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During the last segment of Super Mario RPG, Mario and his friends finally reach the Weapon World through Exor, the giant sword that took Bowser’s Keep. The Weapon World is inhabited by swarms of clones of enemies we have already seen, like the Axem Rangers, Speardovich, etc.



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Near the end of the Weapon World, Mario finally finds the origin of all these clones: The Factory. Here lies Smithy, the evil weaponsmith, who wants to take Mario’s world and create a weapon army. The battle against Smithy is difficult, but there are many tricks and tips you can follow to beat him. Let’s see how.

Tips Before Facing Smithy

Super Mario RPG Smithy talking to Mario And Mallow

The battle against Smithy is all about endurance and resource management.

Level Up Bonuses

Super Mario RPG Bowser Getting a Level Up Bonus

First, you need to study your party’s strengths and weaknesses. The Level Up Bonuses play an essential role here, as they can clearly help your party members get strong enough to handle Smithy’s attacks.

Out of all of them, you must have been levelling up Peach’s Magic stat. It’s more critical than Peach’s HP or Physical stats, as Smithy is constantly spamming Special Moves which you can’t block, so Peach’s healing effectiveness is important here.

You can grind some more levels by engaging in battles in the Weapon World. If you do this, be sure you increase Peach’s Magic Stat.

What To Buy From Toad?

Super Mario RPG Mario About To Buy Things From Toad

As Peach will be in charge of healing, Mushrooms aren’t as necessary as other items. You can spend your money on Pick Me Ups if you have a tight budget. Also, be sure you buy Maple Syrup; you’ll need to recover Flower Points if you run out of them.

Increase Your Flower Points Limit

Super Mario RPG Peach Healing The Party

This is the best moment to use your Flower Tab, Flower Jars and Flower Boxes to increase your Flower Point limit. This is very important for the second phase of the battle against Smithy, as they are the key to defeating him quickly.

Which Party Members Are Good Against Smithy?

Super Mario RPG The Party Facing Smithy

You must start the battle against Smithy with your two best Physical Attackers. They are usually Mario and Bowser, but be sure you check all your party’s stats to determine who to align. Aside from those two, Peach must always be in the mix, as she’s the support that will keep the party alive.

Full Gauge Meter Before Starting The Battle

Super Mario RPG A Battle Versus Tank-Head Smithy

Try to start the battle with the Gauge Meter at 100 percent. This is because it’s a good idea to use a Triple Move as soon as possible during the battle, so you have chances to land up to three Triple Moves against Smithy.

The Triple Move that works the best in this situation is the Starry Shell Strike, which you can execute with Mario, Bowser, and Peach. Nonetheless, if you want some juicy attack boosts, you can briefly switch Peach for Geno, perform a Shooting Star Shot, and then switch Geno for Peach again. Peach won’t get buffed, but both attackers will do.

How To Defeat Smithy

Super Mario RPG Smithy Posing Menacingly

When you feel ready to go, it’s time to battle against Smithy. This battle has two phases, so let’s break them down:

How To Defeat Smithy’s First Phase

Super Mario RPG The Party Versus Smithy And Smelter

The battle starts with Smithy using the Sledge, an unblockable Special Move. After that, you are free to attack him. There are two enemies on the stage: Smithy and the Smelter, which helps Smithy create lesser enemies. While it seems like a good idea, don’t waste your resources hitting the Smelter; it’s worthless. Focus solely on Smithy.

It’s a good idea to perform a Triple Move now so you deal a lot of damage from the get-go.

Smithy will attack you with a collection of several unblockable Special Moves, such as Meteor Swarm, Sledge, Sword Rain, and more, but there’s not much you can do; it’ll randomly use them, so there’s no point trying to guess when he will use those Special Moves. Heal or attack, depending on how much HP your party lost after the move.

Smithy also has moves you can block. The one he uses the most is the Fire Saber, which he can only use against one party member. Smithy casts a light beam that will move back and forth three times before heading towards the target. Those moves emit a sound; after the third sound, press A to block it properly.

Super Mario RPG Smithy Casting A Fire Saber Against Bowser

Aside from Fire Saber, Smithy uses the Smelter to spit hot iron and craft minions. These are totally annoying, as they spam Sword Rain, a move you can’t block. As soon as they appear on the battlefield, take them down. Don’t ignore them, as they deal a lot of damage.

