How Does Nexus Blitz Work In LOL?

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League of Legends remains a fun game with plenty of replay value, but players may get bored with playing 5v5 and ARAM, making new game modes important. While you have URF, Arena, and others, Nexus Blitz has made its return to League of Legends, so you may want to hop in and enjoy some fun matches.



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But what exactly is Nexus Blitz? Some people may be new to the game or didn’t have a chance to play it in the past, so they may wonder what they should know about the mode. As you take a look into it, you can learn more about it and how to perform well in a match.

What Is Nexus Blitz And How Do I Play It?

The first statement of what Nexus Blitz involves when a player opens the mode in League Of Legends.

Nexus Blitz is one of the rotating game modes (RGM) added to League of Legends. These game modes will change depending on the current events in League of Legends. This mode lasts up to 20 minutes and has you playing on a smaller map where different events occur.

For instance, you have Loot Teemo and Loot Veigar, which has those characters walk around the map. If you attack them, you get gold, and the team that gets the last hit wins the event.

You also have Prize Fight, which pits you against other players, URF Deathmathch that greatly lowers your cooldowns while your team fights, and even Scuttlecrab Race, where you must stop the enemy team’s Scuttlecrab from crossing the finish line first.

The game offers plenty of other fun modes, including Bardle Royale, King of the Hill, and Cart Push, so look out for them. Don’t be worried though, as Nexus Blitz provides a description on your screen before the event occurs, so you’ll know what to do.

If you want to play Nexus Blitz, simply load up the game and click Play. You’ll then select Nexus Blitz on the right side of the selection screen. From there, you’ll need to choose two roles from Lane, Jungle, and Fill. Once you do, you can queue into the game, click accept, and start the game.

How Long Is Nexus Blitz Available?

Miss Fortune standing in the fountain on the Nexus Blitz map in League of Legends.

With the release of Patch 13.21, Nexus Blitz became accessible to all players. This game mode is available from October 25, 2023 to November 27, 2023.

With over a month to enjoy the event, you may question when you can play it again. Riot Games hasn’t specified when the game will return, but it should come back in the future, just as other modes, like URF, have returned. However, Riot Games does a good job of giving players time frames for upcoming events.

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Tips For Nexus Blitz

Veigar going into the middle lane to begin the match in League Of Legends.

If you want to succeed in Nexus Blitz, you may wonder what tips will help you win matches, so spend some time going through them and apply what you learn.

Ban Champions That Can Snowball And Carry

Nine champions banned during Champion Select in League Of Legends.

Since Nexus Blitz is a short game mode where you get gold quickly, you should focus on champions that can snowball, especially during the end game. You can shut them down early and prevent them from building gold, but they can be challenging to defeat in this mode.

For instance, dealing with Kayle, Yone, Yasuo, Master Yi, and many others can be challenging. However, if you know how to counter a Master Yi by using crowd control or kill a Kayle before she can use her ultimate, they won’t be a problem.

With that in mind, you should pay attention during matches and see which champions you notice perform the best in your games. While tanks, mages, and similar champions can be challenging, it’s the ones that are item dependent that tend to become ridiculously strong later in the match.

Pay Attention To The Nexus Blitz Event In Champion Selection

Miss Fortune joining Briar, Morgana, Leona, and Samira to fight against the enemies in URF Deathmatch in League of Legends.

When you first enter Champion Selection, you’ll see the upcoming events and can pick your character to give your team an advantage. For instance, if the first event is one where you fight the enemy, you should pick someone that performs well early, since you’ll be around level six.

For instance, Darius can perform well during this opening fights, but someone like Nasus may struggle, since he’s stack dependent and needs items. On the other hand, someone like Cho’Gath might be an excellent choice for the Scuttlecrab race, thanks to his crowd control to prevent it from moving.

If you’re dealing with the DPS check, you should go with a ranged Champion, so you can attack it from a distance while poking down your enemy.

For instance, Miss Fortune and Karthus have excellent DPS while staying away from the enemy. They also have great ultimates to disrupt the fights and deal tons of damage to opponents.

Even though this may seem small and insignificant, the first event can help your team snowball to victory.

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Junglers Stick Together And Fight For Red Buff

Miss Fortune, Briar, and Morgana attacking the Rift Herald during Nexus Blitz in League Of Legends.

Jungling in this game mode doesn’t follow traditional jungling. You have two junglers working together, and you don’t lose experience points for sharing a camp. Because of that, you’ll want to stick together as you jungle to go through the camps quickly and get some gold.

You also have a small map, so it’s easy for you to travel across it and gank lanes. When you have the chance, head to the middle or bottom lanes to catch enemies off-guard. If you want to speed up the process further, there’s a top cannon that launches you to the bottom jungle and vice versa.

As you stick together, you’ll need to fight over the Red Buff, which is in the top middle jungle.

If possible, you should ping your teammates to let them know you need help. If you’re in the middle or bottom lane, make your way over to help them secure it, giving your junglers a lead.

Teamwork also matters regarding Scuttlecrab, since it’ll give you plenty of experience. You should acoordinate with your team to get the Rift Heralds. It’s just above mid lane, so go for it if you notice the enemy’s trying to take it, or if you recently killed multiple opponents, allowing you to fight them off if they interrupt.

While counter jungling is an effective and risky strategy in League, don’t bother with it in the top half for Nexus Blitz. Each top half of the jungle has a golem that protects it, immediately tracking down enemies and dealing tons of damage.

Instead, only try to go into their jungle for events or with your whole team to defeat the golem. However, you can take their Blue Buff without the golem there.

Prioritize Nexus Blitz Events

Veigar, Kayn, and Jarvan IV pushing their cart during Nexus Blitz in League Of Legends.

Ultimately, you want to put all your effort toward completing the Nexus Blitz Events. While you do get bonus gold whenever you complete them, you also get a random buff to your team that can turn the tides of battle to your favor.

For instance, you can get a cannon to launch you to lane faster, the Stattik Shiv passive added to your attacks, and even a cart that lets you travel across the map and crash into enemies, dealing damage. Some can even be game changing, such as Baron buff, which allows you to execute enemies below a health threshold.

Even if the enemy wins some Events, you can still turn it around since some are balanced around the current lead.

For instance, if you get King of the Hill while you’re losing, it can spawn on your side of the map, sometimes in the upper jungle, allowing you to protect it with your golem.

The same can happen to others, such as Bardle Royale, DPS Check, and even having loot enemies walk into your side of the jungle. You could then get an amazing buff, like Guardian Angel passive, to help you push for turrets, get more gold, and win the game.

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