The Best Young Centre Backs To Sign in FIFA 23 Career Mode


  • Quality centre backs are crucial in FIFA 23’s Career Mode for a strong defense. Look for young defenders with high potential to ensure a future-proof team.
  • Players like Malick Thiaw, Mickey Van De Ven, and Benoît Badiashile are top young centre backs with impressive ratings and growth potential.
  • Consider budget-friendly options like Giorgio Scalvini and Tanguy Nianzou, who offer solid performance and growth potential at reasonable prices.



Defense makes a considerable impact in FIFA 23, which is why you should work to find quality centre backs (CBs) in the Career Mode. Generally, while you manage the top sides, you can easily afford the top players like Virgil van Dijk, Marquinhos, and more.

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However, due to their age, players like them will not last long, and it would be ideal for you to look for young defenders who have the potential to grow tremendously over the course of several seasons. If you can find such players, your team will be future-proof, and you won’t have to worry about replacing your starting CB until serious injuries arise.

Updated on October 28, 2023 by Nishant Thakkar: The list covers the top young centre backs for FIFA 23’s Career Mode, and we’ve added a few more to keep your team growing.

The ratings and potentials listed below are as of FIFA 23’s September squad update.

15 Malick Thiaw, AC Milan

An image of Malick Thiaw in FIFA 23

Malick Thiaw would be an incredible purchase for the centre back role in FIFA 23, and the German defender has been solid for AC Milan since signing for the club in August 2022. He is filled with quality and would secure your back line with his incredible defensive capabilities.

The player starts the Career Mode of the game with a rating of 77 and has the potential to rise to the mark of 85. He also has a release clause that you may activate in the second season if you fail to sign him in the initial one.

14 Mickey Van De Ven, Wolfsburg

An image of Micky van de Ven in FIFA 23

The Netherlands has been blessed with another quality defender in the form of Mickey van de Ven, and you will find him playing for Wolfsburg in the Career Mode. He is pretty fast for a player in the CB position, which can be helpful to take on the quick attackers that end up easily running past the defense.

He comes with a rating of 77 and can reach 85, showcasing remarkable growth in a few seasons. Mickey van de Ven can additionally cover at the left back position and be useful if you lack proper backups for the particular role.

13 Benoît Badiashile, Chelsea

An image of Benoit Badiashile in FIFA 23

Benoît Badiashile was a wonderkid in FIFA 19 and has managed to live up to his expectations, which can be seen by the numbers provided to him in FIFA 23. Looking at the specifics, he begins the first season at a rating of 78, while his potential rating has been set to 85.

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You can end up signing him from Chelsea, and negotiating a deal for him wouldn’t be that cheap in the later seasons. Accordingly, you must try to get your hands on the Frenchman in the starting two to three seasons before his value surges.

12 Marc Guehi, Crystal Palace

An image of Marc Guehi in FIFA 23

Marc Guehi has established himself as a starter for Crystal Palace and has been regularly performing well for the Premier League team. His physicality at the back can be game-changing, and he will allow you to outmuscle the strong strikers who end up bullying the defenders.

In terms of the overall rating, he has been rated 78 in the game and can be a starter for most sides after a bit of growth. On the other hand, the player’s potential is 86, and he will be able to reach the same in a couple of years of proper game time.

11 Wesley Fofana, Chelsea

An image of Wesley Fofana in FIFA 23

Besides Benoît Badiashile, Wesley Fofana is one more solid young centre back that Chelsea has under them. He has shown immense potential since his Leicester City days, but injuries haven’t been kind to him following his move to the London-based side.

With a rating of 79 and a potential of 86, any money you spend on the French defender will be worth it, and he will provide returns in the form of fewer goals conceded. Be ready to break the bank for Wesley Fofana, as making a deal will be costly once he starts growing.

10 Giorgio Scalvini, Atlanta (Bergamo Calcio)

An image of Giorgio Scalvini in FIFA 23

Giorgio Scalvini is probably the best budget-friendly CB in the Career Mode of FIFA 23. The Italian defender possesses a decent rating of 73 inside the game, with his base potential enabling him to rise till the rating of 84.

Unlike most high-potential defenders, you will not have to spend huge money to get Giorgio Scalvini, as he is valued at around €6 million and has a release clause of close to €11.5 million in the first season. You can put a development plan on him, and he will easily hit the rating of 80 in two to three seasons.

9 Tanguy Nianzou, Sevilla

An image of Tanguy Nianzou in FIFA 23

Sevilla has several talented young players in their squad, with Tanguy Nianzou being one of them. The French defender is ideal for your team’s centre back role and can be a threat on the corner, given that he is 6’3 in height.

