Spider-Man 2 Fans Want Alternate Movie Suits

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a lot of movie suits, lifting them from Spider-Verse, Sam Raimi’s trilogy, the Amazing duo, and the MCU, but for whatever reason, they don’t have colour palettes like all the others. However, one fan has come up with a neat suggestion for how that could be remedied.



Rather than colour swaps, Insomniac could use alternate looks from the films. After all, the tab is called “Suit Styles”, a fairly broad category name. The example that @AllFatherMedia gives is for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, suggesting his flu getup in which Peter wears a jacket, scarf, and beanie, as well as his fireman hat look. Fitting given how much Spidey works with the Fire Department in the game.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man has fewer variations, mostly just slight tweaks to the base costume. However, there are still options.

There’s the new No Way Home revamp, the Alex Ross concept art (which inspired the Superior suit that’s actually in the game), or the PS2 costume much as Resident Evil 2 Remake had the original Leon Kennedy model from 1998. There may be some licensing issues there, though.

The only problem with this idea is that it would mean drastically altering how suit styles work. Right now, they’re colour palette swaps which means they use the same model as the base skin, but adding new models into the line-up would essentially be like adding entirely new suits. As such, it’s an unrealistic idea, but that hasn’t stopped fans from running with their own suggestions.

For Tom Holland’s Stark suit, fans have put forward the yellow jacket and headphones as an alternative look, while others have suggested the classic 2002 Raimi costume for Tobey Maguire’s outfit, even if the differences are minor.

@AllFatherMedia even put together another photo edit to show what some of these concepts would look like in action. There’s the yellow jacket with the hood up and Tom Holland sporting a backpack.

Peter doesn’t currently have the B. Parker outfit in Spider-Man 2, but fans have put forward a few different looks if that ever changes – there’s sweatpants Spidey, his pink dressing gown getup when he swings with Mayday, and his green jacket look. Maybe in Spider-Man 3, eh?

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