Super Mario RPG Remake Has Also Removed Peach And Mallow’s Peace Signs

The Super Mario RPG remake has changed Peach and Mallow’s post-battle victory animations and made it so that they no longer make peace signs, proving that it’s not just Mario they don’t want to embrace peace.



For the most part, the Super Mario RPG remake is incredibly faithful to the original release of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, including keeping things that people were sure would be removed, like the infamous easter egg that lets you find something questionable in Princess Peach’s room. As faithful as it is, there are a few weird changes that have been made to the remake.


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Although removing a mention of Bruce Lee is pretty weird, the strangest of all the changes is the removal of Mario’s peace sign when he wins a battle or goes down a pipe. As we reported last month, that animation has been replaced with him taking off his cap, but it turns out that it’s not just Mario who has been told never to stick his two fingers up at the camera again.

As pointed out by Twitter user SuperMarioOOC85, Peach and Mallow have also had their victory animations changed for the Super Mario RPG remake. In the original game, both characters would copy Mario and stare at the camera while performing a peace sign (Peach even added a little wink for flavour), but in the remake, their animations have both been completely changed. Mallow now raises both his arms like he’s asking for a hug, while Peach just raises a fist.

Mallow and Peach having their own unique animations does make some sense considering Mario doesn’t even do the peace sign anymore, but it’s still a bit of a weird choice for the remake to make. That being said, the removal of the peace sign from the remake does make some sense considering it’s something that Miyamoto requested be changed about Mario many years ago.

When asked about the erasure of Mario’s peace sign back in 1999, Miyamoto said it was something that he’d been wanting “for a long time”, noting that it had “permeated too much” and become Mario’s ‘thing’ since it was introduced. That does at least explain why the peace sign has been removed, even if it’s a little surprising to see it now extend to Peach and Mallow.


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