What To Do With The Worthless Coins In Lords Of The Fallen

While playing Lords Of The Fallen, you’ll come across various items that might puzzle you; either you won’t know what to do with them, or you’ll find yourself in need of a specific quest item without knowing where to find it. That’s just part of the game, encouraging you to explore and discover things on your own.



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One such item is the Worthless Coins. Despite its name implying it’s “worthless,” this is a soulslike game, known for keeping secrets. So, does the Worthless Coins actually have a purpose? This guide will cover everything you need to know about this particular item.

How To Get The Worthless Coins

The Worthless Coins item description Lords of the Fallen

To acquire Worthless Coins, start by reaching Revelation Depths. Once there, follow the straightforward path until you come across a wooden structure with an elevator. From there, make your way downward until you find a ladder.

An arrow showing the path to reach Winterberry Lords of the Fallen

Descend the ladder and cross the wooden bridge to the other side. Follow the path ahead until you reach a cave entrance on your right.

Inside the cave, follow the path to the right until you reach some wooden stairs and a bridge leading to the other side, marked by an Umbral Flowerbed.

Player standing at the edge of a wooden bridge near an Umbral Flowerbed Lords of the Fallen

Keep following the path from the Umbral Flowerbed, and you’ll find yourself outside the cave. On the left side, take the path ahead and watch for a wooden barricade on your left.

Destroy it and follow the path to a small room containing an Umbral Flowerbed and loot. Pick up the loot to obtain the Worthless Coins.

If you’re following Byron quest, you’ll find Winterberry at this location instead of the Worthless Coins.

What To Do With The Worthless Coins

Catrin's Pendant item for sale in Winterberry shop Lords of the Fallen

Now, Worthless Coins serve a purpose in the Winterberry shop, allowing you to obtain Catrin’s Pendant to advance in Byron’s quest.

However, attempting to purchase it reveals a hefty cost in Worthless Coins, and Winterberry amusingly declares, “I’m keeping it for myself because I love it so much.”

It appears that, for now, Worthless Coins might truly live up to their name unless someone uncovers an alternative use for them in the future.

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