Final Fantasy 7 Remake Included A Cameo From The Co-Director’s Cat

If there’s one thing that Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t short of, it’s cats. You can’t go anywhere in the slums of Midgar without running across a furry feline friend, and the same can be said on top of the plate too. There’s even a side quest that has you rounding up a bunch of them. In fact, there are so many that one of the game’s co-directors, Naoki Hamaguchi, saw it as an opportunity to give his own cat a little cameo role during one point in the game.



Hamaguchi shared an image of his adorable cat Musashi earlier this week, as well as a screenshot of his appearance in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If you don’t know the scene from the photo, Musashi is leading two other cats on the wall outside of Jessie’s house when Cloud is waiting to swipe her dad’s security clearance card.

While this was shared at the time by Japanese outelts, it seems like people in the West weren’t particularly interested in Musashi and his crew. That’s why it’s only just now we’re actually finding out about his little cameo, though it was noted at the time by popular YouTube channel Boundary Break that Musashi’s model was a lot more detailed than other cats in the game. We now know it’s because Musashi was clearly given special treatment – can’t have the celebrity cat cameo looking low poly now can we?

Now that we know what Musashi looks like, I fully expect him to be included somewhere in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, especially now that Hamaguchi is in the full director’s chair this time around. It would be a lot easier for a cat to find its way out of Midgar than a group of adventurers and a big talking lion, and I would like to officially make Mushashi the honorary mascot of the Final Fantasy 7 crew. Cait Sith can get in the bin.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only big reveal that Hamaguchi made this week, as he also confirmed for the first time that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will include more spinoff characters besides lovable himbo Zack Fair. While he doesn’t drop any names to avoid spoiling the game for fans, he says that there are a lot of popular characters in the spinoff titles, and that there are plans to include some of them in Rebirth.

We won’t have to wait too long to find out who’s getting included though, as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches next year on January 26. Musashi had better be there though, or we riot.

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