How Do You Complete On The Run In Starfield?

After finishing the Shadows In Neon quest in Starfield, Marshal Blake of Akila City wants you to track down two members of the First, the mercenary company that was trying to steal farmland on Montara Luna.



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For the On The Run quest, you’re tasked with finding Marco Graziani, the head of a smuggling cartel and one of the senior members of the First. In fact, his smuggling operation is what helps fund the First. However, finding him won’t be easy. You’ll have to face the challenges of The Red Mile, a deadly gauntlet of opponents and obstacles, to get the information you need.

Talk To Ranger Autumn MacMillan At The Red Mile

Ranger Autumn MacMillan in Starfield sitting at a bar

According to Blake, Ranger Autumn MacMillan has been trying to undo Marco’s smuggling operation for a while, so he suggests talking to her about how to track Marco down.

Set a course for Porrima III in the Porrima system, and you’ll find MacMillan at the Red Mile Cantina.

She leads you to her contact, Jade, who has information about Marco’s current location. But the only way to get a meeting with him is through the owner of the establishment: Mei Devine.

Speaking with Mei Divine, proprieter of the Red Mile in Starfield

Speak to Mei, and she’ll agree to give you Marco if you run the Red Mile, activate the Red Mile Beacon, and return alive.

At the end of your conversation with Mei, she’ll ask if you’re ready. We suggest telling her you need to prepare in order to make sure you have everything you need before starting your run.

Before you begin, here are some necessary preparations you should make:

  • At least one or two good guns with plenty of ammo
  • Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits for health
  • Aids to help boost your defense, attack, and speed
  • Stow any unnecessary heavy items either on your ship or with a crew member
  • Equip a spacesuit that provides bonuses for damage and gives protection from the cold

Once you’re prepared to begin, speak with Mei. You’ll follow her onto the stage for your introductory ceremony, then she leads you to the door to start your run.

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How To Survive The Red Mile

Standing at the door to start the Red Mile Run in Starfield

Head through the door and turn right. You’ll follow the tunnel down, go through the airlock, then one last door to the outside.

This room gives you a Weapon Workbench and a Spacesuit Workbench, in case you need to make any final modifications to your gear before you start.

Once you’re outside follow the stairs down to an elevator and take that to the Crater Floor.

When the elevator door opens, you’ll see the floor before you are littered with bodies of fallen runners. This is when your run really starts.

The Red Mile doesn’t have any signs pointing where to go, and there are several paths that will take you to the beacon, so just follow the general direction of your quest marker.

To survive here are some things you need to remember:

  • You do not need to kill anything to complete your run.
  • Before activating the beacon, loot the crate to the right of it.
  • The Red Mile Maulers are tanks and you could waste precious ammo on them. Unless you have a really good shotgun, your best bet is to just sprint past them.
  • If you are able to engage in combat with the Red Mile Maulers, they can provide resources such as Analgesic (Gland), Stimulant (Tissue), Antimicrobial (Gland), Membrane (Carapace), and more.
  • If you find dead bodies along the way you can loot them for credits, digipicks, or weapons.
  • Watch out for the corrosive gas vents along the Red Mile as they could cause lung damage or burns.
  • The Red Mile Maulers sometimes shoot corrosive gas projectiles at you, so watch out for that.

The Red Mile

Once you activate the beacon, you now have to go back the way you came.

There will be more Maulers to deal with, but if you’re out of ammo (or just don’t feel like engaging with them), sprinting past the beasts and boosting over them with your boost pack will be the only way to return alive.

When you arrive back at the Red Mile speak to Mei Devine, who agrees to hold up her end of the bargain.

After this quest is over you can go back and run the Red Mile again as many times as you want. Each time Mei Devine will give you a different reward based on your score.

Confront Marco Graziani on Codos

Negotiating with Marco Graziani in Starfield

After speaking with Mei and Ranger MacMillan one last time, set a course for Codos. Marco Graziani will be waiting for you on his ship, The Fortuna.

Board The Fortuna and approach Marco to confront him about the First. How you proceed with this interaction is up to you.

Show Your Badge And Let Marco Go

You can show him your badge and discuss the matter about his dealings with the First. He will offer some information if you allow him to “operate with a free hand”.

You will not have the opportunity to persuade him or use Manipulate on him, so if you want him to speak up, you will have to agree to his terms.

He gives you an Encrypted Slate with information on it, which you’ll bring back to Akila City.

Kill Marco

You’ll have several chances throughout the conversation to attack and kill Marco: When you first walk in, halfway through the conversation, and after he offers you a deal.

Attacking him will alert his guards and activate the turrets, so make sure you’re ready to fight if this is the course you want to take.

When you’ve killed Marco, loot his corpse to get the Encrypted Slate and Marco’s Keycard.

To aid in your escape, enter the room to the right of Marco’s desk and use the computer to change the friend/foe settings for the turrets. The turrets will now kill Marco’s men instead of you.

Now you can escape The Fortuna, taking out any of Marco’s men that the turrets have missed.

Give The Encrypted Slate To Alex Shadid

Giving the encrypted slate to Alex Shadid in Starfield

Once you’re safely back on your ship, grav jump back to Akila City, then head up to one of the upper levels of The Rock and give the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid to complete your quest.

If you haven’t already done the Surgical Strike quest, you should do that next. Otherwise, ending this quest will trigger the beginning of the First to Fight, First to Die quest.

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