Dead By Daylight Child’s Play Crossover Includes Fan-Favourite Chucky Skin

A Dead by Daylight streamer has revealed that the upcoming Child’s Play crossover will feature the one skin that everyone’s been asking for – Chucky’s iconic stitched look from Bride of Chucky.



Ever since Behaviour confirmed that Chucky is the next big crossover killer coming to Dead by Daylight, fans have been asking the same question – where the heck is his Bride of Chucky skin? The only version of the character that’s been shown off so far is his original look from the first Child’s Play, but his most popular and well-known attire is undoubtedly the stitched-together look from that film.


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Although Behaviour has remained tight-lipped since that initial reveal about whether we’d be getting the Bride of Chucky skin when the infamous doll joins the game, our prayers have been answered by a Dead by Daylight streamer. As pointed out by reliable Dead by Daylight insider dvveet, Paulie Esther recently released a video that took a look at a news blog posted on the game’s website that details some of the work that went into the crossover.

Towards the end of the video, Esther discusses some of his thoughts on the crossover, noting that some fans have been asking for adult Andy to make an appearance in the game. After saying that he’s just happy to see Chucky and Tiffany in there, he shares an image of all three of Chucky’s skins in the game, including his default one, the Tiffany one, and a skin that hasn’t yet been shown off.

That skin is, of course, Chucky’s terrifying look from Bride of Chucky, which has undoubtedly become the most recognisable look for the character after the huge marketing push for it alongside the release of Bride and Seed of Chucky. It was very unlikely that Behaviour was going to miss it out, but we’ve now got confirmation that it’s in the game somewhere.

Every ’90s kid no doubt remembers seeing the endless amount of merchandise and posters for Bride of Chucky that featured his stitched-up look, which hopefully traumatised them less than it did me.

It’s not yet clear how it’s going to be unlocked in the game as Behaviour hasn’t officially announced the skin yet, but most fans seem to think that it’s going to be Chucky’s Rare skin. If that’s somehow not enough Chuck for you, then there’s also the Tiffany Valentine skin (featuring voice lines from Jennifer Tilly), which has confirmed to be the character’s Legendary unlockable.


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