How To Complete The Path To The Strongest Substory In Like A Dragon Gaiden

So, you have conquered the Coliseum, beaten every last Akame Request, and now you are ready for one more challenge. Well, lucky for you, Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name has you covered. Gai Amon is easily the fiercest foe you will fight in the game.



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But what makes Amon so strong? Well, for starters, he can use both the Agent and Yakuza style. Worse yet, he seems to use those agent tools to greater effect than even Joryu. You’ll not only have to deal with the Spider Gear being used against you, but Gai Amon has the ability to heal! Needless to say, this fight is a real handful if you don’t know what you are doing.

How To Unlock The Gai Amon Fight

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Amon waiting to fight you

You will gain access to this climactic battle once you have completed all the Coliseum content. This means you’ll have to defeat the four kings and finish the Operation Family Welfare Request. The final battle in the Coliseum’s Tournament Mode will be against Amon. Once you beat Amon, Gai Amon will confront you and challenge you. He will then wait for you outside the Heliport.

Before you fight him, make sure you have equipped the best equipment money can buy. You will have access to all the most profitable Coliseum battles, so, money shouldn’t be an object for you. The vendor hanging out in the backroom of the Boutique has some of the best equipment to purchase in the game. He’ll also sell you the best healing items in the game. Stock up!

While they are absurdly expensive, the Great Fortune Gold Undies are worth every one of the 50,000,000 yen they cost.

Dealing With Gai Amon’s Healing Ability

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Amon healing

During both of Gai Amon’s forms, he will be able to heal. In his Agent Form, he will heal gradually. When he is in his Yakuza form, he will heal every time he lands an attack. This is easily the most difficult element of this battle if you don’t know the trick to it. Thankfully, there is a trick (at least when he is in his first form).

In his Agent form, Amon’s healing is directly tethered to his drones. This means you can disrupt said healing by taking out those drones. You can do that by sending your own drones out. Once all of Amon’s drones are destroyed, he will no longer passively heal. He can summon them again, but that leaves him extremely vulnerable, which means you will get a chance to unleash a full combo into a defenseless Amon.

In the second phase, once Amon enters into his Yakuza form, Amon’s healing will be tied to his attacks. Unlike in the previous phase of the battle, you cannot disable his healing ability. However, the effectiveness of each heal is directly tied to the damage the attack does. This means that you may want to take fewer risks, as getting tagged by a big attack will lead to him regaining a sizable amount of health.

Gai Amon – Agent Form

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Amon dashing at Joryu

The first thing you need to know about fighting Gai Amon is that you are not free to use either of your styles. You will need to match Amon’s style, or you will do no damage.

Right at the beginning of this battle, Gai Amon will summon a horde of drones. This isn’t instantaneous, though. As he summons them, he will be locked into a lengthy animation. So, the very first thing you want to do is to switch into your Agent Form, activate your Heat Mode, and unload a big combo into Amon’s face.

After he recovers, disengage your Heat Mode, get a little distance, and activate your drones so that you can remove his healing effect. Now, the biggest thing you’ll need to worry about is Gai Amon’s gadgets, as he will use a variation of all your Agent tools in this encounter. He has three tricky attacks based on these gadgets. These include…

  • Using the Spider Gadget to stun you, and then tossing the cigarette bomb at you, so it detonates while you are stunned.
  • Throwing a combination of knives and bombs, that will inevitably leave a pile of caltrops on the ground (which will stun you if you step on them).
  • Firing off an arm-mounted cannon projectile three times (you fought an agent with this gadget at the beginning of the game).

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, dodging to the side

These tools are a nightmare to deal with at first, but there is a single option that will completely undermine all these attacks: your rocket boots. If you are boosting to the side, then you will be able to easily strafe around Amon’s projectiles. He will still be able to hit you with the Spider Gadget, but it will do no damage and it won’t entangle you.

