Best Animal Squishmallows In 2023

Millennials, Gen Zers, or Alphas— are all HUGE fans of Squishmallows! Just scroll through the #squishmallow tag on Instagram, and you’ll instantly know these marshmallow-like toys are popular among young and old alike.



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They are uber soft, super cute, and come in every shape, size, and theme. Also, each of them comes with a unique name and backstory as well. This season, if you want to decorate animal-themed rooms for your kids or yourself, let these ‘Mallows do the trick! Here are the best animal Squishmallows to buy in 2023:

Our Picks For The Best Animal Squishmallows In 2023

Rocky The Raccoon Squishmallow

Rocky The Raccoon Squishmallow

Woodland companion!

$30 $40 Save $10

Rocky is a raccoon who rocks! He is a Squishmallow who squishies! He is a friend who cuddles! And he is waiting for you to join him on his next adventure!


  • Super soft material
  • Squishy and cuddly
  • Adorable muffler

Rocky is an adorable character from a popular children’s book. The book tells the story of a young raccoon who loves to explore the forest. In his Squishmallow form, he is totally CUTE.

Appearance-wise, Rocky is gray and wearing a lovely scarf. He has adorable little ears and wide, bright black eyes. This sweet and cuddly Squishmallow could be the perfect addition to any collection of stuffed animals!

Camette The Cat Squishmallow

Camette The Cat Squishmallow

Cat-astrophic purr-fection!

Who doesn’t like CATS? I do like them, but I’m not sure about you. Puns aside… this furry friend is more CUTER than your regular neighbor’s cats!


  • Fluffy and cozy
  • Looks friendly and sweet
  • Ideal for Cat lovers

She is a smushy kitty with a white fur canvas and pops of pink and gray patches. She has a pink patch near her left ear and two cool gray patches on her right ear and the lower right side of her belly. And oh, she’s wearing a soft brown scarf, too!

Camette the Cat is part of the Christmas collection of Squishmallows. She loves to play piano and spread joy and happiness with her magical voice.

Reginald Corgi with Red Bandana Squishmallow

Reginald Corgi with Red Bandana Squishmallow

Red bandana supremacy!

Reginald the Corgi is a great Squishmallow for anyone who loves dogs, adventure, and fun. He is soft, squishy, and huggable.


  • Premium plush feel
  • Easily portable
  • Detailed features

Reginald the Corgi, also known as Reggie, is a plushie from the Buddy and Dogs Squads. According to his biography, he captains the lacrosse team and is quite a fearless leader.

In its Squishmallow form, it has a round body, short legs, and big ears. It has white fur on its chest, belly, and paws and brown fur on its upper body. With a smiling mouth and a red bandana around his neck—he is utterly adorable!

Kieli Tan Antelope with Cream Belly Squishamllow

Kieli Tan Antelope with Cream Belly Squishamllow

Bye-bye to antelope paranoia!

Even if antelopes aren’t your usual cuddle companion, Kieli is an exception. This tan-hue cutie has a fuzzy, off-white belly that contrasts with the rest of his body and two glittery, golden horns atop his head.


  • Ultra-soft belly
  • Smooth and silky
  • Beautiful horns

Kieli’s backstory is that he is a talented make-up artist who uses his face as a canvas to express himself. He creates new looks, tries out new products, and then uploads them to his blog.

He is soft and squishy, and he has an adorable face and chubby body that make him approachable. So, welcome Kieli into your kid’s Squishmallow cuddle crew.

Ulana The Turkey Squishmallow

Ulana The Turkey Squishmallow

Turkey Tango!

What do you get when you mix a festive Thanksgiving bird with an even cuter plush toy? Ulana, The Turkey Squishmallow!


  • Festive and cheerful
  • Delightful for celebrating
  • Great Thanksgiving decor

Ulana is shaped just like a real turkey, with a brown fuzzy belly and wings, a yellow beal, a red caruncle, and beautiful black eyes. She also has a colorful tail with white-tipped feathers.

It has the body of a fluffy, stuffed animal with soft, squishy material. And it proves that turkeys can be cute, too. There’s zero chance you won’t love this Squishmallow!

Darla The Fawn Squishmallow

Darla The Fawn Squishmallow

Oh deer, isn’t she fawn-tastic?

Santa Claus Rudolph might be known for being the most famous reindeer of all, but Darla certainly is the cutest. You wouldn’t catch her without a smile on her face!


  • Sweet, innocent Fawn face
  • Gentle and calming color
  • Perfect for nature lovers

Darla, the Fawn Squishmallow, is designed to look like a festive reindeer. She has a chocolate brown body, a tan face and belly, as well as silver glittery antlers.

She also wears a red snowflake scarf and earmuffs to keep her warm. This design is the perfect blend of cute, cozy, and beautiful additions for any holiday!

finding nemo squishmallow
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Finding Nemo Squishmallow

As oceanic as it gets!

Looking for an adventurous sea friend? Then, is there anything more iconic than the bright orange color of Pixar classic Nemo?


  • Soft and huggable
  • Brings Disney magic to life
  • Adorable fins

Psst… Nemo needs no introduction, but let us introduce him for those living under a rock. He is a lovable little clownfish who is curious and adventurous. Unfortunately, he sets on exploring the ocean adventure and gets lost (no worries, his family finds him!).

Well, this stuffed toy comes in Nemo’s signature shape: a big head, a small body, and a tiny fin! It has multiple sizes and is made of super-soft material. So, it is much softer than a real fish and doesn’t have any scales or fins that might poke you. Just pure, super soft material that you’ll love to cuddle!

Samir Blue Whale with Sailor Hat Squishmallow

Samir Blue Whale with Sailor Hat Squishmallow

Blue ocean bliss!

What’s whaler than one whale Squishmallow? Another one! Well, never mind, coming to the point—Samir the Squishmallow is a classic blue whale and completely adorable at that!


  • Unique blue whale theme
  • Durable stitching
  • Ocean-inspired fun

This whale is always in the middle of amazing adventures because it has joined a crew of friendly whales who travel around the world. Samir has a big tail, a spout, and the cutest sailor hat you have ever seen. It comes equipped with a happy-go-lucky smile.

Wrapped in the coziest, cuddliest materials, the Samir Blue Whale with Sailor Hat is a must-have. You won’t be disappointed with him if you love oceanic creatures!


Kelly Toys has made hundreds of animal-themed Squishmallows. And many of these plushies come in multiple sizes and colors, so there’s a good chance you can find the perfect snuggly companion for yourself or your kid!


The most popular animal Squishmallow is Cameron, the Calico Cat. Cameron is one of the original Squishmallows that debuted in 2017.

What is the cutest Squishmallow ever?

All the Squishmallows that have super soft and squishy textures, bright colors, and adorable features are considered the cutest among Squishmallows fans.

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