Apex Legends’ First Character Deaths Are Upon Us

It has been brought to my attention that many new Apex Legends players aren’t aware of the mythos surrounding Forge. Forge was a character, a Legend like any other, who was revealed in the same way every new addition to Apex is: by leakers trawling through the files and undermining the hard work of Respawn’s social media teams, cinematic trailer creators, and game designers.



Except, he wasn’t the latest addition to the Apex Games at all. In his final cinematic trailer, an in-universe interview about his big call-up to the bloodsport, he was brutally assassinated live on-air by none other than Revenant, who joined the Games (and the game) in his place. The bait-and-switch was played incredibly well, and if anyone tells you they weren’t fooled and ready to unleash Forge’s giant metal fist on their enemies in Season 4, they’re lying.

Since then, Apex has gone from strength to strength, and its mixed-media storytelling has been particularly riveting for those interested in the game’s lore. Revenant has been central to the best sections, along with his long-term antagonist Loba. From the Broken Ghost missions, to animated masterpieces on YouTube and official fan-made comics, lore has always been important in the battle royale.

Which brings us to Season 19. After last season’s successful Kill Code missions, which wrapped Apex’s storyline in Titanfall-esque platforming missions, Kill Code: A Life for a Life will raise the stakes this time around. Writer Ashley Reed (no relation to her in-game namesake) told us before the season began that, “Relationships will be tested and shattered, and maybe not everyone will make it out alive. I mean it this time.”

We’ve already seen said tested relationships in the trailer, as it appears Valkyrie has broken up with Loba, who spends most of the short in tears. However, her arch-enemy provides an opportunity, an olive branch so to speak, to work together. “I’ll even let you pull the trigger,” he says.

Who could the unlucky Legend be? Valkyrie is the first in the firing line, having just broken up with Loba, but this feels too obvious and I think it’s a red herring. I believe the answer lies with Revenant Reborn, the major change to the character’s lore and abilities that occurred in Season 18.

apex legends season 18 revenant and loba

Revenant’s new body was built by Duardo Silva, Octane’s father and new owner of the Apex Games. He’s a war profiteer and all-round bad dad who recently forced Titanfall character Kuben Blisk out of the picture to seize control of the bloodsport for himself. Who could his enemies be, and how would they align with Loba?

The obvious choices here would be his son, who has been opposed to Duardo’s wars for seasons now and has performed guerrilla attacks against him with Lifeline. Lifeline, who unwittingly interrupted Loba and Revenant’s scheming in the Kill Code trailer. Lifeline, who desperately needs a buff but has been suspiciously absent from the patch notes for a long while. It’s Lifeline.

Note: Will the killed Legend be deleted from the game? What will happen to people’s skins that they’ve paid good money for? Or will Kill Code reveal that the Legends are all simulacrums after all?

I’m not going to bet my career on the Lifeline horse, but I don’t think it’s a bad shout. What I could envision is a Civil War type situation, with the disciples of Duardo facing off against those opposed to his tyranny – however the sides are a tad unbalanced at present, with only a handful of Legends pitting themselves with the big bad dad. While Silva has some sort of control over Revenant’s rebuilt body, do any of the other characters really have the conviction to kill their friends for a corporate overlord? Maggie certainly wouldn’t, but would Fuse side with Duardo just to spite her? It seems unlikely.

Kill Code: A Life For A Life feels like years of Apex storytelling coming to a head in an explosive crescendo where someone will end up dead. As much as I’d hate to lose one of the Legends, I can’t wait to find out who gets the chop.

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