The Best Turrets In Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon is a massive mash-up of different genres, all interlinking to make a relatively seamless experience. One of the most prevalent and noticeable of them is tower defense, since you are tasked with defending the Crystal Bot throughout each of your runs.



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While you and other players, whether co-op or computer players, are the primary form of defense, there is also a wide variety of turrets that you can use to beat back the hordes of enemies. So, which of these turrets are worth investing in, and which is the best for keeping your Crystal Bot safe?

9 Jellyfier

jellyfier turret in endless dungeon research terminal

One of the experiences that can make Endless Dungeon such a challenging game to get through is how overwhelming the onslaught of monsters can get on the later floors. This is why using the Jellyfier to slow down the enemies in its range can make it so they will reach the Bot slower, and you can do a more efficient job at defending it.

The Jellyfier should be used near other offensive turrets to ensure that enemies are slowed down when in their range. This means that the turrets are more likely to take down the enemies before they get broken instead.

8 Fatal Focus

fatal focus turret in endless dungeon research terminal

Blurs are one of the more challenging classes of enemies due to how they can turn invisible, and their unconventional movement patterns. However, they usually spawn in smaller groups compared to other mobs. Because of this, the Fatal Focus is a good choice for how much damage it does, and how long its range is.

You want to use this turret close to where Blurs will spawn, but also with enough space to take advantage of its range. This means it will not immediately get spawned by freshly spawned Blurs, and also ensures that there is a chance it can attack Blurs that have gone past it.

7 Flamethrower

flamethrower turret in endless dungeon research terminal

Bugs tend to be one of the more fragile classes of enemies in Endless Dungeon, but, they more than make up for this with their overwhelming numbers and how they can entangle your character. Because of their high numbers, the Flamethrower is likely the turret you will want to invest in. Even though it has a shorter range, it has a higher AOE, meaning it can hit more enemies.

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For the Flamethrower, you want to place it close to where the Bugs will spawn. Make sure that you compensate for its short range by ensuring it will cover the path of where the Bugs will go.

6 Smokehouse

smokehouse turret in endless dungeon research terminal

Blobs are some of the more annoying enemies in Endless Dungeon, with even the weaker enemies splitting when they are taken down. This means that their numbers can quickly get out of control. Because of this, using the Smokehouse, with its wide range, is the best choice for attacking as many of these frustrating enemies at once.

You want to use this turret similarly to the Flamethrower, by putting it close to the Blob spawn point. Make sure there are healing or defense turrets close as well to make sure that it does not get broken too quickly.

5 Amplifier

amplifier turret in endless dungeon research terminal

While the offensive turrets are the ones that you will likely be drawn to, the more passive buffing turrets are just as useful as well. If you have a room full of turrets that you know will hit plenty of enemies, then using the Amplifier is a great addition. This will increase the damage done by the turrets in the same room, as well as your character if they are in the room as well!

Place the Amplifier in a room that you know will have plenty of other turrets in it, or a room which houses the Crystal Bot, since your characters will likely appreciate the buff they will get from it.

4 Tesla Ball

tesla ball turret in endless dungeon research terminal

Bots are some of the more common enemies in the earlier floors of Endless Dungeon, making the Tesla Ball a turret that you will likely find yourself using quite often. It has a high fire rate, which means it is the perfect choice for countering Bots, which are some of the quicker enemies in the game.

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You will likely want to pair up these turrets since they are the single target type. Also, make sure to not put them too close to the spawn point since some of the more powerful bots will be able to break them quite quickly.

3 Shield

shield turret in endless dungeon

One of the more frustrating aspects of Endless Dungeon is how frail some of the turrets feel to use. Because of this, using the Shield is the perfect countermeasure to ensure that enemies will have a much tougher time taking down any of your turrets. It will also give your characters, and the Crystal Bot a defense buff as well!

Make sure that this turret is in range of the turrets that you want to defend with it. Prioritize using this turret in areas that you know are more likely to get overrun with enemies.

2 Diagnosticator

diagnosticator turret in endless dungeon research terminal

Similarly to the Shield, the Diagnosticator will help keep your other turrets functional, only this time instead of giving a defense buff, it will directly heal your other turrets. This saves a lot of time, since fixing this turret will also fix any other broken turrets in the room. So, if you are running around fixing turrets, this will save plenty of time.

Like the Shield, use this in rooms with vulnerable turrets, and if you are even more worried, you can double them up.

1 Straight Shooter

straight shooter turret in endless dungeon research terminal

Investing in elemental turrets is a good idea if you know that you will face that enemy throughout your run, but, these turrets could end up being useless against other enemies. You never have to worry about this with Straight Shooter. A safe bet for success is upgrading Straight Shooter, since it has a long range, and will damage each type of enemy equally.

Use this turret in areas that will have a mix of different area types, especially if the enemies have countering weaknesses.

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