Infinite Lagrange introduces two new ships in its November 2023 update

NetEase Games has announced upcoming enhancements to Infinite Lagrange in the November 2023 update, introducing formidable new ships and engaging gameplay modes that prioritize and reward combat prowess.

In the illustrious year of 2023, Infinite Lagrange earned its place at the 81st World Science Fiction Convention, marking a historic moment as China hosted the convention for the first time. Bridging the gap for those unable to attend the event physically, Infinite Lagrange extended the celebration to the digital realm through a Sci-Fi Carnival event. This virtual counterpart brought the festive spirit to Explorers, immersing them in a captivating experience within the boundless universe of the game.

Introducing the new ships coming with the November 2023 Infinite Lagrange update

The Sci-Fi Carnival extends its cosmic celebration into November 2023, unveiling a plethora of remarkable features and ships in Infinite Lagrange. This month-long festivity beckons Explorers back to their bases, enticing them with the allure of reaping rewards from the dynamic additions continuously integrated into the game.

Infinite Lagrange November 2023 update
Image via NetEase

Kicking off the festivities, the inaugural highlight of November 2023 introduces the Mare Imbrium – Assault Frigate and its variant counterpart, the Mare Imbrium – Experimental Pulse Cannon Frigate. Available from November 8 at 07:00 UTC to November 29 at 00:00 UTC, these swift assault vehicles are adept at rapid maneuvers and unleash formidable firepower once battle commences, making them indispensable assets to any combat fleet.

Space Station Loot Gameplay and Dividend Mechanism have been introduced in the game in this update

November 15 witnessed a transformative milestone with the incorporation of the Military Prestige System and Leaderboard into Infinite Lagrange. Explorers now have the opportunity to amass military prestige by vanquishing space pirates and privateers. The top 100 Explorers, based on military prestige points, etch their names onto the esteemed Military Prestige Leaderboard.

On this monumental day, the game also introduced the Space Station Loot Gameplay and Dividend Mechanism. As Explorers wrest control of specific space stations within the star system, a myriad of resources, including Technical Blueprints, Equipment, Blueprint Tech Points, Liveries, Weapon Tech, and more, are designated as loot.

These coveted items undergo prioritized distribution within the organization through a systematic auction process. November 15 stands as a monumental juncture in the Infinite Lagrange universe, marking a pivotal evolution in gameplay dynamics.

Infinite Lagrange November 2023 update
Image via NetEase

Furthermore, on November 15, the game witnessed a significant enhancement with the introduction of the Strategic Asset System Update. This update brings about a notable increase in upgrade value for select equipment and technical blueprints, presenting prime opportunities for Precision Identification.

Upon the successful execution of Precision Identification on LGLR and A-level equipment/technical blueprints, Explorers unlock the Component Upgrade feature. This innovative feature allows the utilization of equipment/technical blueprints within the same category to accumulate Tech Points onto strategic assets, fostering strategic development.

For technical blueprints featuring an “Open Source” parameter, tactical items produced can be shared among Explorers within the same Org, fostering collaboration and resource-sharing. Additionally, certain equipment and technical blueprints may showcase a distinctive “Technology Expansion” technical parameter, introducing an extra layer of complexity and innovation to the gameplay.

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