Baldur’s Gate 3 Fans Add Bing Bong From Cast’s D&D Playthrough

Recently, High Rollers held two streams where the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast played Dungeons & Dragons, bringing their in-game characters to life. During these streams, they found a character called Bing Bong whose job was to open the door to Adventurer’s Mart for customers, making a bell noise as he did.



Jennifer English (Shadowheart) and Devora Wilde (Lae’zel) clashed after English suggested bringing him along, but ultimately, English won out and he ended up being a staple of their party, spawning countless memes and fan art. And now, thanks to modders, he’s even in Baldur’s Gate 3 itself (thanks, Gayming Magazine).

The mod is called Bing Bong Summon and can be downloaded from Nexus via this link.

Unfortunately, during the stream, Wilde got her revenge on English for dragging along the little imp, mercilessly setting it on fire and throwing it at Shadowheart in a moment that shook the entire cast (except, of course, Astarion). The impact of being thrown killed Bing Bong instantly, all for the crime of being adorable. He will be forever missed, but at least he gets another lease on life with this mod.

“I was experimenting with a Summon Spell and decided to do this fun and stupid mod, paying tribute to one of Shart’s nation best heroes, the one and only Bing Bong,” creator MaestroMetty wrote on the page’s description. “He was cast away from our world too soon, but fear no more! With the necklace of Eternal Friendship, you can bring him back to our world.”

The mod works by adding the “Necklace of Eternal Friendship” which is imbued with the power to summon Bing Bong, a level one conjuration spell. Of course, for the full experience, you’ll want Shadowheart to wear it. Just make sure you keep Lae’zel far, far away.

You can find the necklace in the Cartilaginous Chest near Shadowheart’s pod in the Nautiloid, but if you’re already past that point in your playthrough, Arron sells it at the Druid’s Grove. If you’re past that point too, you can use Cheat Engine to get it. The ID is ‘8eae69ae-f479-4682-94af-aedde6e02307’.

After the mod was shared on socials, Wilde herself jumped into the conversation, simply replying, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Revenge of the Bing Bong, The Bing Bong Strikes Back, The Last Bing Bong, any of these work? Sorry, I’ll stop.

If it’s any consolation Wilde, you can always download the mod and kill Bing Bong again… and again… and again. As for English, well she can finally give Bing Bong the life he deserved before it was cut short by a scorned Lae’zel so infuriated that she plunged the poor creature back into the infernal hells.

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