Akabi’s Wheel Most Useful Items


  • The Wheel of Wonders in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers high-risk, low-reward prizes, but some items are worth obtaining and can be game-changers.
  • The Reverse Rain Cloak is a versatile item that provides immunity to fire damage but vulnerability to cold and lightning damage, while also acting as a portable shower.
  • The Bag of Moulding may seem useless, but it can be used to organize camp supplies by turning food items rotten, making them stackable based on their camp supply value.



Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with monsters and creatures familiar to Dungeons & Dragons players, including the ever-elusive tricksters: genies. In the Circus of Last Days, players can speak to Akabi the genie, who runs the Wheel of Wonders, a spin-the-wheel game with a high price and almost useless rewards.

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Despite the monkey’s-paw-like effects of the prizes, some still have uses worth the spin, while others are an acceptable consolation prize beyond what is intended at first glance. Out of the piles of junk, the best items from the Wheel of Wonder will have you reloading your saves until it’s finally yours.

7 Reverse Rain Cloak

The Reverse Rain Cloak is a cape that gives a permanent Wet condition on the wearer as long as they are wearing it. This condition makes you immune to the Burning condition and resistant to fire damage but vulnerable to cold and lightning damage. This is a useful cape to have on hand when you are up against fire elementals or creatures wielding fire damage if you don’t want to wear it all the time.

As a more cosmetic item, it’ll wash away blood from your character, making it a portable shower when you don’t want to waste bottled water. This item is ironically an improvement to the rare Wavemother’s Cloak, which applies the same effect once per turn but is removed after taking damage.

6 Staff Of A Mumbling Wizard

The Staff of a Mumbling Wizard is one of the more eccentric Wheel of Wonder items, giving you access to a unique spell that either casts a 100 percent hit chance Firebolt or a low chance of forcing you to cast Fireball at your feet.

Combined with the Reverse Rain Cloak, you can reduce the damage to yourself while using this staff to cast Firebolt in melee without the reduction in hit chance from casting in melee range, with a chance to deal even more damage to the same enemy when you inevitably explode.

5 Bag Of Moulding

A parody of the famous Dungeons & Dragons item, Bag of Holding, the Bag of Moulding doesn’t have a dimensional space inside but rather permanently transforms all food items stored within into moldy or rotten versions of it but with the same camp supply value.

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While this looks like a useless item, it can be used to organize your camp supplies by allowing all items with the same camp supply value to be stackable when turned rotten. As long as you don’t mind feeding your party disgusting food every night. This can be done quickly by selecting all food items, dragging them into the bag, and then filtering the contents to sort by value.

4 +1 Breastplate

Despite what the name implies, the +1 Breastplate doesn’t have the +1 enchantment buffing its armor class but instead allows you to bring a ‘plus one’ to any party. Although this has no mechanical benefit and will actually not come up in the game at all, it is still a functional piece of armor.

If you happen to get this item, you should stash it in camp or give it to any of your companions, like Jaheira, Minsc, Halsin, or hirelings, who all have proficiency with medium armor and almost all have lower tier armors when they join your party. If nothing else, you can sell it for the 100 gold piece value and get some of your money back from spinning the wheel.

3 Boots Of Very Fast Blinking

The Boots of Very Fast Blinking allows you to cast Misty Step once per turn without expending spell slots. While this seems overpowered to those familiar with the spell, it has the unfortunate side effect of stripping your character to their underwear every time they cast it.

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While this can be a problem in combat, it’s a very useful exploration tool that will at least give you a chuckle while allowing you to pass through bars, reach ledges too high to jump to, or avoid traps entirely. In the Counting House, it can be used to access every vault door without Gaseous Form or expending spell slots at the expense of a pile of clothes resting by the door.

2 Comeback Handaxe

Despite what the name and description implies, the Comeback Handaxe does not magically return to the wielder after being thrown. Whether this is an unfortunate bug or it’s suggesting it’ll hurt when an enemy throws it back at you, well, who knows?

It is, however, a normal +1 handaxe, and the prank seems to be that it tricks you into throwing it despite being an intended feature of thrown weapons. So thanks, Akabi, for the enchanted handaxe. This makes it the only useful Wheel of Wonder item with no drawbacks. Because it is a light weapon, it can also be dual-wielded if you lack an extra weapon with the property or don’t have proficiency with stronger weapons.

1 Unlucky Thief’s Gloves

The Unlucky Thief’s Gloves is an enchanted pair of gloves that both gives you a +2 to all sleight of hand checks, whether through pickpocketing or dialogue checks and also places a piece of charcoal in your inventory every time you successfully pickpocket in addition to whatever you stole.

The charcoal piece weighs next to nothing and only sells for a single gold piece, but you can easily drop them or even sell them once you’ve gathered enough for essentially free coin. The only drawback being is that it has a low chance of putting a charcoal brisket in your inventory instead, applying the Burning condition to you and immediately closing the pickpocketing menu.

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