Who Is Minsc In Baldur’s Gate 3?


  • Minsc and Boo are renowned heroes with a tale of adventure, loss, struggle, and triumph that should be told.
  • Minsc hails from the Land of Berserkers and became a warrior by joining the White Dragon Berserker Lodge.
  • After being captured and brainwashed, Minsc must confront his past and doubts in Baldur’s Gate 3.



While Dungeons & Dragons is known for its extensive compendium of monsters, there are also many NPCs to help populate your world, like Durnan and Mordenkainen who can offer advice or even quests for an adventuring party. However, some will jump at the chance at joining a rookie team on an adventure. One such NPC is the one of the Heroes of Baldur’s Gate, the berserker Minsc.

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Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster friend Boo are known throughout the Prime Material Plane as heroes. Their exploits have taken them across much of Faerun, the Sword Coast, and even other planes of existence. The tale of Minsc and Boo is one of adventure, loss, struggle, and triumph, and it is definitely one that should be told.

Updated October 29, 2023 by Alfredo Robelo: With the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, the adventures of Minsc and Boo have had a new chapter added. While not surprising to see their return (since Minsc was a recruitable companion in the previous games), the way he joins the adventure is a novel one. We’ve updated this article to showcase Minsc and Boo’s efforts against the Absolute.

Young Life

Dungeons & Dragons: Minsc Cutting Down His Foes
Minsc By Indah Alditha Putri Siregard

While much of Minsc’s early life is unclear, three things are certain. He received some sort of head injury as a child, his best friend was a miniature space hamster named Boo, and the adventurer hails from the distant land of Rashemen, which was also known as the Land of Berserkers.

While many deemed this land as inhospitable, there were groups of people that saw this as a challenge and took up residence in Rashemen. The Rashemaar people, to survive in such a dangerous place, had to be strong and fierce, giving them renown across the realm.

Minsc, like most other Rashemaar, was a fierce warrior, albeit rather simple. The man had a simple worldview, and was rather quick to assume someone’s guilt or alignment. Thankfully, Minsc had a heart of gold and a desire to do good in the world.

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His first step towards being the hero was to apply to the White Dragon Berserker Lodge, the premier berserker lodge in Rashemann. To prove himself to the lodge, Minsc underwent a coming-of-age tradition for his people, known as a dajemma, by serving as a bodyguard for a witch from Wychlaran named Dynaheir.

Adventures With Dynaheir

Minsc and hamster pet boo chilling in a market
Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes by Andreas Zafiratos 

The duo would travel the western lands of Faerun for a while, only to be briefly separated after Dynaheir was kidnapped by a pack of gnolls around the year 1368 DR. Minsc would eventually rescue his charge with the help of several other adventurers, but it’s believed that this incident was what sparked the berserker’s penchant for hunting gnolls.

Shortly after these events, the two of them would settle down for a time in Baldur’s Gate after Dynaheir learned of a rumor surrounding Caelar Argent, also known as the Shining Lady. It was here that they encountered the hero Abdel Adrian, the young mage Imoen, and two members of the Harpers Jaheira and Khalid. They, along with Minsc, Dynaheir, and Boo, would form an adventuring party.

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Unfortunately, this group wouldn’t last, as they were ambushed during a quest and imprisoned in a dungeon under Athkatla. There, several of the members were tortured for an unknown reason, leading to the death of both Khalid and Dynaheir. Stricken over the loss of his companion as well as, in his eyes, failing his dajemma, Minsc escaped the dungeon along with Imoen and Abdel, and returned to Baldur’s Gate.

A Brief Hiatus

Dungeons & Dragons: The Petrified Forms Of Minsc And Boo
The Beloved Ranger via Wizards of the Coast

In the year 1409 DR, a statue depicting Minsc and Boo was erected in the middle of the Wide. The statue’s commissioner, Orburt Lewel, stated that this was a way to repay the heroes who had saved his life, but in reality, the statue was the real Minsc and Boo put under a petrification spell. The duo had agreed to the petrification with the promise that they would be released when the need for a hero arose. It would be another eighty years before he was released.

In 1480 DR, a gargoyle would attack Baldur’s Gate, prompting Delina, an aspiring wild mage, to engage the beast in hopes of stopping its destruction. A stray burst of wild magic would strike the ‘statue’, releasing the bald berserker and his hamster. Almost immediately after gaining his freedom, Minsc, Boo, and Delina would help uncover the plans of the Cult of the Dragon, earning them the title of the Heroes of Baldur’s Gate.

