The Best VHX-D3 Loadout In Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042’s sixth season has added a powerful new assault rifle to the sandbox. The VHX-D3 is 2042’s take on the Springfield Hellion, an ambidextrous bullpup assault rifle. As far as ARs go, the VHX-D3 is a powerhouse in the hands of a good player. It features a high fire rate, minimal recoil, and a suite of attachments that make it well-suited for stealth gameplay.



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If you’re looking for a powerful alternative to the RM69 or the GEW-46, the VHX-D3 should be on your radar. This guide will cover the best attachments you can use on this weapon, and we’ll recommend a well-rounded loadout that uses the VHX-D3 to great effect.

How To Unlock The VHX-D3

Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Battle Pass Reward Season 6

The VHX-D3 can be obtained by reaching rank 19 in the Season 6 Battle Pass. Battle Pass ranks are acquired by earning XP and completing weekly challenges tied to that season. Every 9,000 XP you earn will award a point towards your next rank. You need ten points to reach a new Battle Pass rank. Weekly challenges offer anywhere from 3-10 points.

After the Dark Creations season ends, the VHX-D3 will become obtainable through an in-game challenge, similar to how Battlefield Vault weapons are unlocked. Once unlocked, all attachments for the VHX-D3 may be unlocked by eliminating players in multiplayer. You’ll need to eliminate 360 enemies to unlock nearly every attachment for the VHX-D3; certain scopes require ADS kills instead, and the 40mm Incendiary underbarrel attachment requires 50 kills with the 40mm HE Launcher underbarrel attachment.

Best Attachments For The VHX-D3

Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Attachments


Fusion Holo


Standard Issue Extended | Subsonic


LWG Grip or BCG Light Grip


Tactical Compensator | PB Heavy Suppressor

The VHX-D3 has quite a few attachments to choose from, although the best options are similar to other ARs like the GEW-46 or the M5A3. Any optical sight is recommended since the VHX-D3’s iron sights greatly obstruct your peripheral vision. The Fusion Holo is ideal for fixing this.

As for ammo, the Extended Mags attachment with standard issue ammo is more than good enough for most situations, retaining the weapon’s high RPM and minimal recoil. Your other two ammo slots should contain Subsonic for stealth gameplay and High-Power ammo for long-range duels. The underbarrel slots should include at least one accuracy grip—the LWG Grip or the BCG Light Grip—and a swappable grenade launcher attachment. This weapon can’t equip bipods, but you won’t need them since this weapon’s fairly accurate by default.

Finally, the muzzle slots should include a Heavy Suppressor and the Tactical Compensator. Heavy suppressors will hide your location from enemy players 20+ meters from you. If paired with Subsonic ammo, you’ll be hidden regardless of distance. The Tactical Compensator is ideal for improving your accuracy when stealth isn’t paramount, mainly if you’re playing Blasco.

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Best Loadout For The VHX-D3

Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Loadout With Zain Specialist






C5 Explosives


Smoke Grenade

Assault and Recon specialists are ideal for the VHX-D3, as this weapon may be specced for accurate mid-range duels or stealth combat. We’ve opted for the former, pairing this weapon with Zain to gain the upper hand against infantry. Zain’s grenade launcher will give you a way to fight enemies behind cover, while the VHX will melt targets that attempt to fight you. Bring C5 Explosives to deal with vehicles, and you have an answer for every situation. Consider bringing Smoke Grenades to block thermal scopes and Incendiary Grenades.

If you’d prefer to use the VHX-D3 as a stealth weapon, Recon specialists also synergize nicely with this weapon since it is one of few assault rifles that can equip a Heavy Suppressor and Subsonic ammo simultaneously. Some good specialists include Paik for infantry-only modes, Rao for general use, and Blasco for countering enemy Recon players.

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