Warhammer’s New Ushoran Model Is Straight Out Of Elden Ring

Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s Flesh Eater Courts have always embodied the first two words of their name, and less so the latter. But that’s all changing with the upcoming range refresh, as characters depicting ghoulish judges with crusty wigs are joining the fray. But one model stands out to me above all others: Ushoran the Bold.



This creepy guy is a Mortarch, one of Nagash’s most trusted generals. He has a litany of titles, known throughout the realms as the Lord of Masques, the First Exemplar, the Sumeros Summerking, and the Sombre Paladin, but to me he’s one thing only: a FromSoftware boss.

warhammer ushoran model growling at the camera

The cloak filled with the severed, decaying heads of his foes is delightfully Soulsian, as is his crown of bones protruding directly from his skull. But it’s the pose that feels truly like a FromSoftware character in the plastic, the hunched back and limp arms.

It’s giving Margit, and with Age of Sigmar’s lore nearly as convoluted as Elden Ring’s, the similarities continue. I can’t wait to see what members of the Adeptus Convertorium do with this model. I’ve already seen someone mock up a version of Total Warhammer’s Nakai, The Wanderer using Seraphon bits, and it’s a testament to the design of this formidable creature that practically any head and weapon swap completely changes the character while keeping the vibes intact.

Note: Many people believe that the Flesh Eater Courts are AoS’ version of Bretonnians, fallen from grace

I’m still undecided what I’ll do with him, although borrowing that Lizardman idea is sorely tempting. But maybe I’ll go full Elden Ring and model a large oaken staff for him to clutch, and craft a glowing yellow knife in his other hand. The head will require some major modelling work, but I’m more confident in my Green Stuff skills than painting an otherworldly blade. Morgott’s weapons seem more difficult to model, but an army led by The Fell Omen would be equally terrifying.

If I’m going for an Elden Ring army, perhaps I look to the Sylvaneth range to make Erdtree Avatars or the Old World Bretonnians for Tree Sentinels – although the latter won’t be to scale, so I might leave them be. A Warhammer Fire Giant would be great fun to model, especially as I’ve been champing at the bit to pull the trigger on a Mega Gargant.

However, I’m getting carried away. There are already great Elden Ring miniatures, albeit not made by Games Workshop. Maybe I need to get creative and make something of my own. And no, before you ask, I’m not going to build it straight out the box because I’m not about that life.

Elden Ring Margit Boss

Ushoran marks the sixth of Nagash’s Mortarchs to be realised in Age of Sigmar, after Katakros, Arkhan, Mannfred, Neferata, and Lady Olynder. Now there’s a force to be reckoned with, and if, after the final three have been added, we don’t get a Phoenix Lords-esque formation to use them all as a devastating force, then there’ll be hell to pay.

Ushoran has made me much more excited for the remaining three characters, though. Players are hoping for a vampire like W’soran, an iconic headhunter like Abhorash – a model of him stuck in an eternal duel with Gilles le Breton would be excellent – or returnees from The End Times like Vlad von Carstein and Krell. If we’re going for old characters, my vote would be cast on Luthor Harkon’s ballot. If you don’t want to see the Pirate King of the Vampire Coast reimagined in the manner of Ushoran, then don’t speak to me.

All this is a bit of an aside, but Ushoran’s evocative, Soulsian model has got me excited for an army of Death, something which has never happened before. Not even a creepy corpse in a judge’s wig made of bones managed that.


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