How To Get And Use Mounts In The Bloodline

Here’s how to get your first mount in The Bloodline and how to use it.

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The Bloodline is a massive sandbox adventure RPG that is so open in terms of what you can do and explore, it can get a little confusing as to how actually to do some of the things you want to achieve. While exploring, you’ll soon tire of running around, so you’ll want a trusty steed to do all the legwork for you.



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You can get a mount right at the beginning of the game, but you might not realise you’ve even earned one or how to use it, so let’s cover the basics for you right here.

The Bloodline is in Early Access so the content is subject to change. We will update this article as needed.

How To Get Your First Mount

Geoffrey Woodkin in The Bloodline.

Speak to Geoffrey Woodkin in the courtyard of your Harbinger Stronghold to choose your first weapon and get the quest ‘The Adventure Begins’.

Don’t forget to equip your weapon and the gear given to you by Frederick Woodkin (the NPC in the room you started in) to ensure you’re ready to attack some goblins.

You can do this by pressing ‘I’ and selecting each item to equip it.

This quest involves slaying five goblins at a small camp located not far from the stronghold, and you should be able to make short work of them.

A star will appear to show you the goblin camp location. Upon leaving the stronghold, head south, and you will find it.

A goblin attacking the player near the goblin camp in The Bloodline.

Once you’ve dispatched the goblins, return to Geoffrey Woodkin and he’ll give you Ferguson the donkey.

Once you start visiting other towns, you’ll find some have other mounts you can buy too to increase your mount collection.

How To Use Mounts

Character summary and inventory menu in The Bloodline.

Once you’ve got a mount, press ‘I’ to open your character summary and inventory menu, and then select the tab with the lion head on the right-hand side.

Choosing the donkey as your mount in The Bloodline.

In the pop-up menu, click the mount you wish to use and it will appear in front of you in the world. Simply head over to your mount and press ‘E’ to ride it. Now you’re ready to explore the world in style!

The Bloodline Cover Art featuring characters

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