Call of Duty 2024 Is Reportedly Another Black Ops, Set During Gulf War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now out and in the hands of players, which obviously means people are now wondering what the next game in the series is going to be. According to leaks earlier this year, Treyarch is set to take the reins once more with another Black Ops game set during the Gulf War, but a new report has backed up those leaks and revealed even further details about what we can expect when the next Call of Duty game rolls around next year.



This report comes from Windows Central reporter Jez Corden, who has claimed the game will primarily focus on the CIA and the United States’ role in the conflict. It will also reportedly feature more traditional military technology than what we’ve seen in recent titles like Modern Warfare 3, and that Black Ops: Gulf War will be exploring a “nuanced narrative”.

Given how “nuanced” Call of Duty games have been in the past, we’ll leave it to you to decide whether Activision Blizzard has the chops to tackle the Gulf War.

Windows Central has also reportedly heard that Activision plans to lean heavily on pre-order bonuses next year, with multiple early access periods for those who purchase the game early. It’s claimed that an early access period of several days could be offered for the base game, while certain modes like Zombies may see early access periods span multiple weeks.

On top of that info, Windows Central also claims that it’s working on corroborating reports from earlier this year that Black Ops: Gulf War will contain remastered maps from previous Black Ops games such as Grind and WMD. It also seems as though the game will go back to a round-based zombies mode after criticism of Modern Warfare 3, though these details have yet to be confirmed by either Windows Central or original outlet Insider Gaming.

As for what else we know, reliable Call of Duty dataminer CharlieIntel has claimed that the next Call of Duty will be the first in the series’ history to have a 4-year development cycle, something which should be music to the ears of Call of Duty who have felt that the more recent entries have been slightly rushed.

Whatever the case may be in regard to Call of Duty 2024, those behind it will be hoping that it’s more well-received than Modern Warfare 3 was, which was met with pretty dismal reviews upon launch by both fans and critics. Sledgehammer Games has denied the title was rushed and made under crunch conditions, saying it was actually “years in the making”, though fans are having a hard time believing it after several reports of a troubled development cycle.

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