The Best Enchantments In Minecraft


  • Enchantments like Unbreaking and Efficiency can greatly improve the longevity and effectiveness of your tools and weapons in Minecraft, allowing you to focus on other tasks without constantly needing to craft or carry extra items.
  • Frost Walker enchantment provides an easy and safe way to traverse bodies of water and lava, eliminating the need for extensive preparation and resource gathering for secure passages.
  • Enchantments like Infinity, Knockback, and Fortune offer significant advantages in combat and resource gathering, allowing you to conserve arrows, send enemies flying, and obtain rare ores more efficiently.



There are many ways to thrive in Minecraft. Building farms and a protected house are a few beginner things to start with, but ultimately it’s all about getting better and stronger gear. As you level up, mobs will begin to appear with stronger gear on them as well. Moreover, for anyone wanting to complete the game, better gear is a necessity.

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While diamonds are a first step, enchantments are at the heart of great gear. These boosts and bonuses can make or break the fights against the Wither or the Ender Dragon. Not to mention, they’ll make your life a million times easier when dealing with everyday things like mining and building. Here are some of the best enchantments in the game.

Updated on November 22, 2023, by William Quick: It will be huge news when Minecraft disappears from gaming activity, but until then, updates and content will keep being added to it to change all the aspects of the game. Since the early days, magic has been a notable element in the game, especially when you discover it for the first time. However, instead of the usual casting of spells, its main form is Enchantments, which can be used to affect all sorts of items and even how your character interacts with the world. Various enchantments can have multiple levels and these are some of the best ones that you can create.

14 Unbreaking

Make Your Things Last Longer

Minecraft Enchantment Table With Enchanted Pickaxe

Minecraft is a game that is built on the idea of carrying as many tools and objects as possible since you never know when you might need them. You’ll usually need them a lot and that means you’ll end up breaking multiple types of the same tool or a bunch of different tools in just one excursion.

The Unbreaking Enchantment offers a simple yet effective solution to this problem. By using it on your preferred tools and weapons, you can make them last much longer, so you won’t have to worry about crafting more or carrying stacks of the same, which leaves you with more inventory space.

13 Efficiency

Empower Your Tools, Ease Your Tasks

Minecraft Gathering Materials From Blocks

When first starting the game, you have to deal with slow wooden tools that take a long time to break blocks. However, as they progress, better tools made of diamonds become available and significantly speed up the process. Still, enchantments can make things even faster.

Efficiency is one of the most popular choices for several tools, including axes and shovels. Having an Efficient pickaxe is a huge advantage as it allows you to clear out caves quickly. Moreover, building becomes a breeze once all tools have this enchantment on them.

12 Frost Walker

Look Cool By Walking On Ice

Minecraft Enchantment Table With Enchanted Boots-1

When it comes to moving around in Minecraft, the gameplay is still a bit clunky. All the sprinting and jumping is stilted even for the most experienced players, and with the presence of watery areas and places covered in lava, being able to move safely becomes a concern, requiring you to take resources to make secure passages.

You can do away with all that prep if you activate the Frost Walker Enchantment. By doing this, you get the ability to create frozen tiles beneath your feet which will let you walk safely and swiftly across bodies of water and lands filled with lava.

11 Infinity

No Need To Recollect Your Missed Arrows

Minecraft Shooting Infinite Arrows At A Tree On Fire

Coming back to that super awesome bow that every player should have, Infinity is an absolute must for any pro-Minecraft snipers. This enchantment is extremely rare, but it will make having a bow and using it as a primary weapon much easier and less resource-heavy.

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With Infinity, you only need one arrow in their inventory, which can be shot infinitely. There’s no need to carry stacks upon stacks of arrows anymore. With this, just one is enough to cover an entire adventure’s worth of kills.

10 Knockback

Send Enemies Flying With Each Strike

Minecraft Enchantment Table With Enchanted Axe-1

Despite how blocky everything is, Minecraft creatures and items can have some bounce to them. Based on what you use in combat, you can push enemies and animals away with the different weapons that you have and even your bare fists. However, it becomes much harder when you’re surrounded.

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To make it so that you can break out of a tight spot, you’ll want the Knockback Enchantment. This applies some additional force to anything you would use to hit a target, allowing you to send them flying with a direct hit, which is great for dealing with groups and hard-hitting foes.

9 Fortune

Make It Rain… Minerals While Mining

Minecraft Gathering A Lot Of Diamonds From Mining

Oh, the excitement of mining diamonds. If only there was a way to get more of them from a single block. Well, there is. This enchantment will increase the amount of ore that will drop from an ore block when mined.

