Should You Arrest The Heliobus Or Let It Go In Soul Departure Quest Of Honkai: Star Rail

Here’s how your choice to arrest Ruoxi or let her go during the Soul Departure quest affects the outcome in Honkai: Star Rail!

If you’ve played Honkai: Star Rail for a little while, you’ve probably stumbled on at least one scenario where your choice can make a difference in the outcome of the quest. This isn’t a game dependent on your choices, so the options you pick won’t change the end of the main story or anything.



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However, these choices can make a difference in how the affected characters view you in the short term. Your interaction with Wenyuan and Ruoxi is one such instance, and here’s how your choice can affect their fate in the Soul Departure quest.

Should You Arrest Or Let Ruoxi Go?

Honkai Star Rail Wenyuan And Ruoxi Asking You To Make A Choice

Once you start doing the Soul Departure Luofu Myth, you’ll realize that an old man named Wenyuan is being manipulated by a Heliobus into thinking that it’s his long-lost wife. However, after talking to them in Aurum Alley, Wenyuan mentions that he knew that Ruoxi was a Heliobus all along, but he wanted to engage with it anyway.

After realizing that Wenyuan wasn’t being tricked, the Heliobus Ruoxi tells you that they have genuine feelings for each other. Here, you get a choice of either arresting the Heliobus and sealing it away in Fyxestroll Garden or letting it go and possibly having adverse effects on Wenyuan.

Here’s how going on either route can affect the outcome of this quest:

Arresting The Heliobus

Letting Ruoxi And Wenyuan Go

  • Both of them will get mad at you and the Ruoxi Heliobus will try to fight you for its freedom.
  • After winning the battle, you’ll witness Wenyuan begging you to return Ruoxi before you get to go and seal her away.
  • In the end, Hanya will ask you to give Wenyuan a potion to prevent him from succumbing to the Mara.
  • However, Wenyuan will refuse to take the potion and accept his fate, giving you the Pale Fire achievement.
  • This will make both Ruoxi and Wenyuan happy, and they’ll quickly scurry away before you change your decision.
  • Back in Fyxestroll Garden, Guinaifen will mention that these things aren’t easy to decide.
  • This will give you the To Your Eternity achievement, and the quest will end right there.

Both Pale Fire and To Your Eternity achievements will give you the same rewards, and you can only get one or the other.

Unfortunately, there’s no correct option to this quest. You can either let them go and accept that Wenyuan will slowly wither away while he’s happy or arrest Ruoxi and watch Wenyuan refuse the potion. However, the rewards from the quest remain the same, so the choice is up to you.

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