How To Play Couch Co-Op Split Screen In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is a game screaming out for co-op. You can enjoy the whole thing solo if you like, but you can’t beat playing it with friends. Thankfully, Diablo has a couch co-op mode if you play on a console.



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As soon as you make your first character and jump into the world of Sanctuary, you can invite a friend along to join you in your mission. All you need is a console, two controllers, and two PSN or Xbox accounts. The PC version of Diablo IV does not allow split-screen co-op in the same way.

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How To Set Up Couch Co-Op

The start of diablo 4, showing the menu in the right where you can have a friend join in split screen

For the sake of this guide, we are using a PS5.

Make a new character or load up your most recent one. Grab a second controller and connect it to your console. It will prompt you to log in with your PSN account or to use a guest account.

You cannot use a guest account to play co-op, you must have a valid PSN account.

Choose to sign in with your PSN account and have your friend log in with their details. There will now be a prompt in the bottom right of the screen that says P2 is connected, press to join.

If you have trouble making a new PSN Account, do it from the console instead of the Sony PSN website.

On the second controller, press the Options button – the one with the three lines to the right of the touchpad – to bring up another menu.

two characters stand over dead wargs in Diablo 4, showing off the couch co-op mode

After pressing Options to join, there will be a popup in the bottom right to link your friend’s account to Blizzard’s BattleNet service. Follow the instructions and link your account, or create a brand-new BattleNet account.

If you’re using a PS5, you can click the PS Logo in the BattleNet login to link your account as you create it.

With all of that out of the way, press the Options button on the second controller and choose any existing character they have, or create a brand new one to join your adventure. Once you’ve created your character and finalized everything, you will appear next to your friend and you can start your adventure.

Only one person needs to own the game to play Diablo 4 in split-screen on a console. If you both have a copy, you can play online together through matchmaking.

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What Platforms Is Couch Co-Op Available On

Diablo 4 couch co-op shows two characters fighting a mob of enemies

At the time of the game’s launch, couch and split-screen co-op are only available on console. Diablo 4 is available on PS5 and Xbox, which means these are the only platforms you can play split-screen together.

You can use a controller to play on a PC, but the PC version currently does not allow for split-screen co-op.

It should go without saying, but you will need two controllers to play the game together.

How To Set Up A Blizzard Account

The login page for Blizzard BattleNet, showing options to link your account

You can set up a Blizard BattleNet account at any time. You can do this before you start playing if you want to streamline the process more.

First, head to BattleNet by going to Blizzard. Hover over the Account tab and press the option you need. This will bring you to a login page.

If you don’t have a Blizzard account, click sign up.

With your PSN or Xbox account information in hand, click on the little PlayStation or Xbox logo above and follow the on-screen instructions. This page will ask you to log in to your PSN or Xbox account you want to use in Diablo. Follow the prompts and you will eventually have your accounts linked.

Doing this process will create a Blizzard account for you and link it to the console you wish to play co-op on.

When you fire up Diablo, connect the second controller and log in with the PSN or Xbox account you just linked to your Blizzard account. Now you can play through the entirety of Diablo 4 with your friend in the same room.

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