Every Fire Weapon In Endless Dungeon, Ranked Best

In the earlier floors of Endless Dungeon, one of the more common classes of enemies are Bugs. These Bug class enemies can be quite frustrating to deal with, especially with how they can incapacitate your character and overwhelm with numbers. This is why you should aim to kit out your characters with fire weapons.



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These fire weapons are strong against Bugs, but make sure to avoid using them against Blurs since they are resistant. Not all fire weapons are created equal, though, so which of these weapons is the best?

6 Firelance

Endless Dungeon Firelance Fire Weapon Workshop Menu

None of the fire weapons are actually that bad, and the best choice will depend on your play style. A great feature of Endless Dungeon is if you don’t like how a weapon controls, you can give it to a character you are not playing as actively, and they can use it instead. This is where the Firelance comes into play. It has great range and damage, but charging up long attacks can feel awkward, especially against big hordes of bugs. There are much better fire weapon options for a heavy gun character, but this is still a passable option.

When To Use The Firelance

If you are facing off against fewer Bugs that are harder to take down, then the Firelance will thrive. However, since Bugs are more about numbers than strength, you might struggle to take full advantage of this long-range option.

5 Grenadier

Endless Dungeon Grenadier Fire Weapon Workshop Menu

The Grenadier is one of the weaker one-handed fire weapons in Endless Dungeon, but luckily, none of the lightweight options are that bad. Similarly to the Firelance, it might not feel amazing to use this weapon actively with how the shots are paced, but if your inactive character is using it, then this will not be an issue. This does still shoot faster than the Firelance, and it is a great option for keeping enemies at bay with its high knockback value.

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When To Use The Grenadier

This is a great fire weapon for a character actively defending the Crystal Bot from Bugs coming from different angles at a range. Being able to have time to prepare shots and push the enemies back can be incredibly synergistic with the other characters in your party.

4 Magmafier

Endless Dungeon Magmafier Fire Weapon Workshop Menu

If you like your lightweight characters being able to get around the map quickly without worrying about enemies getting in their way, then equipping the Magmafier is one of the best options. The amazing knockback this weapon has, coupled with the impressive DPS, will make this a great option for crowd control. It does have a short range, so you are more vulnerable to some enemies, so keep this in mind when choosing buffs to pair with this weapon.

When To Use The Magmafier

If your character needs to get around the map quickly and deal with massive hordes of Bugs, then using the Magmafier will ensure they can blast the enemies out of the way and do a fair amount of damage at the same time, too!

3 Sloppy Bombs

sloppy bombs weapon in endless dungeon workshop

For a weapon with such impressive knockback, it is equally as impressive that Sloppy Bombs also shoots so quickly. The sacrifice here is slightly less damage than the other heavy weapons, but if you can compensate for this with a higher rarity or a high DPS character, then this is a perfect choice. This is one of the most fun fire weapons to use because of how satisfying it is to send off the explosive shots.

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When To Use The Sloppy Bombs

This is a great weapon for a character that is camping a Bug spawn point that you want to keep under control. This might not be as viable in the late game, but this can help keep your Crystal Bot safe for a good amount of time!

2 Sparkler

Endless Dungeon Sparkler Fire Weapon Workshop Menu

The Sparkler has the highest DPS of the lightweight fire weapons, and because of this, is a great choice in the late game when the enemies will have particularly high defense. Make sure to get used to the unique range and pacing of using this gun, but if you can master it by the end of the game, it will become an incredibly versatile option to keep your team and the Crystal Bot safe!

When To Use The Sparkler

This is the most versatile lightweight fire weapon, and if you do not like its play style, giving it to an inactive character is a great way to take advantage of its impressive numbers. Its high knockback will also aid with crowd control, too.

1 Campfire

Endless Dungeon Campfire Fire Weapon Workshop Menu

When it comes to the most simple but equally effective fire weapon to use, the Campfire is the obvious answer. This weapon will surround your heavy character with a ring of fire that is big enough to defend not just the character but the Crystal Bot as well. The high DPS will ensure that this can quickly take down most Bugs and other classes, even. Just make sure to be careful when Blurs are approaching.

When To Use The Campfire

This weapon is at its best when you are escorting the Crystal Bot through a Bug-infested area. Just make sure that your other characters are supporting you enough so the flames will finish off any enemies that manage to get close enough.

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