How To Solve Every Pathfinder Puzzle In Honkai: Star Rail

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During the Version 1.5 update, the Fyxestroll Garden area was released to Honkai: Star Rail. This area can only be accessed when you start the Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie quest, and it’s quite spooky. As you continue this quest, you’ll encounter various Pathfinder challenges that you have to solve to continue.



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These challenges lead you into a box filled with obstacles, and you have to guide the floating objects to the exit through these obstacles. The catch is that the object only turns its direction when it gets blocked by one of these boxes.

Luofu Myths: Chess Ghost And Percipient Pathfinder Puzzle Solutions

As you do the main quest in the Fyxestroll Garden area, you’ll first encounter the Pathfinder challenge in the Luofu Myths: Chess Ghost mini-quest. This will be followed by the Percipient main quest involving Fu Xuan, where you’ll have to solve three of these challenges if you want to progress the story.

The video above shows the solution to all four of these puzzles in chronological order.

Here are all the directions you have to use to solve all of these puzzles in the required number of moves:

Pathfinder Puzzle


Luofu Myths: Chess Ghost Solution

Left – Up – Right – Up

Percipient Solution One

Right – Up – Left – Up

Percipient Solution Two

Up – Left – Down – Right – Up

Percipient Solution Three

Up – Right – Up – Left – Up

Chess Ghost Pathfinder Puzzle Solutions

Once you solve the puzzles in the Luofu Myths: Chess Ghost quest and finish it, the ghost will appear in the middle section of the Fyxestroll Garden area. You can interact with this ghost to get a bunch more Pathfinder puzzles. Every time you solve one, you’ll have to claim the chest that spawns and talk to the ghost again to get the next puzzle.

Here are the solutions to the first three puzzles:

Puzzle Number



Up – Left – Up


Up – Left – Up – Right – Up


Right – Up – Right – Down – Left – Up

After finishing the first three puzzles and claiming the chests, Chess Ghost will introduce a new type of obstacle called the Pressure Plates. These plates get activated and turn into an obstacle after the floating object goes over them for the first time. You can then use them to change its direction and guide it to the exit.

Here are all the solutions for the final six Pathfinder puzzles involving the pressure plates:

Puzzle Number



Right – Up – Left – Down – Right – Up


Up – Right – Left – Up


Up – Right – Down – Left – Right – Up


Up – Down – Right – Left – Up


Right – Left – Up – Left – Right – Up


Left – Right – Up – Right – Left – Up

It’s important to input all your directions correctly since the puzzle fails if you have even one of them incorrectly.

After finishing all nine Pathfinder challenges from Chess Ghost, you’ll get The Golem: How He Came Into the World achievement, which gives you an extra five Stellar Jades. You’ll also get Jades from every chest you unlock after finishing a puzzle.

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