Best Halloween Outfits In Disney Dreamlight Valley


  • Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Halloween event offers a wide variety of character costumes to choose from, including classic options like a pirate, astronaut, witch or wizard, cowboy or cowgirl, sailor, and more.
  • Collecting the necessary clothing pieces for these costumes may involve visiting the game’s premium shop or Scrooge’s Shop, and some costumes require multiple components to complete the look.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed costumes are especially popular, and dressing your character as characters like the Pumpkin King or Oogie Boogie will be a great Halloween look.



Halloween is almost here, so you need to start planning a costume for Disney Dreamlight Valley sooner rather than later. The game’s Halloween event has been announced, and you’ll want your character to look suitable for the spooky proceedings. If there’s one thing Dreamlight Valley delivers to gamers in spades, it’s character costumes.

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There are tons of memorable and exciting outfits to choose from as part of your gaming Halloween experience. The challenge begins with finding the necessary articles of clothing to piece together the perfect costume. In this list, you’ll learn about the costumes that stand out most for a Halloween event to remember.

We’ve chosen to concentrate on costume-like outfits in this list. These outfits may not all be spooky, but they’ll certainly help you create the perfect look for the event.

10 Pirate Halloween Costume

Arr, Matey!

Disney Dreamlight Valley character wearing the pirate costume
Via: Responsible_Piano620

The pirate Halloween costume is a classic choice, and Dreamlight Valley provides all the necessary pieces to bring this costume together. Piecing together an outfit with a pirate hat, eye patch, and decorative overcoat is a spectacular way to adorn your character for the upcoming spooky season.

All three articles of clothing for the pirate costume are available through the game’s premium shop. The look of your character is worth the price you’ll pay to acquire the Privateer’s Coat, Eye Patch, and Slops.

9 Astronaut Halloween Costume

Cosmic Couture

Astronaut Costume from Disney Dreamlight Valley

The astronaut Halloween costume is another unique option when planning an outfit for your Dreamlight Valley playing experience. Nothing screams Halloween quite like a space suit, and you can top the look off with Buzz Lightyear’s backpack.

The astronaut costume is one of the more intensive to collect, requiring five separate pieces to complete the look. The effort is worth it to have a unique look when working through the Halloween event.

8 Witch Or Wizard Halloween Costume

Magic Wonders

Witch Costume from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Via: SlimShadyLadd

It’s impossible to have a stellar Halloween celebration without at least one participant wearing a witch or wizard costume. Witches and wizards are as much a part of Halloween as black cats, spiderwebs, and delicious candy. The witch and wizard Halloween costumes in Dreamlight Valley are an excellent way to show off your character’s seasonal spirit.

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The best accessory to complete the look for your character’s Halloween costume is Merlin’s Marvelous Wizard Hat. This in-game accessory creates the pointy hat look that tops off a wizard or witch’s appearance. Choose other clothing accessories to work with the hat for an impressive magical costume.

7 Cowboy Or Cowgirl Halloween Costume

Saddle Up!

Woody standing in Cowboy Costum from Disney Dreamlight Valley

The cowboy/cowgirl Halloween costume is one of the simplest to complete when preparing your character for the annual Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween event. Fashion options within the game lend plenty of options for Western-themed attire. The most straightforward way to collect the clothing for a cowboy or cowgirl costume is by visiting Scrooge’s Shop within the game.

A white tee shirt and a pair of jeans are the best foundation when creating this Halloween costume. Add a leather jacket, a suitable hat, and a pair of boots, and your character is ready to lasso the game’s annual Halloween event.

6 Sailor Halloween Costume

Hoist The Sails

Sailor Costume Disney Dreamlight Valley

It might not be a traditional choice for Halloween costumes, but Dreamlight Valley’s sailor outfit makes for a unique and adorable way to celebrate and tackle the game’s Halloween event. You can create this costume by combining the White Sailor Hat with the sailor costume from Donald Duck. The hat can be purchased from Scrooge’s Shop.

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What this costume lacks in scariness, it more than makes up for in cuteness. Consider cobbling this costume together if you’re seeking a happier and lighthearted Halloween celebration.

5 Sea Witch Halloween Costume

Dive Into The Abyss

Sea Witch Costume from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Via: plutonian_babe

If adding fright to Dreamlight Valley’s Halloween event is your goal, the Sea Witch costume is worth considering for your character. It’s your chance to turn your character into an Ursala lookalike for the evening, which is scary enough to keep most players away from you.

Put this costume together if you want to make your character look mesmerizing and intimidating at the same time. It’s the perfect costume to ensure your character gets the best treats from each door you knock on.

4 The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costume

All Hail The Pumpkin King

DDVDisney Dreamlight Valley player dressed as Jack Skellington in a spooky setting

You’ll have several options when you commit to wearing The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costume for your character’s Halloween event experience. Most of these costumes are available through the Haunted Holiday Star Path release, and you’ll want to work your way through the Star Path to ensure access to these costumes.

Some of the best costumes worth considering are those that came from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Consider helping your character dress up as the Pumpkin King, or put on the Patched Dress to help your character fit the mood of spooky season.

3 Maleficent Halloween Costume

Magic Unleashed

Character wearing Maleficent Costum in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Via: kacieeerene

Maleficent is one of the most suitable characters to impersonate when playing Dreamlight Valley during the Halloween event. You’ll need to handle some extra work to ensure you collect each component necessary to complete the costume, but it’s worth the time to create one of the most impressive Halloween costumes in the game.

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You’ll need Raven Wings, the Thorny Pants and Jacket, and the Malevolent Fairy Horns to nail each part of this costume. Expect to earn some best-dressed points when dressing your character as Maleficent for Halloween.

2 Golden Diver Halloween Costume

Diver’s Delight

Diving Helmet Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Golden Diver Halloween costume provides two separate paths you can take, depending on the level of spookiness you want your character to deliver. The Diving Helmet is a perfect touch to complete a Halloween costume worthy of the BioShock series.

For a more lighthearted Halloween vibe, pair the Diving Helmet with the game’s Diving Suit to complete the Golden Diver look. It’s a straightforward costume idea to help your character stand out, requiring only two components to complete the look.

1 Oogie Boogie Halloween Costume

Halloween Hijinks

Character wearing Oogie Boogie Costume Disney Dreamlight Valley
Via: timelordgaga

Another excellent addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Oogie Boogie Halloween costume, available through the Haunted Holiday Star Path add-on. Bring the fear to the Halloween Event by dressing your character in this memorable green costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a unique look while exploring the game and interacting with other characters. The effort necessary to earn this costume is worth your time to put your character’s best foot forward for Halloween.

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