Should You Seal Arkeri Or Let It Free In Honkai: Star Rail

Arkeri is one of the last Heliobi you’ll encounter in the Specterlight Records Luofu Myths, and the game will let you decide what to do with them.

With every update in Honkai: Star Rail, it’s common to see new areas on various planets with the main story being continued. The Fyxestroll Garden area was first released in the Version 1.5 update, and you get to visit the area to meet Huohuo, Hanya, and Xueyi in the main story.



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During this quest, the ghost-hunting gang tries to look for various Heliobi and seal them back so that they don’t pose any danger to the population of the Xianzhou Luofu. However, you meet an innocent Heliobus called Arkeri at the end, and the game leaves its fate in your hands.

How Your Choice Affects Arkeri’s Fate

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer With March And Arkeri In Express

Once you finish the last part of the main quest in Fyxestroll Garden, you’ll meet Arkeri in one of the two new mini-quests called Luofu Myths: Specterlight Records (Continued). This Heliobus will be found on the Astral Express hiding inside March 7th’s camera, however it’ll be quite different from the other Heliobi you’ve encountered.

Instead of being a ball-shaped Heliobi, this one will be a tiny blue-colored flame. As you talk to Arkeri, you’ll realize that this Heliobus hasn’t been corrupted by the greed of human emotions like other Heliobi, and it has no intentions of possessing a human and eating it away. You’ll then tag along with March 7th to show Arkeri around the Scalegorge Waterscape area.

You will find a different Heliobus during this journey, which you can capture and seal away without any remorse.

However, at the end of this journey, March will ask you to decide what to do with Arkeri. You’ll have two options, and here are all the changes you’ll get to see based on your choice:

Seal Arkeri Away

Release Arkeri To Outer Space

  • After selecting this option, Arkeri will accept its fate without any complaints.
  • March will ask if you ever regret the decisions you make, and a few sad dialogues will play out.
  • In the end, you’ll have to go back to Fyxestroll Garden and seal Arkeri away, giving you the Inhibitor Heliobae achievement.
  • Selecting this option will trigger a scene where March and Trailblazer get ready to let Arkeri go.
  • Learning a lot from your journey, Arkeri will bid you both farewell and pass through the Express windows to roam the cosmos forever.
  • Upon telling Huohuo that you let the Heliobus go, she’ll respect your decision and won’t have any complaints.
  • Finally, you can seal the other Heliobus you captured in Scalegorge Waterscape to get To The World’s End achievement.

Both achievements give you the same reward, and you can only get one of them on your account based on your decision.

Of course, letting the innocent Heliobus go would be the morally correct choice here since it doesn’t have any intentions of harming humans.

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