How To Complete Quest Three In Persona 5 Tactica

“Decompressing,” the third quest you get in Persona 5 Tactica opens with Haru and Ryuji feeling restless after getting rescued from Marie, so Erina suggests the two of them kill two birds with one stone by taking out some of Marie’s forces.




Persona 5 Tactica: How To Complete Quest Two

Make the most of breaking enemy cover and exploit a string of One Mores to get Erina across a board in a single move in Quest Two of P5T.

This is a relatively simple quest that’s meant to introduce you to Ryuji and Haru’s gameplay, in particular, the fact that their guns can hit multiple enemies at once. You’ll have three turns to defeat multiple enemies, but it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Your third unit doesn’t really matter, as Ryuji and Haru will be doing the heavy lifting.

Turn One

Ryuji Sakamoto aiming at enemies in Persona 5 Tactica

First, move Ryuji and Haru up to the enemies and shoot them. Make sure you’re getting all the enemies in their attack spreads.

Your third unit doesn’t need to do anything, so just end the turn.

Turn Two

Screenshot of Persona 5 Tactica showing enemies appearing

After you’ve defeated those reinforcements, more will show up in the big square area on the far end.

Once again, use Haru and Ryuji to clear them out, then end your turn.

Turn Three

A screenshot of Persona 5 Tactica showing a triangle attack that has every enemy but one caught in it

Enemy reinforcements have just appeared around the front area where your final party member is.

First, have both Haru and Ryuji shoot at the groups, as this will grant them both a One More. Manipulate them until you can get most of the enemies with a Triangle Attack. You should be able to get all but one.

Trigger the Triangle Attack with whoever is furthest from the remaining enemy.

Finish off that enemy with the other party members, and you’re done!


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Eliminating every enemy in a single turn is a satisfying puzzle to solve in this Persona 5 Tactica quest.

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