How To Open The Car Wash Locked Door In Alan Wake 2

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  • How Do You Open The Locked Door In The Car Wash?

In the psychological action-horror game Alan Wake 2, there are plenty of mysteries to be solved– both in the story and in the world. One such mystery is a locked door in the car wash, which is located on the way to the Poet’s Theater.



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You can get through the whole game without ever opening this door, so you might think that it’s just one of those mysterious Silent Hill-type doors that are never actually meant to be opened. However, the way in is simply well-hidden and the prize inside is well worth the effort. How do you solve this sealed room mystery?

Where Is The Car Wash?

The entrance to the car wash, marked with the word

You can access the car wash on the way to the Poet’s Theater, as soon as you leave the studio after a conversation with Mr. Door, which triggers the start of ‘Initiation 7: Masks’. However, given that you need to grab a key item to enter the Poet’s Theater, you’re better off going to the Oceanview Hotel to meet Tom Zane, as the plot intends.

Once you have your encounter with Zane ‘Initiation 8: Zane’s Film’ begins, making it the optimal time to make your way to the car wash since you’ll be able to enter the theater immediately.

How Do You Open The Locked Door In The Car Wash?

Alan at the car wash. At the end of the room is a locked door

Step 1

Alan ducks under a garage door, a map shows the first step

You’ll notice the shut door with a little bit of police tape around it. Head to the right and you’ll duck under the garage door, where you’ll see the Poet’s Theater ahead.

Step 2

Alan looks into an alley, the map shows the second step

Turn left and go forward a few feet, and on the left side, you’ll see an alley with a chain link fence with a bit of police tape on it.

Step 3

Alan looks into a window with a focused beam, blasting the darkness. The map shows the third step.

Go into the alley and look into the first set of windows on the left side. There, you’ll see a darkness bubble near a countertop with a microwave on it, blocking the windows at the front of the building, so blast it with a focused beam.

Step 4

Alan looks into some windows with a focused beam, blasting the darkness. The map shows the fourth step

Leave the alley and go immediately to the right, which leads you to some windows on your right side, which you can expose by getting rid of the darkness bubble. If you look inside, you can see the back of the car wash door, blocked by three darkness bubbles that you must blast to open the door.

Step 5

Alan walked toward the now-unlocked door, into a locker room

Go back through the garage door into the car wash area, and the locked door should be open now.

A map showing each stop on your way to unlock the car wash door

What’s In There?

Alan speaks with Sheriff Tim Breaker in one of his rooms

Once you go through the previously locked door, you’ll see a small locker room, so go around the row of lockers and you’ll see a door. Approach it and you’ll hear some familiar humming before reuniting with Sheriff Tim Breaker,

Like the other times you’ve encountered him, you can chat and check his conspiracy board for new developments. More importantly, you can grab his map for the area, which reveals the Words of Power and item stashes around Poet’s Theater.

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