if you aren’t using Mario’s Super Jump or Peach’s Group Hug, you won’t use these often.

Full Gauge

Super Mario RPG Mario, Geno, And Bowser About To Perform A Triple Move

Mario, Bowser and Geno’s Shooting Star Shot Triple Move is excellent and will significantly help you during this battle. This is because it does not only deal damage but also increases Mario, Geno, and Bowser’s Attack.

So fill your Gauge Meter and start the battle by performing a Triple Move.

How To Defeat Culex

Super Mario RPG Culex Meeting The Party

Now it’s time to take on Culex. But first, if you haven’t yet, you need to unlock this battle. After doing that, you are free to challenge Culex.

This isn’t a one-versus-three battle; Culex has its crystals as allies. Each shard has different attacks; some are blockable, others not. It’s not a good idea to waste your resources trying to take the Crystals down, but it’s important to know what they can do so you can parry their attacks and fill your Gauge Meter properly.

Earth Crystal

Super Mario RPG Earth Crystal Performing A Storm

The yellow crystal is also known as the Earth Crystal. Aside from Special Moves like Boulder, Sand Storm, and Water Blast, which you can’t block, it also has Storm and Blast. You can parry both attacks exactly when the animation is about to end.

It’s hard to perform parries on these two attacks the first time, but as soon as you know how long the animation lasts, you’ll pull the parry constantly.

Fire Crystal

Super Mario RPG Fire Crystal Perfoming A Hot Shot

The Fire Crystal (the red one) is the weakest of the bunch. Aside from Flame Wall, which you can’t block, it’ll only do Hot Shot, which you can block when the fire bullet is about to land on you.

Water Crystal

Super Mario RPG Water Crystal Performing Diamond Saw

The blue Water Crystal is the crystal that deals the most damage out of the group. Aside from the Special Moves you can’t block, it can use Diamond Saw and Crystal.

Blocking Crystal is easy as you must follow the audio cue. When the crystals land on the target’s head, you’ll hear three sounds. Press A to block during the last one.

Diamond Saw is very hard to block; the snowflakes will briefly leave the screen and then come back. That’s the exact moment you must Press A.

Wind Crystal

Super Mario RPG Wind Crystal Performing Petal Blast

The last crystal to explore in this battle is the green one, the Wind Crystal. Its attacks are lightning-based, and they don’t deal much damage. Nonetheless, it has a very problematic move: Petal Blast.

Petal Blast does not only deal damage, but it’ll transform all the active party into Mushrooms, making them unable to attack. This is unavoidable, so you must draw up a plan to deal with it.

Super Mario RPG The Party Morphed Into Mushrooms

Peach’s Group Hug removes all status changes aside from healing; that’s why Peach is on the bench, as she must always be ready to help. Bring Peach to the field, use a Group Hug, and switch Peach back to the character you retrieved or your last character unaffected by Petal Blast.

The same goes for when Wind Crystal uses Light Bubble, which sends everyone to sleep.


Super Mario RPG Culex Performing A Dark Star Attack

Culex isn’t as active as the crystals; it does not attack often, but when it does, its attacks can seriously hurt you. The most important one you must block is the Dark Star, which can potentially defeat the target in one hit.

To block the Dark Star, you must wait and press A while it bounces for the third time. Remember that, as you’ll see this attack often in this battle.

If you don’t manage to block the Dark Star, don’t forget you have some Pick Me Ups in your items tab. Revive your defeated ally as soon as possible; you need all the damage you can deal to defeat Culex.

Culex also has a Special Move named Shredder. This one does not deal damage but instead removes all the Attack and Defense buffs you have gained during the battle, including the one you get when you perform a Shooting Star Shot Triple Move. There’s no way to avoid or block this move, so all you can do is perform a second Shooting Star Shot to regain the buffs.

The strategy is simple: as soon as the battle starts, just attack Culex constantly and block every attack that you possibly can. Don’t waste any time hitting the Crystals. Remember to use Peach to heal the party if they get Mushroom’d, so you can keep landing hits on Culex. It has a whopping amount of 7,000 HP, so this battle will take you a while, but it’s definitely doable for a highly-leveled party.


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