Fortune at its maximum level is a powerful way to get more diamonds fast. It’s also excellent for mining emeralds, which are otherwise rather hard to get in the wild. A Fortune III pickaxe is a must-have for anyone wanting to truly beat the game.

8 Loyalty

Faithful Favorite Will Come Back

Minecraft Enchantment Table With Enchanted Trident-1

As Minecraft has evolved, more exciting places, items, and equipment have been introduced, with the Trident being one of the most notable. It’s a pretty effective weapon that has a long reach as a melee option and can even be thrown for ranged damage. Still, you have to go and get it when that happens.

Thankfully, the Loyalty Enchantment fixes this right away. Not only will the trident return to you after you throw it, but you get to feel like some powerful Norse God with a hammer or Greek God with an axe turning their weapons into mystical boomerangs.

7 Silk Touch

Preserve Blocks As They Are

Minecraft Looking At Various Mineral Blocks

When mining or breaking a block in Minecraft, it’s not uncommon that the block will change its appearance. Grass blocks will turn into dirt blocks, while diamond ore blocks will provide diamonds. Glass, on the other hand, breaks entirely.

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For builders and for any other player who wants to mine a block as is, the Silk Touch is a very important enchantment to include on a tool. The most common item to have it on is a pickaxe, but it does work on other tools as well.

6 Feather Falling

A D&D Classic Makes For Safe Plummeting

Minecraft Enchantment Table With A Feather

A classic way to die in Minecraft is to fall from a very high place. It’s something everyone’s gone through at some point in the game, but it’s even more soul-sucking when it happens far away from home and you lose all your valuables. The End, especially, is notorious for this.

The Feather Falling enchantment is brilliant precisely because of this. With each consecutive level, you can tank more and more fall damage and worry less about stepping down a cliff into what would have previously been certain death.

5 Mending

Use Experience To Fix Your Favorite Gear

Minecraft Wielding A Bottle Over Experience Points

While this whole list has been full of absolutely amazing enchantments that should all be part of your gear or toolbox, the number one remains Mending. This enchantment is what will allow all other enchantments to be immortal, and thanks to this, you don’t need to worry about using up your favorite diamond sword.

Mending allows you to fix a certain item through experience orbs. This means that an item will never, ever deplete or wear off. The only catch is that you need to ensure they have a reliable way of actually getting experience points, such as an experienced farmer or a mob grinder.

4 Power

Boost The Bow To Slay From Afar

Minecraft Enchantment Table With An Enchanted Bow

Bows are somewhat underrated in Minecraft, most likely because making arrows requires a lot of resources. That being said, taking down enemies from afar is a powerful way to avoid getting overwhelmed by a large group of mobs.

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Power is an excellent enchantment for anyone whose preferred method of assault is through the art of archery, as it increases the pure damage of the bow. Couple that with a few other enchantments to create the ultimate bow, and you will be pretty much an unstoppable threat.

3 Sharpness

No Grindstone Necessary

Minecraft A Character Wearing Diamong Armor And Wielding A Diamond Sword

If having a bow isn’t your cup of tea, the old trustworthy sword is always there as a great backup. While the diamond sword alone will already ramp up the damage dealt to any player, and might even cover you to the End, some great bonuses can carry an adventure.

Sharpness is one of the most valuable enchantments out there. If you can get your hands on a particularly high-level Sharpness sword, it’s even better. This enchantment will increase the damage dealt by you significantly, and make killing mobs a walk in the park.

2 Protection

Toughen Up By Toughening Your Armor

Minecraft Enchantment Table With Enchanted Chestplate-1

Anyone wanting to survive in Minecraft in the long term will need to craft some armor. However, armor alone will only get you so far. Once that armor is enhanced with great enchantments, its power to block off more damage will be significantly better.

Protection is the bread and butter of armor enchantments. It can negate significant amounts of damage at higher levels, which is why it’s a must-pick enchantment for any piece of armor, but especially for chest plates.

1 Looting

For Those Who Don’t Have The Patience For Low Drop Rates

Minecraft Loot Drops From Hunting A Pig

Finding and farming resources in Minecraft can be a bit of a task. First, the right mob needs to be tracked down, and then it’s all about luck whether the mob will drop the needed item upon death. If you’ve farmed Wither Skulls, you will know the struggle.

Because of this, Looting is another great enchantment to add to any diamond sword. Thanks to it, there’s a greater chance that a mob will drop more items upon dying. Whether you need Wither Skulls or just want more meat from your farm animals, this is an awesome, versatile enchantment everyone needs to get.

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