Every Acid Weapon In Endless Dungeon, Ranked Best

There is a wide variety of different enemies featured in Endless Dungeon, but perhaps the most frustrating class to face off against are the Blobs. The Blobs are an aggressive type of enemy, with the power of overwhelming numbers, occasional shielding, and painful ranged attacks.



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This means you want to be ready and waiting when you are fighting these enemies, and for that, you will need acid weapons. These weapons are the most effective against this class of enemy. But which will be the best choice, and when is the best time to use them?

6 Acid Drops

acid drops weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Acid Drops is a perfectly fine choice for you to use against Blob enemies, but it doesn’t really do anything the best. Because of this, choosing any other acid weapon will likely be a better choice. It is relatively versatile, and its balanced stats make it alright at whatever you need it to do. However, its low DPS makes it relatively useless in the late game, and the available mods don’t do much to help either.

When To Use The Acid Drops

If you can see that Blobs are on the horizon, and you need an acid weapon to use against them, then this is a good option. However, if there is the option for a different weapon, then that will likely be the preferable option.

5 Acid Hoser

acid hoser weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Similarly to the Acid Drops, the Acid Hoser is a perfectly passable acid weapon you can use in Endless Dungeon, but unfortunately, it is outclassed by the other offerings. It does have a great range, so if you need to keep some distance when using a more fragile, heavy character, then this is a good choice. It also has a much better DPS when compared to the Acid Drops, but that is to be expected for a heavy weapon.

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When To Use The Acid Hoser

If you need to keep some distance, then this is a good choice for an acid weapon, but the lack of knockback means that the distance will not be kept for that long, so make sure you have some turrets to help fortify whoever is using this weapon.

4 Pest Spray

pest spray weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The reason why Acid Drops is so easy to overlook is that the other two options for a handheld acid weapon outclass it quite easily. Pest Spray is the second-best option, and while its low but balanced stats aren’t very impressive, it makes up for this with its DPS. On top of this, it is an incredibly simple weapon to handle, so if you are just starting Endless Dungeon, then this is a weapon you will want to seek out if you are on a floor with Blobs.

When To Use The Pest Spray

Pest Spray is a versatile offering. Unless you are working against Bugs, which are resistant to acid, this weapon is a great option. But keep in mind that it has a low range, so if your character is vulnerable, you might want to switch to something with more reach.

3 Splattergun

splattergun weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Splattergun is a great heavy option for an acid weapon for its wide range and knockback. While it does not do as much damage as you might hope for a heavy weapon, it makes up for this due to its crowd-control capability. With how many Blobs usually attack at once and the variety of angles you need to hit them, this weapon is a perfect choice for ensuring you can take care of a whole group. It helps that a lot of Blobs are quite frail, so this can take them down quite easily if you have the right buffs.

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When To Use The Splattergun

If you have a character stationed near a Blob spawn point, and you want to ensure nothing gets past, leave them with some buffing turrets, and this weapon should be able to create an impenetrable pathway.

2 Needler

needler weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The Needler is a simple weapon, but that is what makes it so appealing. It is similar to Acid Drops in that way, except this does a lot more damage while firing almost as often. It doesn’t have any knockback, so this is not a great choice if you need to use it for crowd control, but outside of this, it is the best option for a one-handed acid weapon.

When To Use The Needler

If you see this acid weapon available, and your character is not being used for crowd control, then go for it. With how weak a lot of Blob enemies can be, this is a great choice for dealing with them quickly.

1 Death Darts

death darts weapon in endless dungeon workshop

While most of the Blob class enemies are relatively easy to deal with, there are a few that can deal a lot of damage. While they are slow, they can take a while to take down. This is where the Death Darts shine. While it has a slightly lower DPS than Needler, it makes up for this with an amazing range, good knockback, and elemental damage, too. These enemies can do massive damage to your Crystal Bot, so keeping them away should be the top priority.

When To Use The Death Darts

If you have a heavy character that is defending the Crystal Bot from tanky Blobs, then this is the easiest weapon to deal with the situation. You want to ensure that you have enough space to take advantage of its long range.

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