Even Naruto Voice Actors Aren’t Happy With Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections’ English Dub

The English dub for Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections has been getting a lot of hate from fans, especially when it comes to redubbed scenes, but it seems that even some of the voice actors involved aren’t too happy with it.



Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections launched last week and, while its new story mode, gameplay features, and roster have seen positive reception from fans, there are a few things that are being received a little less happily, like the matchmaking issues that Xbox players have been having trouble with. The main thing that’s being negatively received, however, is the rerecorded English dub.


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Although Connections’ new History mode is mostly just a recap of the same story events that happened in the last few games with the same script, it seems that most lines of dialogue have actually been rerecorded. While that might sound like a good thing, the new dubbed scenes aren’t going down so well with Naruto fans.

Two of the scenes that have been hit the hardest with the new dub are both from Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. The first, and most hated, is when Naruto first fights Sasuke again after the timeskip, holding him up against a wall and saying, “Did that wake you up?” while flashing back to the past. Naruto’s strange pitch and delivery have been roasted by fans, who are also making fun of Kakashi’s new voice in his fight against Naruto and Sakura.

It’s not just the redubbed scenes that have been getting hate from the fans, either, as the voicework for some of the new characters has also been criticised. One such character is newcomer Kawaki, whose finishing move quote “So long” is being roasted by fans for being “absolutely atrocious”.

To make matters worse, it seems that even Naruto’s voice actors aren’t happy with the final product. Maile Flanagan, the English voice actor for Naruto, responded to the clip of him fighting Sasuke, saying, “I can GUARANTEE I did not say that line that way. What’s that from? And I guarantee no voice director of Naruto or the games would have me do that in that way”, later confirming that she’d done some work for the game.

Kawaki’s voice actor, Michael Schwalbe, also reacted to the character’s now infamous “So long” quote, calling it an “awful dub line” and saying that he was confused about why that take was chosen after he “screamed my lungs out for hours”. Schwalbe later said that, although his own line definitely didn’t have anything to do with AI, he was suspicious about some of the other clips that have been shared.


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