The Best BSV-M Loadout In Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 has dozens of weapons, ranging from past Battlefield classics to more futuristic variants of iconic weapons. The BSV-M sits firmly in the latter category. This updated variant of the AS VAL is classified as a Marksman weapon, although it behaves much closer to a highly modular assault rifle with inherent stealth capabilities.



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The BSV-M features an integrated suppressor, various types of subsonic ammunition, and dozens of attachment options. This guide will showcase the best attachments you can use on the BSV-M, ranging from close-quarters combat to long-range sniping. We’ll also recommend a loadout that helps maximize the BSV-M’s versatility.

Best Attachments For The BSV-M

Battlefield 2042 BSV-M Attachments Updated


K8 Holo


Subsonic Close Combat | Subsonic High-Power (Extended)


LWG Grip | MGL Laser Sight


Shortened | Extended Suppressor

The BSV-M can fill virtually any combat role thanks to its wide range of ammo and barrel options. We start by equipping the K8 Holo for easy target acquisition, although we recommend having a long-range backup scope. You’ll also want to equip the LWG Grip to buff your accuracy while moving. If you prefer to fire from the hip, use the MGL Laser Sight instead. More defensive playstyles should equip a Bipod as their third grip of choice.

This weapon defaults to semi-auto fire. Swap to full-auto at the start of every game if you plan to fight up close.

Ammo and barrel options are how you’ll modify the BSV-M to suit the current situation. The Subsonic Close Combat ammo and Shortened barrel are perfect for turning this weapon into a powerful SMG, giving it an RPM of 860 without compromising on stealth. For fights at longer distances, you can swap to Subsonic High-Power ammo and the Extended barrel. This drops the RPM to 340 but drastically increases damage and bullet velocity. You can then swap to semi-auto fire and your favorite long-range scope to snipe enemies from afar. Make smart use of your attachments, and the BSV-M will never let you down.

Best Loadout For The BSV-M

Battlefield 2042 BSV-M Blasco Loadout




Super 500


Prox Sensor or T-UGS


Smoke Grenade

The BSV-M works with virtually every specialist in 2042 due to its versatility. For a general build with this weapon, we recommend playing Blasco. Her Ambush Expert passive allows for aggressive pushes since Recon gadgets won’t detect you. Her X6-Infiltration Device also prevents allies inside its effective radius from being spotted, making it perfect for infantry chokepoints on maps like Redacted. Since the BSV-M can’t outgun a shotgun at point-blank range, it’s not a bad idea to run the Super 500 as a secondary weapon. Paired with the Recon’s secondary proficiency bonus, you can equip your Super 500 much faster than other specialists, making this an ideal CQC weapon.

Recon specialists are great for aggressive playstyles since they have ways of safely spotting targets. The Prox Sensor can be thrown to spot enemies near the impact point. If you’re defending an objective, you may opt to use the T-UGS instead. Pair either gadget with Smoke Grenades, and you have the perfect character for pushing, defending, and flanking.

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