Reboot Rally Guide For Fortnite OG

Make the most of Fortnite OG’s Reboot Rally.

Chapter Four, Season OG of Fortnite brings back more than just familiar locations and items. In addition to the original map, this chapter adds another round of Reboot Rally quests with a variety of rewards up for grabs. To qualify for this event, you’ll have to team up with someone new to the island.



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Reboot Rally quests can be completed by teaming up with someone who has played less than two hours 30 days prior to the event. There are the main quests and daily quests that can be completed to earn points for claiming prizes. Here’s everything you need to know about the Reboot Rally.

Reboot Rally Quests

The Reboot Rally Questline alongside the daily Reboot Rally Quests.

The main Reboot Rally questline is full of quests that require you to play with friends who are new to the battle royale. The same goes for the event’s daily quests, which will reset every day. The quest that tasks you with earning experience is divided into five stages and can be completed up to five times.

Below is a list of all Reboot Rally Quests and their rewards.



Complete a Daily Quest with a friend (Refreshes Daily)

Ten Points

Complete three Daily Quests with a friend (Refreshes Daily)

20 Points

Complete six Daily Quests with a friend (Refreshes Daily)

30 Points

Invite your friends from their profile or the Reboot Rally event panel

50 Points

Earn 80,000 experience with a friend in Battle Royale, Team Rumble, Save the World, or any creator-made mode (Can be completed up to five times)

5 Points

Reboot Rally Rewards

The Infernal GG Emoticon reward for gaining 50 points in Reboot Rally.

Instead of XP, the Reboot Rally quests award you points. These points are used to obtain cosmetic items as rewards. Every reward can be obtained solely from completing quests, without having to purchase the OG Pass.



50 Points

Infernal GG Emoticon

100 Points

Burning Dragon Wrap

150 Points

Skerran Glider

200 Points

Knight’s Treachery Pickaxe

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