How To Beat The Robber Weasel In Lies Of P

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Stalker enemies in Lies of P are commonly regarded as pushovers and bosses not quite deserving of their illustrious red health bar at the bottom of your screen. You may laugh when you see one, striding confidently in with your Two Dragons Sword and 75,000 Ergo. Robber Weasel will humble you, steal your Ergo, and stomp on your corpse.



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The infamous weasel appears during your return to Central Krat Station. There are other tough enemies here, but none quite gatekeep you in the way the Robber Weasel can. She’s not so easily steamrolled like her Stalker brothers and sisters, and you’re going to have to learn that dodging will not always solve your problems.

Robber Weasel’s Attacks

P watches the Robber Weasel strike with axe in front of him despite being nowhere close in Lies of P

Robber Weasel is extremely quick. Her attack chains are doubly so, and her Fury Attack is absolutely terrifying as its cue is less than .02 seconds, ranking it as high as the game’s most difficult Fury Attacks to correctly parry (right up there with Laxasia’s and the Nameless Puppet’s Phase Two Furies).

The Fury Attack in particular almost always triggers when you’ve taken damage from an attack and attempt to backstep. This is why we encourage those who feel the need to heal to dash away rather than dodge or – attempt to – parry.

Robber Weasel prepares to throw a blade as P sidesteps during fight in Lies of P

Although the weasel is quick and always dashing around, her attacks themselves are very limited. At any time, she only has three combos to lean on, making her very easy to predict.

The best combo to take advantage of is her Axe-Throw Dash, usually leaving her wide open for a backstab.

The best thing about this attack is is that you can choose to bait it. Keep your space from the weasel, baiting the Axe Throw. Don’t go too far, or she won’t dash (or, even worse, she’ll taunt you instead of throwing the blade).

When she throws the blade, prepare for her dash and your forward roll. Turn, and backstab. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Best Strategies For The Robber Weasel

P wielding Two Dragons Sword backstabs the Robber Weasel in Lies of P



Weak Against

Acid, Fire (lesser)

Recommended P-Organ Upgrades

Increase Staggerable Window, Add Fable Slots, Retain Guard Regain

Recommended Amulets

Patience Amulet, Conquering Amulet, Arm of God Amulet, Murderer Puppet’s Amulet

Recommended Weapons

Falcon Eye (Legion Arm), Puppet String (Legion Arm), Booster Glaive, Live Puppet’s Axe, Acidic Crystal Spear, Salamander Dagger+Spear handle

As with so many Stalkers, the best strategy may be to wait for your moment and backstab repeatedly.

However, doing so can be a different story. The weasel’s rapid dodge-spamming around the arena and arcing slash attacks can make reaching her back trickier than fights like the Mad Donkey, Survivor, or Owl Doctor.

You may have also encountered her punishing Fury Attack, making healing during this fight a bit of a gamble at times. In general, the greatest takeaway from the Robber Weasel fight is patience in a fast-paced environment.

White Bar Robber Weasel is struck with Falcon Eye bullet in Lies of P

You’ll want either Falcon Eye or the Puppet String for your Legion Arm. The first will cause her to take significant damage without risking much on your side – especially so with a fully-upgraded version.

The second can close the distance with her and cause her to heavily stagger. She’s already highly susceptible to staggering from even small weapons, so you’re guaranteed to stun her with this attack and combo-chain from it.

Because of her weakness to staggering, heavy Motivity weapons paired with the Special Grindstone for increased Stagger can be absolutely crippling against this enemy.

P runs right in arena as he baits Axe Throw combo to finish the Robber Weasel in Lies of P

Status effect weapons like the Acidic Crystal Spear or a Salamander Dagger+Spear handle (City Long Spear or Acidic Crystal Spear) can be a huge boon here. With their long handles and her weakness to Acid and (somewhat) Fire damage, their overall effectiveness cannot be denied.

You can strike her during her openings where going in for a backstab is too risky while building up a status condition that will further deplete her health and minimize regeneration.

P looks at fallen Robber Weasel on ground waiting for her to stand again in Lies of P

Thankfully, her attacking moveset is also very limited. If you are among those that would prefer to take the weasel on her terms rather than spamming a backstab method, you can certainly take a parry route with her easily.

Her combo chains are very easy to parry. Once you learn the delay on her two overhead attacks, you’ll be whittling down her weapon durability and stagger quickly. When she’s finally ready to be Fatal-Attacked, you can hit her with a strong attack and repeat as necessary.

Eventually, you’ll rob the weasel of their life subscription policy and be left to venture the remainder of the Krat Central Station in haunted peace.

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