The Best Poki Games For Two Players

Gaming is an expensive hobby that requires a lot of machines and accessories to be enjoyed properly. There are tons of options when it comes to gaming on a budget, but some of us are trying to be fiscally responsible by spending the bare minimum on video games. To help with this, there’s the wonderful option of browser-based gaming.



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Tons of websites act as platforms for a variety of small, strange, but still fun games to play. Among them all, Poki is a well-known and established entity with a pretty huge library. If you’re looking for a quick and enjoyable game to play with a friend, then check out one of these titles on Poki.

8 Getaway Shootout

Jumping Ragdolls Wielding Firearms And Explosives

Getaway Shootout Two Racers Jump For The Chopper

When it comes to straightforward two-player games, racing is near the top of the pile. With Getaway Shootout, you’re racing against your friend and a couple of other computer racers. Each race takes place on a 2D obstacle course with platforming mechanics thrown in. All you have to do is get your racer to the end of the course to make a getaway. Here’s the catch: You can’t move.

Each character is planted in place but can tilt left or right and jump. You need to time your jumps with your tilts to make progress. On top of that, you’ve got the chaos of weapons thrown in to take out your competitors. It’s chaotic, and the most fun happens when all the racers are struggling to climb over each other going upstairs.

7 Heart Star

Love Is Reuniting Two Colorful People

Heart Star Pictures Showing The Couple Working Together

There are plenty of wholesome co-op games out there, but Heart Star may be one of the most wholesome and adorable out there. It’s a 2D co-op platforming adventure involving a variety of puzzles. You and a friend each take turns to control one part of a sweet couple who just want to be together.

They stand out with their bright colors, which also indicates what they’re able to interact with on the stage. By using your complementary influence, you can beat all the levels so that the adorable characters can be together.

6 Temple Of Boom

Jump And Fire Everything Throughout An Ancient Temple

Temple Of Boom Explorers Prepare To Battle

Depending on who you ask, Temple of Doom is the least popular of the Indiana Jones trilogy (yes, TRILOGY) but it has an awesome title. That’s how it inspired Temple of Boom where archeology is the last thing on your mind. You and your friend have discovered an ancient temple alongside other explorers.

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Ignoring the archeological significance of this find, you quickly learn that the temple is littered with weapons. Only one of you can claim credit for this discovery, so fight it out across the temples. Jump and blast while avoiding other dangers to be the best explorer ever. There’s also the option to play co-op and work against the temple and other explorers.

5 Blumgi Slime

Slimes Compete To See Who Can Bounce The Best

Blumgi Slime One Slime Jumps Toward The Other

The joke about slimes being the most common fodder enemy has been done to death with so many games putting them in the spotlight… and here’s another one. In Blumgi Slime, you and your friend each control a happy little slime. These slimes want nothing more than to bounce around and have fun but have found their way onto an obstacle course.

This is where the competition comes in as you need to be the first to bounce to the finish line. The challenge comes with trying to measure your slime’s bounce power and its trajectory to land safely and bounce carefully off rules. Only one slime can rule at a time!

4 Animal Arena

Be The Best Animal By Jumping On The Others

Animal Arena Animals Prepare To Jump

Animals are cute, but the harsh truth about the animal kingdom is that there’s a lot of fighting. Animal Arena tries to put a cute spin on it by focusing on the cutest animals (or at least a cute version of some of the smaller animals) and having them fight in traditional game fashion. You, a friend, and two other animals need to rack up points by jumping on the heads of each other.

It seems simple, but things ramp up pretty quickly considering the small and contained nature of the arenas. There are also power-ups to collect to summon traps that roam the arena or personal weapons that auto-fire. For extra flair, you can dress up your animals before you begin.

3 Mini Battles

A Collection Of Minigames To Test Different Skills

Mini Battles Game Selection Screen

The term ‘battle’ can be applied to anything as long as you’ve got at least two sides going against each other in some way. With Mini Battles, you and your friend will have to jump that. It could be called a Mario Party kind of game since it’s made up of multiple minigames.

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Each game takes place in different arenas with a different layout and different dangers to keep in mind. All you’ve got to do is defeat your opponent or at the very least outlast them. It’s a fast game with a lot of randomization that works well with various 2D gameplay styles.

2 Shady Bears

Work Together To Outrun Your Shadows

Shady Bears Preparing To Collect Acorns

Don’t worry! You don’t always have to be feuding with your buddies to enjoy a game as we’ve got more co-op options. Just take a look at Shady Bears, which may remind you of the original Mario Bros two-player arcade game. You and your friend play as a pair of bears, each with different colored fur.

Your objective is to work together to jump around the level to collect acorns that match the bear’s fur. The more acorns you collect, the more shadow bears will appear to try and stop you. It’ll get pretty wild and shady the further along you get, and don’t forget about the bees!

1 House Of Hazards

Avoid Most Accidents That Happen In The Home

House Of Hazards Player Prepares Their Run

Sometimes competition involves trying to hinder your competitors as much as possible and House of Hazards asks you to be the biggest obstacle possible. You and your friend are competing against each other and extra players to get through a dangerous house. On your turn, you need to guide your character through the house to accomplish the assigned task.

The danger comes from the fact that your competitors will take control of the different hazards to stop you. They’ll make things fall, open doors, knock things over, and more to stop you in your tracks. Don’t worry, though; when it’s their turn, you get the chance for some payback.

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