How To Defeat Mendacious Visage In Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, Mendacious Visage is one of the few bosses who can only be fought in the Umbral realm. This means there is less room for error, more finesse, and combat mastery required to triumph. It is because dying in the Umbral realm means there will be no second chances like dying in Axiom and awakening in Umbral for another go at the boss.



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With a stone face that guards the boss’s vulnerability, targeting Mendacious Visage from behind becomes a go-to approach during the boss fight. Similar to The Congregator of Flesh boss, this, too, requires a proper attack strategy to beat him.

Mendacious Visage Boss Overview

Mendacious Visage Boss fight start in Lords of the Fallen

Mendacious Visage is a slow boss, but he deals tons of frostbite status effect damage on top of physical ones. From the front, the boss has a stone face that opens up and closes throughout the fight. The boss does not take a lot of damage from the front, and most weapons will be knocked back upon striking it.

The weak spot to deal consistent damage to Mendacious Visage boss is to hit from behind. His back is not covered by stone, like his front side, therefore making it a perfect hitting spot to deal tons of damage.

Attacking Medacious Visage from the back in Lords of the Fallen

The starting attack that Mendacious Visage boss does is the stomp attack that releases frostbite AoE. To not take damage from this MOVE, press the dodge button at the right time when the boss is about to land. Pressing a little early could save you from the physical stomp attack, but there is a high chance the frostbite AoE strikes you that come after it.

An alternate version to the stomp attack that Mendacious Visage boss does is a falling flat attack. The former has hardly a second recovery time compared to the latter. This means there is more room for you to land multiple hits at the boss’s back before he gets up and starts landing another attack.

If the boss is spaced out in the arena, he will do a quick running attack while locking on to you. This attack tracks the character’s movement for a few seconds so that it can be dodged, or performing a roll will ensure you do not take a hit.

Mendacious Visage Boss doing ranged umbral magic attack in Lords of the Fallen

Another boss’s attack includes sending the homing frostbite projectiles by opening his face. The projectiles deal frostbite status damage and build up the bar. Once the face is opened, it stays for a few more seconds before the boss closes it.

The character’s stamina will be halved if the frostbite status bar maxes out. This will pose a greater challenge in the boss battle due to increased emphasis on stamina management.

Before the boss closes the face, rushing in and hitting a few hits will ensure maximum damage. This is another weak spot of Mendacious Visage boss open to attack for a few seconds. Continued hitting the opened face could be dangerous as the boss closes it with force, dealing physical damage.

landing heavy attack on Mendacious Visage Boss in Lords of the Fallen

There is a one-second animation where the boss grabs both ends of the face to close it. This subtle hint indicates to retreat and not continue attacking the front end of Mendacious Visage.

Fist Slam is the next boss attack that is mostly followed after he closes the face. This attack does physical damage if you are too close to the boss and releases frostbite projectiles in a single direction. The best method to avoid this is to roll in either the left or right side direction.

Dodging Mendacious Visage Boss's umbral magic attack in Lords of the Fallen

Lastly, Mendacious Visage releases parasites after opening his face. These parasites fall to the ground and start tracking you. If the parasites get into the proximity, they blow up and deal frostbite damage.

Mendacious Visage Boss Fight Strategy

attacking Mendacious Visage Boss from the back in Lords of the Fallen

Since Mendacious Visage boss can only be fought in the Umbral realm, there are no second chances if you die. This warrants a strategy where the boss can be beaten with limited Sanguinarix and healing items, and following our strategy will ensure triumph.

Mendacious Visage is weak against the poison status effect and takes more damage from the back. Bringing poison salt items or spells that could deal poison damage will speed up the process of killing the boss.

The Light weapon users can easily unleash four-to-fight hits at the boss’s back after he has landed his moveset. As for the heavy weapon users, attacking a combo is difficult, so one charged attack at the back will deal decent damage.

performing visceral attacks on Mendacious Visage Boss in Lords of the Fallen

When the boss opens his face, if you have a Soulflay charge, lock on to the boss’s face and use it. This will instantly stagger the boss, giving you enough time to deal a visceral attack or land multiple hits before he snaps out of the staggered state.

Bringing more Briostones will help in healing, but since the boss fight happens in the Umbral realm, recovering the lost health will require you to hit the boss and not take damage.

Time your dodges, circle around at the boss’s back for quick hits, and apply poison salts are the steps you should rinse and repeat to defeat Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen. If done correctly, the boss will be slain in about five minutes.

Rewards For Defeating Mendacious Visage

Mendacious Visage boss defeated in Lords of the Fallen

Defeating the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen will give the following rewards.

  • Mask of Wrath
  • Vestige Seed
  • Precision Hammer

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