The Best Gifts You Can Get For A Disney Fan

Gift-giving becomes a lot easier when your loved one is a big fan of a major franchise. After all, IPs like Star Wars and Marvel have plenty of merchandise and collectibles that make perfect gifts.



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However, even those two huge franchises pale in comparison to the Disney brand – in fact, both of them are owned by Disney. As a result, there are many things you can get for a Disney fan. Perhaps there are too many things, as it’s hard to look through all your options. To make the process easier, here is a collection of recommended gifts.

Best Gifts For Disney Fans

Disney Stitch And Watermelon Plush

Stitch Loves A Snack

This plush makes one of the most adorable Disney characters even more endearing as it’s Stitch munching on a watermelon. He’s clearly enjoying his little treat as his face looks joyful.


  • Adorable
  • Watermelon looks delicious
  • Great likeness to Stitch

Does your loved one appreciate cute things? If so, they will adore this Stitch plush. Just look at it. The little blue alien munching on watermelon is an adorable sight.

It’s also a unique sight as most Stitch pluses are just of the character in an ordinary pose. This is more of a creative design, and it still looks exactly like the character on screen. On top of that, from certain retailers, it’s fairly inexpensive, too.

Woody On The Luxo Ball Funko Pop!

An Iconic Character Sat On An Iconic Ball

There are plenty of Woody Funko Pops, but this is the only one that has the legendary character sat on a ball atop a little carriage. It’s not just any ball, either, as it’s the famous Pixar Luxo ball, which is a nice addition to any Pixar-based figure.


  • Woody looks great
  • Nice to see the inclusion of the Luxo ball

While not a Disney original, Woody is among the greatest characters in the studio’s history. So, plenty of Disney fans probably appreciate the cowboy. If your friend is one of them, consider getting them this Woody Funko.

It’s a unique figure due to the pose he’s making and the fact he’s sitting atop the classic Pixar ball. The carriage part is nice, too, and can connect with other Funkos in this line. In fact, you may even consider getting the other ones as gifts for future occasions. Each carriage is Disney-inspired, after all.

Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios: 2024 Wall Calendar

Every Month, It Adds More Beauty To Your Life

This official Disney wall calendar doesn’t just use screenshots from the movies as their images for each month. It includes detailed paintings based on famous Disney characters and movies. Each one is stunning.


  • Every image is vibrant and beautiful
  • Contains tributes to plenty of good movies and characters

  • With all the Disney characters available, it’s a shame Mickey and Minnie take up two months

Calendars always serve as good and fairly inexpensive gifts. After all, the season of gift-giving comes at a time when people need a new calendar.

This one by Thomas Kinkade Studios is a perfect one for the Disney fan in your life. The main reason is the truly incredible artwork that you get to see every month. Not only do they look good, but the calendar includes a bunch of different movies and characters. So it’s likely that, at least, one of your friend’s faves is included.

Codenames Disney Family Edition

Make Sure To Pick A Good Cluemaster

Codenames is a deduction game where teams have to figure out which of the cards on the table belong to them. They do so by trying to decipher their cluemaster’s clues. In this edition, the cards on the table are of famous Disney characters.


  • Simple yet enjoyable game
  • Not much set up

  • Need at least four players to have a proper game

There are plenty of Disney board and card games. Yet, few have the perfect mix of simplicity and fun as this one. Codenames is a game that is really easy to get a hang of. However, to be good at it, you need to be smart and tactical. You certainly can’t rely on luck, which makes it more interesting.

Your Disney fan friend or family member will have to have friends to play with, though. Ideally, everyone playing should be at least somewhat aware of Disney characters. But they don’t need to have complete knowledge of everything Disney-related.

Understanding Disney: The Manufacture of Fantasy

Learn How Disney Became A Juggernaut

Understanding Disney goes deep into the business side of the Disney company. Author Janet Wasko takes a look at how Disney became a phenomenon and how it maintains its success.


  • Well-researched
  • Contains plenty of interesting information about Disney’s practices

If the person you’re looking to get a gift for is an adult, then this Understanding Disney book might be the way to go. It contains everything you could possibly want to know about how Disney got so big and, more importantly, maintained its success.

It covers things like Disney’s fight against copyright law, how Disney employees are treated, what goes into making a Disney film, and more. Yours truly had to read the book as part of my University studies as I had an Understanding Disney class. Yet, unlike some books you’re forced to read in education, I was really compelled by this one.

LEGO Disney Duos

Good Things Come In Pairs – Or Four Pairs

This impressive Lego set features several iconic Disney duos. These aren’t just in minifigure form, either. Each pair is a small and detailed model you have to build. The characters come from Moana, Pocahontas, Finding Nemo, and Beauty And The Beast.


  • Includes characters from a few different generations of Disney
  • Highly detailed
  • Perfect for play and display

  • There are more iconic Disney duos than Squirt and Nemo

Two is better than one, or, in this case, eight is better than one, as this set contains four pairs of iconic Disney characters. What’s cool is that several generations of Disney characters are included. You have the 1990s covered with Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. Fans of 2000s Disney get the Finding Nemo pair. And newer fans have the Moana duo.

If your friend is a fan of all Disney, they have four beautiful display pieces to put around their house or room. Alternatively, they’re solid enough to play with, too.


What do you get adults who love Disney?

The beauty of Disney is that most of its products are for all ages. So, you can easily get an adult some Disney Lego sets or Funko Pops! Alternatively, there is plenty of Disney homeware.

What are adult Disney fans called?

While a lot of adults are huge fans of Disney, nobody has come up with a clever name for them. A ‘Disney Adult’ is the most commonly used, but it isn’t very creative.

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