How To Win A Culture Victory In Civilization 6

Out of the many victory conditions in Civilization 6, the Culture Victory is generally the least understood by new players. It can take some getting used to, since it relies on a mechanic that doesn’t appear until the mid-to-late game, but you need to lay a strong foundation before that point in order to be successful.



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If you love building around getting Culture, Great Works, and Tourism, but have trouble turning them into a win, never fear! This guide has everything you need to know about a Culture Victory, plus some great tips for making it happen.

What Is Tourism?

Pericles of Greece uses the Heritage Tourism and Online Communities Policies in Civilizaiton 6

WInning a Culture Victory means generating as much Tourism as possible throughout the game, though the vast majority of it will be produced from the Modern Era forward. Tourism is generated by Wonders, Great Works, and tile improvements such as Ski Resorts.

Holy Cities and Relics also generate Tourism, but the amount is negligible in the long run without a very specific build.

Tourism doesn’t do anything on its own; instead, the game tracks how much Tourism you’ve created over the course of the entire game. Getting a head start with early Relics, Great Works of Writing, and Wonders can help you edge out the competition in the late game.

Foreign And Domestic Tourists

the tracking screen for a Culture Victory in Civilization 6

The in-game metric for determining a Culture Victory is the number of Tourists visiting a civilization; specifically, Foreign Tourists coming from elsewhere. To win, you need to have a higher number of Foreign Tourists than any single opponent’s count of Domestic Tourists.

Domestic Tourists are earned simply by generating Culture over the course of the game. Every 100 Culture that a player produces, including Culture earned through Civic Boosts, creates a Domestic Tourist.

Foreign Tourists are calculated from each opponent individually. Each point of Tourism that you generate in a turn gives you progress toward Foreign Tourists with each civilization that you’ve met. Getting a single Foreign Tourist requires, at base value, 200 Tourism for each player in the game, including yourself.

This means that on larger maps with more players, you’ll need more Tourism overall to get Foreign Tourists, but you should get more when you reach the threshold because you’ll be getting visitors from more civilizations.

Your progress toward a Foreign Tourist from a specific civilization can be modified by factors like trade routes and open borders. Having lots of Traders and good relations with as many players as possible can dramatically speed up the rate at which you attract Foreign Tourists.

Since Domestic Tourists are generated by Culture and Foreign Tourists are generated by Tourism, it’s easiest to think of Culture as your “defense” against another player’s Culture Victory, while Tourism is your “attack.”

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Early-Game Strategy For A Culture Victory

civilization 6 arabia capital with minimap

If you know right from the start that you’re going for a Culture Victory, laying the groundwork early can be a huge advantage. Luckily, many of the things that you need to do during the Ancient, Classical, and Medieval Eras are great ideas for multiple victory types, so you don’t need to have a laser-focused strategy just yet.

Start a Religion if you can, ideally with the Choral Music Belief. Reliquaries can be very powerful, but you’ll need to make sure you build Mont St. Michel and Cristo Redentor if you decide to go that route.

Start by exploring as much as you can, training at least two Scouts (and two Galleys, if you have a coastal start) to explore as much as possible. Not only does this increase your chances of finding a Natural Wonder for that all-important Astrology boost, but it also means you’ll meet other civilizations faster and start generating Tourism against them.

Build an early Wonder to get the boost for Drama And Poetry, then start building Theater Squares with the best adjacency bonuses you can get. Try building your Wonder(s) near the border of two of your cities so that you can place multiple Theater Squares next to them and maximize their bonuses.

Throughout the game, look for opportunities to get Civic Boosts from Inspirations. Building six Farms for Feudalism and clearing a Barbarian Outpost for Military Tradition are fairly easy to accomplish in the early game.

Mid-Game Strategy For A Culture Victory

Memphis with Petra, Sphinxes, and Alcazars

Once you have Amphitheaters, start expanding your economy with Commercial Hubs and Harbors. You’ll want to have lots of trade routes, and you can put the extra Gold income toward hurrying buildings or buying Great Works from other players.

If you find yourself in a war, try to take cities that have Theater Squares and/or Wonders. These will give you more Tourism, and lower the other player’s overall Culture output – thus reducing their pool of Domestic Tourists.

Continue to expand your Holy Sites, even if you aren’t actively seeking to convert cities. Having a healthy Faith output will let you recruit Rock Bands and Naturalists later, and in the meantime, you can use extra Faith to snatch up Great Writers and Artists.

By the end of the Industrial Era, you’ll want to have multiple Museums with the full Theming Bonus; for Art Museums, that means three Great Works of the same type but by different artists, and for Archaeological Museums, that means three Artifacts from the same Era but different civilizations.

Pay attention to tile Appeal when placing Mines, Quarries, and other industrial improvements. Tiles with high Appeal can help you get Tourism in the late game, and if you can identify a site for a National Park early you need to make sure it remains pristine until a Naturalist can get to it.

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Late Game Strategy For A Culture Victory

Athens and Argos in the late game of the Age of Abundance scenario in Civilization 6

The final Eras of the game should be focused solely on outpacing your opponents with Tourism. Build Seaside Resorts, Ski Resorts, and Wonders on any tile that they’ll fit, and adopt Policies that increase Tourism at the expense of every other priority.

When you reach the Modern Era, check to make sure that you have open borders and at least one trade route with every player possible. This is also the time to end any wars that you’re fighting, unless a complete victory or major city conquest is within immediate reach.

If the Gathering Storm expansion is enabled, put every single point of Faith that you generate into recruiting Rock Bands. Send them to play shows based on their promotions, prioritizing civilizations with a high Culture yield.

At this point, it’s all about creating a snowball effect, generating more and more Tourism until you win the game. The good news is, since you’re essentially on a waiting game, you can dedicate more resources to disrupting other players’ win conditions than you would normally be able to! Spies are great for this, especially if you can level them up to specialize in Disrupt Rocketry, Great Work Heist, and Recruit Partisans.

Best Wonders For A Culture Victory

the bolshoi theater and great bath near aachen in civilization 6

Any and all Wonders generate Tourism, but you should prioritize these to help ensure a win.






  • Helps recruit Great People more easily.

Mausoleum At Halicarnassus


  • Greatly improves Coast yields.
  • Gives Great Engineers an extra charge, allowing you to rush Wonders later in the game.

Mont St. Michel


  • Gives all Apostles the Martyr promotion, generating a Relic if they’re defeated in Theological Combat.

Forbidden City


  • Good Culture yield.
  • Extra Wildcard Slot gives you more room for Policies that increase Tourism.

St. Basil’s Cathedral


  • Doubles Religious Tourism in its city.
  • Build in a Holy City for best results.

Big Ben


  • Grants an extra Economic Policy slot, ideal for boosting Tourism later in the game.

Bolshoi Theater


  • Starts generating Great Musician points earlier than normal.



  • Lots of extra Great Work slots for your Art that doesn’t fit a Museum’s theme.



  • Increases its city’s Culture yield by 20 percent.
  • Build in your highest-Culture city for optimal results.

Cristo Redentor


  • Ignores the Religious Tourism debuff from the Enlightenment and doubles Tourism from Seaside Resorts.
  • Critical if you have lots of Relics.

Eiffel Tower


  • Increases the Appeal (and thereby Tourism potential) of every tile within your borders.

Golden Gate Bridge


  • Greatly increases Appeal of all tiles in its city.
  • Doubles tourism from Resorts and National Parks in its city.



  • Causes Tile Improvements that generate clean energy to also produce Tourism.

Sydney Opera House


  • Lots of slots for Great Works of Music, which can be hard to house.

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