Moreover, just like Giorgio Scalvini, Tanguy Nianzou is not exceedingly expensive, and you can get him for a reasonable price with negotiations. He essentially has a rating of 73, while his potential in the game goes to 83, which is not bad as he may reach mid 85’s with dynamic player potential.

8 Castello Lukeba, Olympique Lyonnais

An image of Castello Lukeba in FIFA 23

Castello Lukeba is one of the hottest prospects in Ligue 1, and the defender has been performing excellently for Olympique Lyonnais. The wonderkid has risen through the ranks of the French club and established himself as the starting centre half in the past few years.

Inside the Career Mode of FIFA 23, Castello Lukeba has been rated 77, and you can buy him for under €25 million. He has a fantastic potential of 85, and his great pace makes him the perfect option to combat quick attackers.

7 Piero Hincapié, Bayer Leverkusen

An image of Piero Hincapie in FIFA 23

Piero Hincapié emerges to be another outstanding young centre back that you will be able to find in the game, and he is among the finest South American defenders. He has been rated 79 in FIFA 23 and has a potential of 86, making him a viable option for the club you manage.

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Getting him would be worth it because of his well-rounded stats and the versatility that he possesses to fit into the full back roles. You can accordingly consider purchasing Piero Hincapié from Bayer Leverkusen.

6 Jurriën Timber, Ajax

An image of Jurrien Timber in FIFA 23

Ajax has nurtured some great defenders in recent years, like Lisandro Martínez and Matthijs de Ligt. Joining the same list is Jurriën Timber, who has been the back line’s core for the Amsterdam-based team during the 2022-2023 season.

The 79-rated centre back will be a perfect purchase for whichever team you use due to his bright potential of 87. You also can convert him and play at the right back position, as he fits well in that role and has great stats overall.

5 Nico Schlotterbeck, Borussia Dortmund

An image of Nico Schlotterbeck in FIFA 23

Nico Schlotterbeck has been a crucial piece in Borussia Dortmund that went toe-to-toe with Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title but fell at the last hurdle. Dortmund signed him from SC Freiburg for a fee of €25 million; however, you will have to spend much more to get his services inside the game.

The German is essentially rated 82 in FIFA 23, and he possesses the potential to reach 87 in the Career Mode, which will be well enough for your needs. Moreover, as getting a good left-footed defender is not easy, he will easily be one of the best pickups.

4 António Silva, Benfica

An image of Antonio Silva in FIFA 23

Benfica has made António Silva a proper defender, and the Portuguese youngster had a substantial role in helping Benfica reach the UEFA Champions League quarter-final, where Inter Milan eliminated them. Regardless, the future looks bright for the centre half as numerous top clubs are keeping tabs on him.

Over the squad updates made by EA, António Silva’s rating in FIFA 23 has constantly grown, and he currently is rated 78. Looking into his potential, he can reach the 88 mark in the Career Mode and is a player you must try buying.

3 Gonçalo Inácio, Sporting CP

An image of Goncalo Inacio in FIFA 23

Like António Silva, Gonçalo Inácio is one more Portuguese defender who has made a mark in world football in recent years. The talented centre back has been outstanding for Sporting CP and is consistently improving.

Related: FIFA 23: Best Teams From England To Manage In Career ModeSpeaking about his FIFA 23 numbers, Gonçalo Inácio has been provided with a rating of 79 and a high potential of 86. You can try to get him under €40-45 million, and he can be a perfect addition to the defense. He will be floating around the mid-80s mark within a few years.

2 Joško Gvardiol, RB Leipzig

An image of Josko Gvardiol in FIFA 23

Joško Gvardiol’s performances throughout the 2022-2023 season have established him as one of the world’s top defenders. The young talent was also important to Croatia’s incredible run at the FIFA World Cup 2022, the biggest stage in international football.

EA even included him in the Future Stars promo, which exhibits some of the top talents in the world. Meanwhile, coming to the game’s Career Mode, Joško Gvardiol has a rating of 82 with a high potential of 89. Buying him would require you to spend a considerable amount, and you would need €70-80 million to land a deal.

1 William Saliba, Arsenal

An image of William Saliba in FIFA 23

William Saliba has been among the most vital players for Arsenal, and he is the best young centre back you can end up purchasing in FIFA 23’s Career Mode. The French defender is exceptional on the ball and would be perfect for guiding your back line to trophies.

With a rating of 83 and a potential of 89, William Saliba will fit straight into the team, and you wouldn’t have to worry any more about conceding many goals. Since he is right-footed, you can pair him with a left-footed centre back to enhance the defense.

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