You need to be mindful of the caltrops that litter the ground after he uses the attack where he throws knives and bombs. The area you fight Gai Amon is massive, so just engage him in another part of it far away from them. If you accidentally stumble into one, you will become stunned. If you are extremely unlucky, this could lead to you eating a direct shot from his Arm Cannon.

Better yet, Gai Amon will perform a series of backflips before he commits to any of these attacks. So, the moment you see him flipping away, you know you should activate your rocket boots.

Now, after dodging around his Agent attacks, let Amon come to you. He’ll try to land a flying dropkick, or he’ll lead with a punch. You’ll be looking to side-step these attacks so that you can land a combo to his back. Keep this strategy up until he inevitably starts backflipping again, at which point you should reengage your Rocket Boots. Rinse and repeat.

Every once in a while, Amon may decide to summon his Drones again, if he does, enter into your Heat Mode and slap him around as he is locked into the drone-summoning animation. Then, summon your own drones and take his out.

Gai Amon – Yakuza Form

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Entering into his Yakuza Style

Once you have whittled Amon’s health down to the point where he switches to his Yakuza Style, he will be pretty severely injured. However, his Yakuza style will give him an opportunity to easily regain health, and unlike the drones, you can’t stifle it. If he lands a heavy attack, he will gain an amount of health that is proportional. This means that a heavy hit, like his dropkick, will heal a considerable amount of health. It isn’t unheard of to see him gather more than an entire health bar of HP back after landing a hard attack.

Once he starts using his Yakuza Style, Amon becomes far more aggressive and easier to predict. However, he also hits considerably harder, and as we already mentioned, that leads to him healing.The best thing to do is to wait for Amon to attack, then dash around him and attack his back. Once you knock Amon down, get some distance and take your fighting stance. Upon rising, he will do one of four things…

  • Amon will run up and perform a hard-hitting dropkick
  • Amon will run up and throw a punch that will lead into his standard combo
  • Amon will run up, dodge, and land a quick uppercut
  • Amon will approach you, then envelop himself in energy before he punches the ground and causes an explosion to erupt

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Gai Amon using his explosion attack

His dropkick is super easy to sidestep, so that will give you a golden opportunity to land a combo. The punch is similarly an opportunity to counter, though, be prepared for him to interrupt you partway through your own combo. If Amon begins to glow red with energy, he is about to use his explosion attack—just dash away. You will have plenty of time to react.

Avoid using your charged attacks to absorb hits and land a big attack, he simply heals too much from this exchange for it to be worth it.

Making Use Of Your Heat Actions

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Landing a Heat Action on Amon

Keep in mind that your Yakuza Style has a number of very easy Heat Actions to land. One only requires that you are in a fighting stance, another you get for being in your Heat Mode, and another unlocks when you are heavily injured and in your Heat Mode. Make use of these and deal hefty amounts of damage.

Using The Tiger Drop

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, Landing the Tiger Drop on Amon

The Tiger Drop is, of course, one of the best means for defeating Gai Amon, but only if you have a good feel for the skill. In order to get the timing right, we recommend only looking at Amon. Pay attention to his attack animations. Remember, you are waiting for the moment just before his attack makes contact.

His dropkick attack is the easiest to Tiger Drop, as it is so heavily telegraphed. The punch is trickier than the dropkick, and will require sharp timing. The dodging strike is extremely difficult to time, as it is fast and hard to predict. Thankfully, that attack basically does no damage, so it isn’t a big deal when he hits you with it.

However, once again, if you don’t have a feel for the Tiger Drop, you will probably likely end up healing Gai Amon by eating all his attacks. So, only use the Tiger Drop method if you are confident in your ability to time attacks and react quickly.

Your Reward For Beating Gai Amon

Like A Dragon Gaiden, Gai Amon, War God Talisman

Once you have finally put Gai Amon down for good, you will conclude the Path To The Strongest Substory. More excitingly, you will receive the War God Talisman. This piece of gear has excellent stats, but what helps it really stand out is how it passively fills your Heat Bar. And it doesn’t fill it slowly, either. With this Talisman equipped you will always have a ready supply of heat!

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