Every Electricity Weapon In Endless Dungeon, Ranked Best

In the early floors of Endless Dungeon, the enemy class that you are likely to run into the most often are Bots. These Bots don’t tend to overwhelm with numbers like Blobs or Bugs, but they are the fastest enemy type and can do a lot of damage to your characters and the Crystal Bot. The best way to deal with this type of enemy is to use electricity weapons.



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There is a variety of options when it comes to the electricity weapons available, but some are better than others when it comes to dealing with Bots or even other types of enemies. So, which of the electricity weapons is the best option?

6 Railgun

Endless Dungeon Railgun Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

With how speedy the Bots can be, you want to be able to fire off your shots at them as quickly as possible. Because of this, the opportunity to use the railgun feels quite niche. It can do a good amount of damage, and it is hypothetically good at crowd control with its high knockback. However, because of how long the shots take to charge, it is only really a good choice against the slower Bots. This makes it more viable on later floors, but by then, there will be a wider selection of enemies to deal with.

When To Use The Railgun

This is one of the better electricity weapons later on in a run since, at that point, you will be dealing with slower and stronger Bots. However, this is not a great choice for earlier in a run when the Bots will be much faster and weaker.

5 Arlabastard

Endless Dungeon Arlabastard Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

Luckily, when it comes to the one-handed electricity weapons, none of them are that bad, but the Arlabastard might feel a little awkward for some players. On top of this, the weapon has a lower knockback, so when you might want to push back the Bots on early floors, this is going to be a bad choice. However, if you can get accustomed to shooting this gun effectively, its high damage output ensures it is a viable choice.

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When To Use The Arlabastard

Similarly to the Railgun, this is an electricity weapon that will get better later in your run. If you do not like how it controls, try leaving it with a character you are not actively controlling so the computer can take full advantage of the weapon.

Endless Dungeon Metataser Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

While the Metataser does not have much range or elemental damage, it makes up for this with its incredibly high knockback and good rate of fire. This makes it a great handheld option for crowd control, which is a great choice earlier in your runs when there are floors dominated by lots of smaller Bots that move quickly.

When To Use The Metataser

This gun has good enough damage to be a sustainable choice throughout your whole run, but it is going to be the best when there are lots of Bots that you need to hold back at once.

3 Shocker

Endless Dungeon Shocker Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

The Shocker is the best option for handheld electricity weapons because of how simple it is to use. Its quick shots ensure that you can deal with the high volume of weaker Bots that you deal with in earlier floors, but its high DPS and balanced stats ensure that it will be an effective choice in the late game as well.

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When To Use The Shocker

This is a great electricity weapon for any point in your run, and if you are new to Endless Dungeon, this is the one-handed electricity weapon you are likely to have the easiest time controlling. If you have a character you are building with critical damage in mind, this is the perfect option as well!

2 Empathizer

Endless Dungeon Empathizer Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

The Emphathizer is one of the reasons why equipping your heavy characters with electricity weapons is a preferable choice. While the lower rate of fire might feel a little clunky at first, it soon starts to feel satisfying and is not as manual as other weapons that need charging. This makes learning to use this weapon a lot more simple. The blasts it creates at a long range are perfect for keeping enemies at bay, which is useful against Bots no matter how far into your run you are.

When To Use The Empathizer

This can be used at any point in your run, but it will be the best when you have more space to take advantage of the range. You might want to place some buffing turrets in the room where you plan to use it to make up for the slightly lacking DPS.

1 Mobzapper

Endless Dungeon Mobzapper Electric Weapon Workshop Menu-1

As well as being one of the most fun weapons to use in the game, the Mobzapper is also incredibly effective. It has a short range and doesn’t knockback much, but it makes up for this with an incredibly high DPS and a wide shot range. This means you can essentially use this weapon as a battering ram to sizzle through any Bots that dare get in your way.

When To Use The Mobzapper

The Mobzapper is perfect for escorting your Crystal Bot, and even though it has low knockback, thanks to its range, it can still be used in crowd-control situations. You want to make sure your character has a good defense to compensate for the short range.

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