The Best AWP Skins In CS2

With MR12 in play inside Counter-Strike 2, the role of a dedicated AWP player has been reduced. Regardless, the AWP remains one of the best weapons in the game, and a skilled user can make all the difference while utilizing the sniper rifle correctly. It is perfect for holding angles, and you can even combat AWP from close distances to take down the opponents.



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Like all the other guns of the game, Valve has released a plethora of unique skins for the AWP via the different Collections that have made their way over the years. Check the list below for the ten best AWP skins you may acquire in Counter-Strike 2.

The list has been compiled on the basis of factors like price, popularity, appearance, and more.

10 AWP Mortis

An image of AWP Mortis in CS2

AWP Mortis is considered the best budget skin for the AWP, and many Counter-Strike players love the fantastic look it gives to the sniper rifle. Some even refer to it as the budget “Dragon Lore”, and given that it can be acquired for a few dollars, it wouldn’t be a wrong purchase.

The design of AWP Mortis has been inspired by the Death Tarot Card, and the artist behind the skin is “Zaphk”. The particular artist has also created several other skins based on Tarot Cards, such as the AK-47 The Empress, M4A4 The Emperor, and more.

9 AWP Hyper Beast

An image of AWP Hyper Beast in CS2

AWP Hyper Beast would be another fantastic option for those who do not want to spend big bucks on an AWP skin in Counter-Strike 2. The Factory New variant costs around $140; the Minimal Wear is available for $72, while the other three are significantly cheaper.

Considering that AWP Hyper Beast holds the overall appearance even in the Field-Tested condition, you can get the same if you want to buy a skin for the looks. In the meantime, other cheap options might be better if you are going for the Battle-Scarred condition.

8 AWP Asiimov

An image of AWP Asiimov in CS2

AWP Asiimov has been made famous in the Counter-Strike community by KennyS, and in general, the skin has a decent fanbase. The classic Asiimov look is either loved or hated, and in case you are a fan of it, buying the AWP Asiimov could be a wise move.

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It was released during Operation Phoenix, which ran within CS:GO in February 2014. You must note that the skin is only available in three conditions: Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred, with the price starting from $98 and rising to around $180.

7 AWP Neo-Noir

An image of AWP Neo-Noir in CS2

A fantastic and appealing skin for the AWP is Neo-Noir, and the Cyberpunk-like design features two women painted on a gray background. The primary color scheme comprises blue and magenta, which is a harmonious combination, resulting in a striking appearance of the skin inside the updated graphics of Counter-Strike 2.

The AWP Neo-Noir was launched as part of the Danger Zone case in December 2018, and you may try opening the same to receive the skin. On the other hand, buying it from the Steam Marketplace will cost you nearly $42 for Factory New, whereas all four other wears are under $35.

6 AWP The Prince

An image of AWP The Prince in CS2

AWP The Prince is a beloved skin for the particular sniper rifle, and it is among the better ones that collectors often look forward to purchasing. Given its rarity, this skin isn’t usually available for purchase on the Steam Marketplace, and you would have to resort to other websites to get your hands on the same.

The skin was essentially added at the time of Operation Shattered Web via the Canals Collection. It isn’t a part of any Case and would cost you thousands of dollars to purchase.

5 AWP Wildfire

An image of AWP Wildfire in CS2

AWP Wildfire is an ideal purchase when considering aspects like price and looks. Even though it might not be rare like a few skins, it goes toe-to-toe in terms of all other factors, and you can proceed to get this for yourself without any second doubts.

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The skin’s design has a recreation of the renowned Operation Wildfire logo embossed. Regarding overall pricing, AWP Wildfire would be affordable to most regular players in the worse wears, with the Factory New edition costing $200, the Minimal Wear variant costing $108, and others costing less than $70.

4 AWP Medusa

An image of AWP Medusa in CS2

The Gods and Monsters Collection is a highly well-known set among the game’s players, and AWP Medusa is among the various weapons that Valve introduced as part of it. As the name might suggest, the skin’s design is based on Medusa, one of the notable figures from Greek mythology.

The blue shade of the skin is extremely attractive, and the imprint of the various snakes is a great touch. Finding AWP Medusa will be challenging, and it isn’t actively available for purchase, which is also why it is highly-priced.

3 AWP Desert Hydra

An image of AWP Desert Hydra in CS2

AWP Desert Hydra was added with the Mirage 2021 Collection, which brought several themed weapons back when Operation Riptide was active inside the game. This particular skin looks perfect in Counter-Strike, and the design consisting of golden snakes is quite attractive.

The white-colored scope, barrel, and stock add to the appeal of the skin and give it a fresh look. Given that it wasn’t a part of any Weapon Case, the AWP Desert Hydra is scarcely available and is something collectors would be interested in. Furthermore, Valve also launched a Souvenir variant for the skin during the 2021 PGL Stockholm.

2 AWP Dragon Lore

An image of AWP Dragon Lore in CS2

AWP Dragon Lore is probably the most-talked-about AWP skin, and it holds a unique sentimental value in the hearts of Counter-Strike players. In line with its rarity, it ranks among the costliest skins in the game’s history, and you wouldn’t find it in the hands of regular users.

Being released in 2014 during Operation Breakout, the skin has a limited supply, with third-party websites or traders only being the primary source of acquiring it. The value of this skin in the Souvenir form can even reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

1 AWP Gungnir

An image of AWP Gungnir in CS2

AWP Gungnir holds the peak position on the list and is the best AWP skin you may find in Counter-Strike 2. It is exceptional in every way, including its rarity, its appearance, and its popularity

Valve introduced the AWP Gungnir during Operation Shattered Web, and it was featured inside the Norse collection, which also consisted of Negev Mjölnir, AUG Flame Jörmungandr, and several other skins themed on Norse mythology. The design’s main highlight is Odin’s spear, and the skin further possesses pearlescent and ivory imprints that complete the exquisite look.

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