Fall To Dread

Vampire Strahd surprises the party in D&D art
Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft Cover Art by Anna Podedworna

Minsc, along with Boo and his current adventuring party, were pursuing a pack of werewolves that had stolen several relics from a temple of Kelemvor as well as the temple cleric, Nerys. With Boo serving as their tracker, the group found the pack’s hideout, and, while the group was able to dispatch the werewolves and recover what was stolen, they were transported to the Domain of Dread. Specifically into the realm of Strahd von Zarovich.

While in Barovia, hearing of the horrors that the land experienced under Strahd, Minsc immediately wished to help the people of Barovia by ridding them of their tyrannical leader. The group sought out the fortune-teller Madam Eva in hopes of gaining some insight on how to defeat Strahd, but the fortune they received was less than promising.

Angered over his fortune, Minsc preceded to ignore her warnings and continued his pursuit of Strahd. Minsc would get more than he bargained for, as Strahd, along with several of his lycanthrope minions, would confront the adventurer and his group. As it turns out, one of the relics was a locket that belonged to the vampire’s lost love Tatyana. The group would find themselves on the brink of death after their altercation with Strahd, Delina’s timely activation of the locket’s teleportation magic being the only thing that had saved them.

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A Humbling Lesson And Penance

Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes by Bram Sels
Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes by Bram Sels

The locket would transport the haggard group back to Faerun, with their collective tails between their legs. Minsc, having never experienced such an overwhelming loss at the hands of Strahd, was distraught and depressed. He began to see himself as unworthy and a shell of the warrior he had been in the past. In his mind, to make up for his failure, he would have to vanquish five times as much evil to regain his ‘good hero’ status.

Throwing himself in his ‘hero work’, Minsc would help to stop the frost giant Gryttmort from using the orb of dragonkind to conquer the North, slay an oni mage impersonating a hero in the Sword Coast, reverse the curse of lycanthropy that had been inflicted on the cleric that he and his group had rescued from Barovia, and assist in the battle against the four elemental cults that threatened the Sword Coast. Even after all of these acts, Minsc never lost his drive to be a hero and continued his work.

Trials Of Avernus

Infernal Tides #3: Minsc Riding A Nightmare
Minsc Riding Atop Harumon’s Nightmare Steed by Max Dunbar

Sometime later, Minsc, Boo, and Nerys were in the city of Elturel, just as it was pulled into Avernus. The trio, along with the other capable warriors of Elturel, tried to fend off the devils that flooded the streets of the city, but they were eventually overwhelmed. Minsc and his compatriots saw firsthand the horrors of the Blood War. Stunned by what they had seen, Minsc and Nerys were captured by a roving band of scavengers.

While abducted, Minsc was submerged in the River of Styx, which stripped the man of his memories and instincts. He was hardly more than a living statue, incapable of even the slightest thought or act. It was only when he came face to face with the archdevil Zariel that Minsc regained a portion of himself: his desire to fight against evil and injustice.

When the city was returned to the Prime Material Plane, Minsc would regain his instincts and sense of purpose, but his memories would remain lost. Boo and Nerys would regale the broken man in tales of his exploits, but Minsc still found himself doubting their tales. He would continue his work as an adventurer and as a hero, but he would still have moments of doubt due to his time in Avernus.

The Cult Of The Absolute

Minsc holds Boo The Hamster in his hand after being recruited in Baldur's Gate 3.

After coming back from Avernus, Minsc helped Jaheira, his old ally, to track the base of an uprising Cult. These cultists worshiped a seemingly new deity called the Absolute, and their fanaticism was spreading like a plague. While Minsc and Jaheira where able to track one of the Absolutist’s bases, they were clearly outnumbered. Minsc, as usual, charged head first into battle. Jaheira decided to stay behind, looking for help. She regretted leaving this friend behind, but she couldn’t convince him from not facing an unwinnable fight.

The cultists captured Minsc, brainwashing him with a Mind Flayer tadpole. One of the leaders of the Cult, Orin the Red, convinced Minsc that she’s the real Jaheira with her shape-shifting abilities. This was done so when Jaheira eventually found Minsc, he wouldn’t trust her, turning to violence instead. He’d become the leader of a pirate organization working for the Absolute, using the nickname Stone Lord, so his famed name wouldn’t reach others.

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