Tremor Has A Secret Brutality In Mortal Kombat 1

Last week, Mortal Kombat 1 fans discovered a hidden Omni-Man Brutality. Getting it was simple – you just had to hold R2 and L2 while pulling off his Get Boned! move. It’s no surprise then that Tremor has his own hidden variation, which fans have uncovered just as fast. It’s a little cheerier than Omni-Man ripping out your skeleton, mind.



Tremor has a Brutality called “Rock Away” in which he slams a giant boulder onto the enemy’s head. It has two crosses for eyes and a frown burned onto the front. After the opponent gets stoned, they collapse to the side, leaving behind a triumphant Tremor with his fist raised in the air. But you can modify his Brutality to leave a smiley face etched onto the rock instead.

How To Use Tremor’s Secret Brutality

When you perform the Rock Away Brutality, right as Tremor is about to slam the boulder into the opponent’s head, hold D2. This will then change the face to a smiley one. They might be dead, but they’re adorably cheery.

This is essentially Tremor’s Brutality from Mortal Kombat X. Back then, it was called “Rock Head” – you threw a… well, rock, at your opponent’s… well, head. It’s in the name. It had a smiley face drawn on the front in bright garish red, a lot like the secret Brutality in MK1. But as it was a rock and not a boulder, it was significantly smaller.

Tremor costs $4.99 and is not a main roster fighter. He is instead a Kameo DLC. He is also included in the first Kombat Pack.

It’s a fairly recent callback, but Tremor is a fairly new character in the grand scheme of things. He was introduced as an NPC in Special Forces back in 2000, but he returned 11 years later in Mortal Kombat 9. However, he only appeared in the Challenge Tower. He then resurfaced in MKX as DLC, and again in MK11 as a cameo. Now, he’s a Kameo in MK1 (note the ‘K’).

That’s two new DLC characters with two secret Brutalities, but there’s still a lingering mystery with Omni-Man. TheThiny found a Brutality in the files called “Mustache”, which doesn’t appear to be a hidden variant but it’s own standalone move. It’s currently inaccessible as it doesn’t have a string of inputs.

Who knows what it does? My own theory (that’s definitely plausible) is that he extends his mustache like a Poison Ivy tendril and wraps it around his opponent, crushing them.


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