Timing your Gauge Actions is really necessary so you deal damage to all enemies at the same time.

With that in mind, you can attack Smithy’s minions until they are Almost Down. When this happens, head your attacks to Smithy and time them well so you perform an Action Gauge, killing the minions with residual damage.

With all of this in mind, keep attacking Smithy constantly until Mario and your secondary attacker are about to get defeated. Heal both with Peach’s Group Hug Special Move and repeat the process. This will eventually lead you to the second phase of this battle.

How To Defeat Smithy’s Second Phase

Super Mario RPG Smithy Showing Its True Face

After damaging Smithy for a long while, Smithy, out of rage, hits the floor with his hammer, destroying the stage and falling onto a new one. Here, Smithy will show his real form, a creepy head with bulging eyes and nails instead of teeth. There’s no Smelter in this new stage; it’s your party versus him.

You must know a couple of things before seeing all Smithy has to offer. His body and head are two different targets. You can’t land hits on his body directly, but you can reduce his body’s HP by performing well-timed attacks. This is great, as it will nail Smithy to its spot, preventing him from using Physical Attacks.

If Smithy can’t move, he can only perform Special Moves. Take this into account, as it dramatically affects the battle.

Also, Smithy won’t stay long in this real form; he’ll use his hammer to change his head in his first turn (meaning he won’t attack you in the first turn). He has four different options, all with different attacks and weak points. Let’s study them all.

Tank Head Smithy

Super Mario RPG Smithy Showing His Tank Head

Tank Head Smithy is overly aggressive; it does not use many Special Moves and prefers to perform Physical attacks. The main one he uses is when he does a little step forward and then shoots a Bill Bullet at a target. After that, he fires a burst of bullets at a different target.

To parry the missile, press A when the bullet is about to land on the target.

To parry the fire burst, wait a bit and press A mid-burst. You can also use the attack sound as a cue; press A shortly after the sound.

Smithy also has a Special Move named Magnum, which is exactly like the Bill Bullet he shoots during its Physical attack. This means you can block it the same way you block the Bill Bullet.

Lastly, Smithy will run at a target and smash it with the hammer. To block it, wait until the hammer lands on the head of the target.

Tank Head Smithy is weak to lightning Special Moves. Mallow’s Thunderbolt and Shocker Special Moves will do a lot against it.

Magic Head Smithy

Super Mario RPG Smithy Morphing Into Magic Head Smithy

Magic Head Smithy is way weaker defensively than the rest of the heads, but it compensates for it with strong Special Moves. You must attack with Physical Attacks against it as it has no weaknesses. Nonetheless, Triple Moves are great against it.

Sadly, his Special Moves are usually unblockable, except for Dark Star, which, as its name indicates, invokes a big black star that deals a lot of damage. You can block that one during the third time the star bounces on the target.

Mask Head Smithy

Super Mario RPG The Party Facing Mask Head Smithy

Mask Head Smithy is meant to shield and heal Smithy. Aside from the Physical attacks, it does not have damaging Special Moves. It only has Shredder, which removes Attack and Defense buffs, and Recover and Mega Recover, which heal Smithy.

This one is weak to Ice Special Moves, and the only Ice Special Move out there is Mallow’s Snowy.

Treasure Head Smithy

Super Mario RPG Smithy Showing His Treasure Head Smithy Form

Treasure Head Smithy is based on a Treasure Chest. It attacks with random Status-changing abilities: Mute Spell, Fear Spell, Poison Spell, and Scarecrow Spell. As their names indicate, they have different effects.

If you are muted, you can’t use Special Moves. If you have fear, your attack and defense will be cut in half. If you are poisoned, you’ll lose HP over time, and if you are a Scarecrow, you can’t attack.

As soon as you see this head coming up, use Mario’s Ultra Flame, as this Smithy head is weak to Fire Special Moves.

Smithy will be changing between these four heads until the end of the battle. Again, don’t stop attacking him. Heal when your party is about to get knocked out and switch to Mallow when needing to attack with lightning Special Moves. Don’t get Peach off the field, and keep your FP count in check so you don’t run out of it.

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