Metal Gear Solid Series: Best Unlockables

The Metal Gear franchise can offer pretty serious stories tackling heavy subject matter. However, there’s always been a more humorous side to the games as well. There’s a lot of wacky elements, from weird one-off guards, bonkers items, and, of course, wild unlockables.



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The best unlockables aren’t always on the humorous side, as they can be incredibly useful. If you start a fresh save and already have the knowledge, you’ll want these unlocks as soon as possible. They could also be cool cosmetic items or awesome modes to play around with. One in particular is very cute, considering the time period.

10 Stealth Camouflage

One unlockable that’s in every main instalment of the franchise, except the MSX games, is the Stealth Camouflage. With it, enemies can’t see you, plain and simple. This is a great item to play around with and specifically to explore. When you unlock it on a second run, you can search and spot all the item locations you passed earlier and have better knowledge when doing another legitimate run.

The Stealth Camo works or doesn’t work on bosses, depending on the game, which is unfortunate but makes sense. While not appealing to hardcore veterans, it’s great for beginners and achievement hunters, as it makes progressing through the story way faster.

9 Bandana

Another unlockable that is in every mainline Metal Gear title is the Infinite Bandana. Technically, it’s not in MGS3, but the Infinity Face Paint serves the same purpose. With it equipped, you have infinite ammo for all your weapons.

This helps tremendously in the boss fights and ambush sections, making the game a breeze. The only issue is that it’s still pretty tough if you want to go the non-lethal route because infinite ammo doesn’t help much for non-lethal weapons. If you want to progress quickly with the Bandana, you just have to go lethal.

8 Casting Theater

Meryl killing Snake in the Casting Theater in Metal Gear Solid 2

After beating the campaign of Metal Gear Solid 2, you unlock the Casting Theater, and it’s a fun mode to play around with. You have eight cutscenes to choose from, and you can swap out all the key players with virtually every character model in the game.

This includes weird stuff like MGS1 Snake and Meryl. Those models don’t even appear in the core game but only in the VR Missions and Snake Tales. It’s fun to experiment here, and you can probably make Machinimas out of these if you want. It’s a shame there’s no standard cutscene viewer, like MGS3, though.

7 Congratulations URL

The end results screen of Metal Gear Solid 2 showing the Congratulations URL

This one’s pretty obscure, and rightfully so. Collecting every single dog tag in MGS2 is not required for any of the achievement/trophy lists, but there is a surprising reward if you do so. Upon collecting them all and reaching the end results screen, you’ll receive a special URL. This doesn’t work anymore, but there is a Konami archive of it.

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On the website, you can download special MGS2 wallpapers, icons, and even a sound effect, too. This is so cute and definitely a product of its time. No game today would reward you with a URL that will inevitably go dead sometime in the future. Plus, anyone can access it regardless of whether or not you unlocked the special message.

6 EZ Gun

The EZ Gun at the start of Metal Gear Solid 3

Starting in MGS2, the game allowed you to use substantial non-lethal options. Getting through without killing anyone is required for the top ranks, but there weren’t any stellar non-lethal weapons. That’s where the EZ Gun from MGS3 comes into play.

This weapon has infinite ammo by default, has a decent fate of fire, and is the best tool to use when defeating bosses non-lethally for those exclusive camos. Plus, you get a massive boost in camo index as well. Getting it is a bit annoying as you must acquire all 48 animals and plants in a single playthrough. You’ll probably have to use a guide, but it’s well worth it.

5 Peep Demo Theater

The Peep Demo Theater in Metal Gear Solid 3

Out of all the unlockables in MGS3, this one takes the longest to do. To unlock the Peep Demo Theater, you must watch every single cutscene in the game on a single save file. This takes at least four playthroughs due to the four outcomes during the Ocelot duel at the end. Getting all The End boss fight cutscenes is also a hassle, requiring you to wait days or even a week to view certain ones.

The unlockable is mostly what you’d expect with a bunch of sexy scenes with Eva, with some altered to have Eva wearing even less clothing than she had in the campaign. What makes this great is the ending because it throws a hilarious swerve. You’ll laugh out loud.

4 Altair Costume

Old Snake in the Altair costume in Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 is not only one of the best action games on the PS3, but its wacky content was a little different, at least regarding non-Konami titles. It was rare beforehand to see references to any other publisher’s games, but in MGS4, you get a full-blown costume of the main character from the original Assassin’s Creed.

This is pretty cool, and most have forgotten that Assassin’s Creed was primarily a stealth title during its roots. Getting the costume isn’t the easiest, as you must beat the game with at least 50 knife kills, 50 CQC holds, and no more than 25 total alerts. This will get you the Assassin emblem and the sweet suit.

3 Tanegashima

A tornado arises from firing the Tanegashima in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

While the Tanegashima musket first appeared in MGS4, it’s not really an unlockable, as you can buy it from the get-go. In Peace Walker, however, it’s a brutal task to unlock. You need two things to develop the weapon. An R&D member with a Japanese Patriot skill, which isn’t too bad if you know where to look, but the bad part is obtaining the Rathalos wing.

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This is a random drop in the initial Monster Hunter missions, and it can seemingly take forever. Once you get it and develop the musket, it’s awesome. When fired, there’s a one in three chance a tornado will spawn, causing the enemy soldier to be captured. While not an objectively good weapon, it’s incredibly fun to play with.

2 Cyborg Ninja Outfit

Ground Zeroes was the short prologue that gave you just a short taste of what was to come in the main fifth entry. A great showcase of this is some of the unlockable outfits, as the Deja Vu mission had two great ones. You had an MGS1 Snake costume with the old PS1 look and a Cyborg Ninja PS1 outfit as well.

The latter actually made your running speed faster, which was a great touch. These might have been one of the first old PS1 costumes placed into a modern title. It’s fun and wacky to play with, and future games would do the same thing, like the Resident Evil 2 remake.

1 Gold Snake Outfit

Phantom Pain has a truckload of great outfits, including unlockable and DLC ones. One of the best is Gold Snake, obtained by S ranking all the harder variants of missions in Chapter 2. Snake looks great in all gold, but that isn’t the primary reason this suit rocks.

In Phantom Pain, there’s a mechanic where doing unheroic actions will gradually turn you into Demon Snake. Some actions, like developing a nuke, should transform you immediately. You’ll be constantly covered in blood no matter what, and it looks very unpleasant. Demon Snake affects almost all the suits in the game except for a few, and Gold Snake is one of them. This makes the suit a must-wear if you’re in Demon Snake form.

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